Sony WH-XB900N vs SonyWH-CH700N: Which One is Better?

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This is the review of the comparison between the headphones of the same brand, those are the Sony WH-XB900N and the Sony WH-CH700N. As both of these headphones are from the same brand, it becomes difficult to chose which one is better than the other. To know which one is better than the other, go to the detailed review.

5.3 Sony WH-XB900N 35.9 SONY WH-CH700N 1
Sony WH-XB900NSony WH-CH700N
Great sound quality for the price.
Option for dedicated Google Assistant/Alexa button.
USB-C charging.
Good battery life.
More affordable than the 1000XM3.
Clean, simple looks.
Battery life, Comfortable and portable, Google Assistant and Siri integration, aptX HD.
Touch controls are still frustrating.
Noise cancellation isn’t as powerful as the 1000XM3.
Too much bass for some people.
Dubious durability, ANC is just ok.


Headphones Form Factor
Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output ModeStereoStereo
Frequency Response20Hz20 Hz
Sensitivity98 dB/mW
Impedance50 ohm22 ohm
Microphone Technologyelectret condenser
Response Bandwidth50Hz
Width8.7 in
Depth2.7 in
Height7 in
Weight8.96 oz8.46 oz
Battery30 Hour(s)30 Hour(s)
FeaturesSONY AUTHORIZED DEALER: Includes USA Manufacturer Guarantee.

BUNDLE INCLUDES: Sony WH-XB900N EXTRA BASS Wireless Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headphones with the 5000mAh Battery Pack and Headphone Case.

DIGITAL NOISE CANCELLATION: Sony’s noise cancellation technology means you hear every word, note, and tune with incredible clarity, no matter your environment. Additional microphones also assist in isolating sound while talking on the phone, resulting in improved phone call quality.

40mm driver unit.

Compact Swivel design.

One-Push AINC for travel.

Noise cancellation technology.

Wireless Bluetooth streaming with NFC.

Built-in microphone for hands free calls.

Up to 35 hours of battery and Quick charge.

Customize sound with Android/iOS Headphones Connect App.

50 hours of noise canceling when used with wired connection.

Detail Review:


Sony WH-XB900N

The Sony XB900N is a pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones. These headphones basically have the same features as a WH-1000XM3. The only difference is gonna be the extra bass, the actual feel, and the design of the headphones themselves. 

Sony WH-CH700N

Sony has always been one of my favorite headphone companies. They’ve made so many good ones, from ones with heavy bass to some of the extreme clarity and the Sony WH-CH700N is the pair that kind of fits the need for both.

5.9 SONY WH-CH700N 3


Sony WH-XB900N

The headphone seemed to be built with high-grade aluminum and textured plastic. The texture is a little different, it does have a plastic feel to it and a little bit of a grainy feel to it.  It really reassures you that, these are high-end headphones as Sony has excelled in the build quality and design. The headphones can be adjusted with a swivel mechanism, which allows it to swivel back and forth so that you can place them down on a surface. For ease of portability, they can also be folded which is really convenient and then you can place them in a carrying pouch.

The headphones itself feature a USB type-c port, a power button, and an LED indicator, as well as a button that can be functioned as either an ANC function, Google, or Alexa function through their mobile app. All the physical buttons are located on the left side of the headset while the right side features a touch control panel which recognizes specific gestures to either control the volume or skips tracks.

Sony WH-CH700N

Build quality-wise, it has plastic on the ear cups. It does have NFC pairing on the left-hand side, you also have your power button, your micro USB port for charging, your headphone input, and the noise-canceling button so that you can trigger that on and off.

On the right-hand side, you have the volume up and down, you have the play-pause, skip forward, skip backward, and that’s actually a little knob that you push forward and pull backward it’s again something sony has done on many of their other headphones and it works really nice once you get.

Your left and right Brandon are marked on the inside part of the headbands. When you extend the headband out, they do have a little bit of metal in the headband extension itself. Sony has used this design in several of their different other headphones like the 770, 780, etc.


Sony WH-XB900N

The build quality was further enhanced with their decision to use thick leather padding for extra comfort. The use of the thick leather padding allowed me to use the headphones over long periods of time with absolutely no discomfort. The leather cushioning was used on the top and both ear pads of the headset. Although they looked very chunky, it created just the right level of comfort in order to listen to music and watch movies. From my experience, the headphones maintain its good flexibility from previous generation models. It does have a good amount of flex which allows for good durability and comfort.

Sony WH-CH700N

These have a leather headband and some really nice soft ear pads. These are some of the most comfortable ear pads I’ve ever felt and you could wear these things all day. You do have the headphone extension so it can be adjusted as per the size of your head. I think anybody with a bigger head or small head, you’ll be able to find a good fit with these.

