Steelseries Arctis 1 Vs Hyperx Cloud Stinger: Which to Buy? (Comparison and Review)

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This is the comparison between latest Steelseries Arctis 1 and HyperX Clous Stinger gaming headset. This Both headset is almost the same price, the wired version of Steelseries Arctis 1 and HyperX Cloud Stinger is almost the same price. Both has lots of positive features, according to this price-point check out which will be the best option.

Steelseries Arctis 1

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Frequency response 20HZ –20000 Hz 18Hz–23,000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohm 30 Ohm
Driver 40mm neodymium Dynamic, 50mm with neodymium magnets
Sensitivity 100 dB SPL 102 ± 3dB SPL/mW at 1kHz
Connection 4-pole 3.5mm + Dual 3.5mm PC extension Headset – 3.5mm plug (4 pole) + extension cable – 3.5mm stereo and mic plugs
 Color Black Black
 Weight  272 grams 275 grams


Steelseries Arctis 1

This is the latest model of the steelseries. The cool and different thing about this particular model is that this Steelseries Arctis 1 comes in both wired and wireless version.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

It works for ps4, Xbox 1, PC, your Mac, your phone, it works for everything. The price of this headphone is very cheap. For this price-point, it has lots of positive features and it’s pretty decent.

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Design & Features

Steelseries Arctis 1

I think they get the lightweight because this entire headset is plastic. Also, you have little adjustable bracket which is metal and you can hear some sound and I had to kind of use a little bit of force which is nice. Whenever you put on your head, it’s not clicking out or just adjusting on your head. They maintain the lightweight because the entire body is plastic. Now, the entire headset is plastic and lightweight does not mean it’s cheap, this feel stinking durable. You can stretch them, twist them, swivel and do a lot of movement in the ear cushion. You can bring them all the way flat, so no matter your head shape or size or anything, this headphone fit you perfectly.

Now one thing I do want to point out that they changed compared to the wired version and this is probably a pretty minor. This particular model headphone also came as wired headphone.

There’s a lot of other accessories which you can get with the headphone. You will get a little adaptor. If your motherboard or phone or Nintendo supports USB c, you can plug it in. If you’re using PlayStation 4 or something and if it doesn’t have USB C, you get a little USB adaptor, you can plug it. So, you can plug it into your console and then you’re gonna have your wireless function. This will make the work very simple and easy. You can pretty much use this on every device with the USB C or the PlayStation 4 with that adapter. You can’t use Wireless on the Xbox one, it’s a real stinker but you can use it with the help of 3.5 mm adapter and it turns into wired version. They do sound good on the Xbox also.

They using 2.4 gigahertz lossless wireless, it’s not using Bluetooth or anything. So, I never noticed any sort of delay or any loss throughout my game. It also has a 30-foot range, I never noticed any loss or any lag or anything. You’re also getting 20 hour battery life with it. You have your mic mute and your mic active and below you have volume wheel then 3.5 which is your gonna plug into your Xbox controller if you using it that way and next to that is your charge port and microphone port. One little thing that I really like is the power button in the down part of the headphone, it will be green and yellow and red as per your headphone’s charge.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

It’s very simple and lightweight overall due to its plastic construction. Actually, the only buttons on this headset are on the bottom of the right ear cup that’s where you’ll find your volume rocker. Overall, the headset is very lightweight, it’s actually only 275 grams but it’s through that plastic construction but it’s enough for this much price.

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Steelseries Arctis 1

This go right in line with all the other Arctis headset. It’s extremely comfortable. These are using the exact same ear cushions as all the other Arctis used. It’s nice, soft, and breathable and mesh sports material. It’s just so plush and so soft Inside of the ear cup, there’s little pleather lining to trap in some of that sound, so you’re not getting too At the top of the headset, you get a nice amount of padding. It is different compared to the other Arctis where you do not have that little ski bin. It’s kind of like a traditional a headset but it’s very nice and very plush.

