Top 5 Expensive Houses in the World

We all want a dream house but unfortunately reality is different. But, there are a few fortunate ones who have the possibility of living in houses so incredible you’ll believe they are a fantasy but there is real.

Fairfield Pond

This house is so big, spectacular and spacious. It’s so roomy, a residential complex could easily be built there. It’s located at 924, Bel Air Road in Los Angeles, California. It has no other than four floors distributed in 38,000 square meters in which you can find a total of 12 rooms 21 bathrooms 6 living rooms and 3 kitchens or the same everything any house has but in a big way.

Here, space is not a problem and those who live here will never have to make a line to go to the bathroom but don’t think that the space and the incredible number of rooms and bathrooms is what makes this house amazing. This house has all kinds of incredible luxuries, that’s a spa, a fitness room so you can stay in shape. It has its own cinema that has 40 seats and more than 7,000 movies so if you don’t like to go to the cinema and share the room with a lot of strangers. This is the perfect solution the only detail is that you have to be a millionaire to be able to afford this luxury.

In addition to everything, this super house also has an impressive 35 square metre swimming pool, a giant TV and to make it better it has no other than two sellers of liquors, one of wine and another of champagne. This house has six bars so that its owner can choose where he feels most encouraged to have a good time and to give it another touch of luxury it also has a helipad. There are so many incredible things inside this house that it’s almost impossible to mention them all. there are tennis courts, bowling lanes, collections of cars, and motorcycles, a pool table made of glass, among many other great things. Finally, if you do one live year, you need about 248 million dollars.

Villa Leopolda, France


This house is as big as 8 football fields. It’s located on the French Riviera and has an area of 8 hectares but this impressive house has gone through many things before becoming the incredible mansion.

It was built in the year 1902 by the Belgian King Leopold-2 who paid only one franc for the land. In 1915, it became a hospital and later in 1950 it fell into the hands Giovanni Agnelli owner of the Italian car brands Fiat and Ferrari. Later, the banker Edmond Safra bought it but after his tragic death the mansion passed to his widow Lily and ended up being sold again. Its current owner is a Russian Mikhail.

This impressive property is located in the hills of Villefranche-sur-Mer, a few kilometers from the city of nice. Living here must be a dream come true, the spectacular green areas surrounding the property give it a unique touch but those beautiful gardens aren’t kept by themselves. There are approximately 50 gardeners who have to work daily to maintain these beautiful spaces. So, the price of the house isn’t the only thing that you worry, maintenance must be almost as expensive as it was to buy it. The property has a living room of 400 square meters but one of the most impressive things is the 12 pools.

The main house has 19 stunning luxury rooms, 14 bathrooms, antique furniture and several terraces. Inside, you can see sports tracks, bowling lanes, several dining rooms, and even a movie theater. There are also great value marbles and ancient works of art. Everything a luxurious house should have can be found here, since this house is so impressive. It has been the star in multiple television shows and has appeared in Forbes magazine as it’s considered one of the most important properties in the history of Europe. This incredible mansion has a cost of 360 million dollars.

Rutland Gate Mansion

It’s located in London in one of the most sophisticated and expensive areas of the city. It couldn’t be otherwise because this place seems to be taken from a princess fairy tale. It was once the home of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri who left it when he was killed in 2005. After the tragedy, it happened to become the home of Sultan bin Abdulaziz al-saud until he died in 2011 and left this wonderful house waiting for his next host.

It has 5574 square meters and is full of luxuries. This house has 45 rooms, on top of that it has a pool in the basement. Here, if you want to go from one floor to another, you don’t have to worry about going up and down stairs because this mansion has elevators. It has golden plywood and the industrial kitchen is perfect to prepare the most incredible dishes.

This house is also full of small and very expensive ornaments but not everyone can afford to buy. As a consolation prize for those who couldn’t afford to buy this very expensive property, in the year 2015, an auction was held so people could buy some of the exquisite products they were inside the house. In which some bold plated paintings, Italian paintings or Murano glass chandeliers to the semi precious stones that cover the 24 marble bathrooms was showed and about 640 thousand euros were collected. This house costs approximately 480 million dollars.

Antilia – Mumbai, India

It was built from scratch in India and is considered one of the most incredible houses ever built. At first glance, you may think it’s a building with several apartments but that’s the house. This house is so expensive, it’s only surpassed in price by the luxurious Buckingham Palace. This peculiar building is located on Altamount Road, the most luxurious avenue in Bombay and one of the most expensive places in the world. It has 27 floors but at first glance it seems to be much higher and the reasons that each of its floors was built with double and even triple height and that makes the building look about 40 floors high.

The crazy thing is that the family that owns the house has only five people. There are many amazing things in this place but one of the most outstanding is the basement or the family’s small collection of cars rests, that’s 168 cars and  they are among the most luxurious cars in the market. The family has over 600 employees who are responsible for activities such as maintenance, cleaning and of course preparing delicious dishes so that you never miss delicious food in any of its several dining rooms.

Despite all the luxuries, this family is still faithful to their religion and among many things they also have a room to pray. Building this incredible house cost 1 billion dollars and today has doubled its value.

Buckingham Palace London, England

The Buckingham Palace has the most impressive, luxurious, and unattainable facilities in the world. The world residents official home of the queen of England was originally built as a private home for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. Although the exact figure is it known, the value of Buckingham Palace is estimated at a trillion pounds.

There are so many rooms here, altogether this luxurious palace has 775 rooms and 78 bathrooms. One of the main attractions of this palace today is that inside are the main and most important jewels of the British royal crown. When the pouch opens its door to the public, those fortunate few have the opportunity to see them and this residence has one of the greatest security systems in all of England. The gardens of Buckingham Palace are the largest private gardens in London. The artificial lake was created in 1928 and receives water from serpentine lake, a lake located in Hyde Park.

In the palace, you can find many masterpieces, works of art commissioned by the Monarchs – artists such as Rubens, Rembrandt, Canaletto, and Vermeer are exhibited there. The main halls of the palace are in the normal zone, there are truly majestic rooms where receptions, dances or ceremonies are held. The throne room, the green room, and the guard room stand out. Definitely, living here is a privilege and living here isn’t just a matter of money. Although there are very few who could pay the billions of pounds that this luxurious property costs.