5.9 SONY WH-XB900N 1


Sony WH-XB900N

They deliver these in a good high-quality packaging, which encloses the headphones itself, a USB Type-C cable, an auxiliary cable, the unit information, and a velvet-lined carrying pouch. They still offer noise-canceling, they have the NFC option, they have the Bluetooth settings and 30 Hours of play-back. The headset is definitely promising when it comes to audio quality and noise-canceling. Having tested these for the past month I can say that the noise-canceling is exceptional especially for this price range.

The touch control panel on the right ear cup performs the functions like swipe up to increase volume, swipe down to decrease volume, swipe forward to skip or go to the next track, swipe backward to go to the previous track and double-tap to play-pause. It also allows you to function the ambient sound mode on. When you cover the right ear cup with your palm, the headphone volume automatically decreases. So, in this way, it would let you hear the ambient sound in your surrounding or to hear someone who comes to talk to you suddenly.

Sony has also released its own app, which works together with its new lineup of headsets. With the app, you’re able to check your headset battery as well as adjust the sound performance of your headphones. For example, you can choose from a variety of preset sound controls like bass boost or treble boost. The app also allows you to remap the custom button to activate either Alexa or Google voice assistant. Personally, I keep it as an ANC function, which means I can switch between the three modes noise canceling, ambient noise, and ambient noise off.

The app lets you control a lot of functions on these headphones like the adaptive sound control analyzes what you’re doing at the time so they can analyze the ambient sound and cancel it appropriately. The app has the sound position control, which allows you to check where you’re actually hearing ambient sounds when it comes to setting up your surround sound. It also has an automatic power-off, in which you could set the amount of time before the headphones turn off to conserve your battery life.

Sony WH-CH700N

You get a micro USB cable with these for charging. Then you get a headphone cable for those times when you pick them up and the battery is dead, or in certain devices where you just want to use them plugged in. These do have noise canceling and they’re all the noise-canceling level like right underneath and the MDR1000X but you’re paying a lot less for these. As far as Bluetooth connectivity there was no lag latency at all. I checked out the lag on these by watching online videos from YouTube, Netflix, etc but there was no lag at all.

The first thing you need to do once you pair them to your phone is to download the Sony app. In the app, you have a ton of features and a ton of different things that you’re able to do. Within the app, you can adjust the EQ also. You’re also able to adjust whether you want it to sound like you’re in a stadium or in a concert. In my opinion, all those sound like crap, so just leave that off and don’t mess up with that.

5.9 SONY WH-CH700N 2


Sony WH-XB900N

In the Sony WH-XB900N, four hours of charging will give you 30 hours of play-back. They also have a fast charge to the USB-C, which is ten minutes of charging for 60 minutes of play-back. Something that triggered me was the length of the USB type-c cable, it was so short, it was almost unusable, however, you can simply swap with your everyday anchor cable. So, having a type-C port was really convenient as I can use the same cable to charge my phone and headphones.

Sony WH-CH700N

You get a micro USB cable for charging. The battery life on these is about 30 hours, it is plenty long enough to sit there and get enough use before you have to worry about charging them up. But the only drawback I find here is the micro USB cable, if its a USB Type-C cable then it would be great.


Sony WH-XB900N

These sound great, the extra bass is nice if you like listening to bass-heavy music. The only upgrade that I can see that’s tangible is the extra bass. It does give your music an extra punch to it. With the equalizer in the app, you can set your own base level artificially without meeting the driver itself. You just need to set your own levels or presets in the app and then you can hear the music however you want to hear it. These really sound pretty good for music, videos as well as for games.

Sony WH-CH700N

The Sony app has its own EQ built-in and I found that the EQ setting is my favorite. I felt if you just leave it alone, it sounds completely fine. When I bumped it up to excited, obviously it elevated bass. It made it really thick and really punchy. The Sony do something special, they do separate the bass frequencies from the mids and the treble in a way that, it’s hard to explain it. It does feel like they’ve separate drivers for each one’s even though, these are not triple driver headphones. 

The sound is so spacious, it’s so punchy. If you want it to have a more flatter sound signature you can with these. The bass is still elevated. Some people who want a truly flat response probably would be happy. It’s just a really fun exciting headphone to listen to. It does great across all genres anything like classical, anything like hip-hop and pops you can hear everything and it’s so fluid. The instrument separation is really crystal clear. It’s never muddy, it’s never just toned, and it never feels like it’s tuned in a way where it’s not fun to listen to. Especially, with movies and stuff like that, the dialogue is extremely clear in these. These are one of the best headphones I’ve used for movies, games, and stuff like that.

5.9 SONY WH-XB900N 2


In my opinion, Sony WH-XB900N is better than the Sony WH-CH700N because the XB900N has better active noise cancelation technology, it has a touch control panel instead of a button controls, and it does have better bass in it than the CH700N.

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