The difference I notice about this compared the other line of Arctis, there’s a little bit more clamping force on this headphone. It’s not an unbearable amount or an uncomfortable amount by any means but it is This headphone is extremely lightweight. You will just feel like they’re floating on your head.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

It feels pretty nice for wearing it. There’s ample padding on top of the headset, so it rests nicely on your head. There is a lots of a leeway for adjusting it to make sure that it fits your head.

Also, the ear cushions are very soft on your ears and The ear-cups do rotate 90 degrees. So, if you want you lay down flat on your desk or you can put on your neck in a flat position which will be more comfortable.

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Microphone Performance

Steelseries Arctis 1

The mic is detachable. It’s not this massive mic like in front of your face by any means. It doesn’t get right in front of your face, it’s kind of placed on the side but it picks it up fairly decent. I think the wired option sounds a lot better than the wireless option.

You got mic mute button, in that you will hear little beep sound that’s muting it and then making it go into active. This is super cool thing. The cool thing I’m really liking about that whenever you turn the volume down in your headset with your game volume or music, the beep will go down with it. The performance of mic is good enough. It’s pretty much clear and decent.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

The microphone is very flexible, it’s kind of rubber mic where you can adjust it wherever you want which is great. If you want to mute mic, all you have to do is tilt it up fully 90 degrees and the mic will muted and if you put it down, the mic will be unmuted.

It’s kind of what I expected for for this price-point. I think if you’re just playing games, talking your friends online like Steam chat, it’ll be just fine. Maybe, if you’re even like live-streaming it’ll be okay. But, it cant be used for anything professional. For something like casually talking to your friends, it’ll be more than just fine and it’s what I would kind of expect for this price point.

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Sound Performance

Steelseries Arctis 1

The sound is good in all the devices from the Xbox, Playstation, the Nintendo switch, mac-book, iMac computer and it’s real cool all the devices. You can just plug the adaptor and into that listen listen to music, play with games, and some movies, videos.

This headset got loud in the wireless mode as far as use them on Xbox, they were very loud and crisp as well. Now, when you plug it 3.5 under controller on the PlayStation, they drop off a little bit. They got pretty stinking loud, If you need you had to adjust that volume down quite a bit in some instances. The cool thing about this headset is you can adjust it in the SteelSeries engine, it’s kind of just like the higher-end Arctis headsets. In the software, you can adjust your own stage. It sounded really good in multiple stages. I noticed some crazy sound effects in between when I used this headphone for listening and play games.

There’s a few things missing from the EQ settings of software on this headphone compared to the Arctis 5. So, maybe those were missing from it to kind of balance it out a little bit better. This headset use the exact same drivers as the Arctis 7 used. So, you’re gonna get that fantastic Steelseries sound with this headphone. For the sound, out of the box that were fantastic but you need to dabble with that EQ and you might have to change it around a little bit than what we’re usually used to with the other steel series headsets.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Now in terms of sound which is obviously the most important thing about a gaming headset, HyperX always comes through. There is a huge difference between the cloud 2 and the cloud stinger. In this, as you plug it in you won’t be met with any software to emulate some certain sounds which is great because that way you won’t have some unused software on your PC.

It’s also doing part that it plugs into your computer’s 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and also if you want to use it with the mic, they give you a very long extension cord which has your stereo and your microphone input. So, this is not a USB headset which is another reason why you can use it with all the devices. There is no crappy software that means you are going to be getting stereo audio which I prefer 10 times out of 10 over a fake emulated 7.1 or even a 5.1. The stereo sound you’re getting is one of the best I have heard for this much price.

The directional audio in this headphone is superb. In gaming, when you’re shooting like you can feel and hear the This sounds a lot more better than the Logitech G 933.

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Steelseries Arctis 1

I love the Arctis 1 wired version and I really recommended those because I thought they were a steal. The wired version with that price will be definitely a fantastic deal. But, I don’t think that the wireless version is that much worth for that much price.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX definitely goes to dealing when it comes to designing and creating a great gaming headset. Also, the mic is more than fine. It is made of plastic, if you’re very rough and not careful with your things it could break or crack over time.

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Buy Steeseries Arctis 1

Buy HyperX Cloud Stinger