The Secrets of 10 World’s Famous Landmarks

People get excited when visiting famous places. But, the most unknown fact is that these buildings have hidden passages and secret rooms. So, in this list you can see the secrets about the famous buildings or landmarks.

The Eiffel Tower

This place besides being impressive and beautiful, it’s very high. Although climbing to the top floor is a great experience, can you imagine how exciting would be to live there? You’re probably wondering how that would be possible? After all, it’s just a tower.

You’ll be surprised to know there is a secret room in it. It’s unknown who built it or its purpose, the only thing I know is that a person lived there a long time ago. You probably think he was one of the most fortunate to the planet because he enjoyed the best landscapes of Paris and of spectacular climate. Best of all, he didn’t have neighbors who borrowed things that they would never give him back. However, he had to deal with the noise of many tourists in the place. I don’t know how he had access to this place but I am sure that if anyone live in one the most emblematic buildings in France they wouldn’t go unnoticed.

The Colosseum

One of the most popular attractions to know in Rome is the Colosseum. More than 4 million people visited annually. However, most of these tourists haven’t visited the tunnels under the famous landmark. Although these are visible from the amphitheater, few people have been allowed to walk through them.

This labyrinth is called hypogeum and was used for the organization of every event, especially, to move the wild animals, the criminals that we judged and the gladiators to the arena. The Roman Emperor Vespasian, commissioned the construction of the Colosseum. However, the construction was completed in 80 AD by a son Tito but his younger brother Domitian was the one who governed. In fact, he added the lower chambers in the Colosseum to prepare the most brutal event. Fortunately in 2010, tourists had access to these chambers I could see what it was like to be in the Coliseum. Of course, they also appreciated the places where many people lost their lives. I am sure you would love to take a walk through that place that houses so many stories.

The Lincoln Memorial

For people who have visited the Lincoln Memorial, it has been difficult to detect with a straight door on the side. The most curious thing is that behind it, there is a long staircase. It leads to a large room that looks like a real cave. Believe it or not, there you can find realest to stalactites, that cave was designed by people in order to show some natural wonders.

However, during the free hours the men who built the place practiced the art of drawing on its walls. In fact, some of the drawings are classified as are. You’ll probably be surprised to learn the National Park Service has made them historical graffiti. With no doubt, it be a unique experience to go through that door and reach that magical cavern. It’s extremely impressive that a place this old still has on its walls, the trace of its idol builders.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is a place where protests, rallies, and looting are very common. There, popular riots, the Bloody Sunday, and Black Monday took place. Therefore, it’s normal that the area has a police presence. However, I am sure you’d never imagine that such a small place would hide things from the public.

Believe it or not, Trafalgar Square has the smallest police station in the world, it was built in the 1930’s. In fact, it’s more like the doctor who’s TARDIS than a real police station. It was built with the purpose of giving a place to rest to the officers in charge of putting order and vigilance in the square. Unfortunately at present, it’s a space where the Westminster council cleaners store their implements.

The most curious thing about it is that this form of the lead station is located at the base of a streetlamp and it’s ironic how small it is compared to its civil importance. As you can imagine, there can only be one person in it at a time. I am sure most, English people never imagined what this construction really was?

The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is closed indefinitely in recent years. This happened to repair the elevator that’s inside. It was an unfortunate event for those who wanted to visit the structure on their next trip. However, there’s a small version of it very close.

This replica is approximately four meters high and is known as benchmark A but the most curious thing about it is that it’s located under a sewer lid. Its main purpose is to serve as a cartographic control point, help facilitate the synchronization of maps and satellites. It also serves to monitor the country’s land mass. At the time it was placed in the 1880’s, it was on the ground. However, over time the surface of the earth has undergone some changes and for this reason was buried. since then, it has been seeking 0.5 millimeters every year. Probably, some tourist who wanted to know the place ran into the news of the elevator repair but I am sure they’re satisfied to be able to see an equally high copy.

Tower of Pisa

The Tower of Pisa is a monument located in Italy. It’s curious figure in inclined position make it unique and above all mysterious. It has a very nice view and surroundings for those who visit it. Therefore, many tourists travel there every year and take pictures with it pretending to hold it in their hand.

The interior of this building can be traveled. However, not entirely, since a room is hidden on the top floor. According to unofficial information, there are all the blueprints that explain in an architectural manner the reason for its inclination. In fact, there’s a detailed report of the procedures and measures that were implemented in the tower so that the structure would tilt without collapsing. Those plans are hidden in the tower because they want to avoid the construction of another monument with those characteristics.

Big Ben

Big Ben is a tower whose construction is more than half a century old. Best of all, it is still open to the public. Astonishing everyone from the first moment it was finished. For this reason, thousands of tourists annually traveled to this place to see the impressive landmark but in spite of its Fame and amazing facade, it’s not an easily accessible tourist place. Apparently inside it, there’s something that not everyone can see.

Until recently, people in Britain could apply for a permit to climb the 34 steps Big Ben has, that request was free. However, access must currently be paid and is limited only to residents. It turns out the building with the grey clock has some secret passages that not everybody can find out about. Perhaps the managers are doing an advertising campaign to increase the cost of the guided tour through the bell tower and other places.

Pyramid of Giza

The Pyramid of Giza is construction with approximately 30 meters high. However, the most curious thing about this building is the exact location of some secret rooms. Although many people tried to find them, they succeeded finding a way to enter these places. they not even come across a passage that leads to the grave of some important Pharaoh.

In fact, had it not been for the technology existing today, the rules that archaeologists have called emptiness, would have never been found. Do you want to know why they’re called that way? It turns out that during their discovery they didn’t find anything inside, nor do they know what they were built for. However, some believe that by touching some blocks at the walls, stairs or hidden bedrooms can be found.

Many archaeologists have speculated on what they hide, they even mentioned that some galleries could reveal the way in which the pyramid was built. Other theories maintain that those rooms keep the treasures of the Pharaoh that ordered their construction.

The Statue of Liberty

The landmark is located in New York. You probably think that as called as the highest area people can visit. However, that isn’t true if anything, it’s wrong. Times Square is also capable of housing people, of course, all this was before an act of the First World War in 1916, destroy the would that led there. Everything went down Europe here that was between Jersey City and black Tom Island. The explosion was so great they had to evacuate the entire city of Ellis. In fact, the glass and the windows of all the buildings in Times Square was totally destroyed.

The truth is that the German spies who fired the bomb had damaged the arm and torch of the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, its parts were repaired in full until 1984. However, to this day tourists can visit that site this is the incident and must settle from watching the original torch in the lobby of the site.


You’re most likely thinking Disneyland is at a landmark. However, it is a great attraction to brings together many tourists from different parts of the world every year. Although some say that meals and souvenirs are quite expensive. There’s an even more expensive place and that’s Club 33.

For many people it will be impossible to know this place, especially, because its monthly membership costs $25,000 and that payment does include the feed that must be paid each year of $12,000. This club was designed so that Walt Disney himself entertained his guests but the most curious thing is that he never did it because he died before that place was opened. Currently, it’s the VIP site that it was intended. Although the door that leads to it doesn’t indicate that it’s a special place and once you enter will be offered meals from five to six dishes but you must pay for each of them. An important fact is that this place has a dress code so you won’t be able to enter with your comfortable Park clothes. However, many celebrities frequent the place.