Top 10 Most Insane People in the World

What exactly is a normal person? You could argue that there isn’t one but there are certainly some people a little less by the numbers than most. This is the list of some truly extraordinary humans.

Dharmendra Singh

Dharmendra Singh is the tallest living man in India at a remarkable 8 foot 1 inches. He’s as tall as Hollywood funny man Stephen Merchant, wearing five-inch heels in a 1 inch hat. The 32 year old from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh may find that there are a few shelves he cannot reach but he’s not entirely pleased with his genetics.

Mr. Singh claims that he cannot find work as employers assume that someone of his height will have problems. Unfortunately, it’s true that extreme height comes with health complications that may be problematic in a work environment. Even more unfortunate it’s not just his work life that suffers. Though many women like the stereotype of tall, dark, and handsome Dharmendra says that he’s just that little bit too tall for the ladies and he struggled to land himself the woman of his dreams but despite being remarkably tall he’s still 2 inches off the world record for tallest living man.

Sultan Kosen

The tallest man of all time was one robert wadlow who at 8 foot 11 inches was 3 inches taller than two Peter Dinklage’s standing on top of each other. But, the world’s tallest living man is a Turkish resident Sultan Kosen who at 8 foot 3 inches is as tall as two Peter Dinklage’s standing on top of each other even if one of them is crouched a bit.

The part-time farmer (Sultan Kosen) was the first man over 8 feet to be measured by Guinness World Records in over 20 years. Sultan became the world’s tallest living man in 2009 when he measured 246.5 cm for 8 put 1 inch in height since then he’s grown a further two inches. Unlike Dharmendra, Sultan has no trouble in the romance department and is very happily married. All he needs to do now is to gain a further 9 inches to snatch the tallest man ever trophy from Wadlow.

Junrey Ballawing

If there’s insanely tall people in the world, there has to be insanely short people.  Until 2015, the title of world’s shortest man belonged to world famous Chandra Bahadur Dangi who had only 21.5 inches, was confirmed to be the world’s shortest man by Guinness World Records. Something that brought him a considerable amount of fame with plenty of television appearances under his belt, Chandra took advantage of his title and enjoyed the attention it brought but sadly in 2015 Chandra passed away and as he did another swooped in to swipe the title from him.

Junrey Balawing from the Philippines had long been Chandra’s rival for the title and took it with glee. At twenty 23.6 inches following may not be quite as short as the previous title holder but he’s still pretty tiny. 23.6 inches makes him half as tall as R2D2 actor Kenny Baker and 7/10 as tall as Mini-Me actor Verne Troyer.

Nick Stoleberg

Nick Stolberg, a man from California officially has the world’s longest tongue. At 10.1 cm, this is a man who can do serious damage to an ice cream cone. Nicknamed “the lick” which may just be the worst super villain name ever.

Nick Stolberg doesn’t shy away from his unique claim to fame, he’s made it a very active part of his working life. As an artist, the lick has cast aside the need for brushes instead he wraps his tongue in cling film, dips it into paint and uses that as his brush. Mr. Stolberg is quoted as saying “I think one of the most useful things my tongue offers is that I have no need for a napkin if I get food on my face I could just lick it off”.

It seems he has something of a challenger to the throne if he truly is Marvel’s venom then Adrian Lewis from Michigan is his carnage. She claims that she can lick her own eyeballs and insists her tongue is even longer than Nick. She’s even got her own nickname long tongue Lois. Her claims have yet to be verified meaning that while she may have the longest tongue in the world Nick is still the official record holder.

Xie Quiping

In the 45 years one woman from China hasn’t found a spare minute to pop to the hairdresser’s Rapunzel is real and her name is Xie Quiping. Having been growing it since 1973 when she was just 13. Miss. Xie Quiping’s hair was last formally measured in 2004 and came in at an extraordinary 18 feet 5 inches and seeing as she still hasn’t had a haircut since who knows how long and maybe now but she loves her hair and she doesn’t claim that it gives her any neck pain.

Francisco Domingo Joaquim

At 17 cm or 6.69 inches, Francisco officially has the world’s widest mouth but his mouth doesn’t just sit at that width. Francisco’s mouth has more elasticity than most and can be pulled and stretched to almost 7 inches. That means, he can fit a third of Junrey Ballawing entire body.

Sanju Bhagat

It’s not Sanju himself you won’t believe exists, it’s the man who used to live inside his stomach. Sanju Bhagat was a farmer who lived in India but his whole life Sanju was incredibly self-conscious about his increasingly bulging stomach. The other villagers regularly teased him telling him he looked nine months pregnant  little bit he realize their jobs had an air of truth to them.

In 1999, his stomach had grown to such a size than it was making breathing difficult and he was rushed to a hospital in Mumbai. It became immediately clear to the doctors that oddly Sanju’s own twin had been inside him his entire 36 years of life. After surgery, Sunju thankfully subsided and he recovered immediately soon shedding all of his for want of a better phrase baby weight. For the first time in his life, Sanju had normality and though the teasing and surgery may have been painful for Mr. Bhagat, at least it wasn’t the most painful thing that happened in 1999 and that was the year the Phantom Menace came out after all.

Goran Colak

Goran Colak can hold his breath for 23 entire minutes. This unique skill actually comes in handy. Goran is a free diver, if anybody could benefit from being able to hold their breath for extraordinary lengths of time it’s him. Show like regularly shows off his skills, submerging himself for extended periods of time and in his work life it is greatly helpful.


He is a very real man who goes by the name of the Iceman and the reason why he goes by that name will shock you more than licking the inside of a plug socket. He is a Dutch extreme athlete noticed for his ability to withstand extreme cold. At the age of 17, Wim spontaneously jumped into the freezing cold water of Beatrix Park Canal and was surprised to find that it didn’t affect him as seriously as it might have affected others.

Mr. HOF routinely submerges himself in ice baths to prove his talent and has set multiple Guinness world records including longest time swimming under ice, longest time with prolonged full-body contact with ice and longest time running on snow and ice.

Valery Smagliy

At 3 inches long, smagliy has incredibly long eyelashes and he claims he is the envy of women the world over. Smagliy claims the length of his eyelashes all comes down to a wondrous secret ingredient. He includes in every one of his meals but he knows that other people want lashes just like he has and eager to have the longest in the world, he refuses to divulge what the ingredient is. Despite the extra length causing him eye pain, smagliy is insisting on keeping his eyelashes that length until they have been formally assessed by the Guinness World Records.