Top 5 Deadliest Roller Coasters You Won’t Believe Exist

Today, we will be telling something interesting and that is about roller coasters. So here are some 5 Deadliest Roller Coasters You Won’t Believe Exist.

Stratosphere Tower Insanity

The stratosphere Tower insanity in Las Vegas is less of a ride and more of an adrenaline rush opened back in 2005 at over 900 feet up in the Air the Insanity Ride is the third highest thrill ride in the whole entire world. Now the ride basically dangles riders over the edge of the tower and makes the occupants feel as though. However, it does stop just in time just to maximize the fear level of the riders.  So if you are afraid of heights, then maybe give this ride a skip.

Kingda Ka

Kingda Ka is located at six flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. Now, this roller coaster is, in fact, the tallest Roller coaster in the standing at 465 feet High. Now the ride does shoot down its passengers up at speeds of 206 Km/h in only 3.5 seconds before shooting them back down again. So if speed and height is something you enjoy then maybe consider giving this ride a try is it will definitely satisfy.

The Sky Scream

It is located in Germany. Now the ride has many flips and inversions and in total it’s just an all-around. Crazy Ride as it contains all the elements to get your adrenaline pumping. Due to the many turns and flips the ride does need to roll back a few times just to gain enough momentum to complete.

The Fahrenheit Rollercoaster

The Fahrenheit Rollercoaster located in Hershey park in Pennsylvania does, in fact, have the steepest drop amongst all Rollercoasters with a 97-degree angle now the ride does reach a maximum height of 121 feet high and throughout the ride, there are numerous inversion loops and drops that are so steep riders can’t even see the track. So no matter who you are the ride drops will definitely give you goosebumps even if you’re one of the bravest of riders.

The Superman Ride of Steel

Rollercoaster is located at Six Flags America Amusement Park. The ride does Reach heights of above 200 feet high and it is even voted as one of the best rides in the United States. The ride speeds of more than 123 Km/h.