Top Mobile UI/UX Designs That Will Trend in 2021

UI is the acronym for user interface and UX user experience. The two terms are closely related, and there is no calling one without the other. These two terms are closely related that sometimes they are used interchangeably.

Just like any other faculty of knowledge, UI/UX evolves, and there is something new every time. Looking back at the history of telecom companies, there is so much to reckon about. And there is so much more to anticipate for the future. Imagine the first mobile phone in the market and its features and try to draw comparisons with today’s mobile phones. These are two worlds apart now. Today, a mobile phone is everything for users— from internet surfing, calls, transactions and so much more.

Competition is so fierce in this field, and it is the force behind rapid innovations in the mobile world. Check out trending mobile apps at and discover that UI/UX drives the ROI of an app.

There is no point sticking to apps that were a buzz in 2019 or 2020, try apps that are likely to gain ground and define what’s trending in 2021.

Without further ado, these trends in UI/UX designs for the mobile world will define the rest of 2021 without a doubt.

Motion graphics

Visual information is easier to comprehend than text or voice. Social media is already full of visual content, and you need to keep that at the back of your mind while unleashing your brand. It seems like no one wants to strain anymore. Try to incorporate elements with visual effects into the UI/UX designs to better your brand chances to break through the brinks.

What motion graphics add to the user experience?

  • Draw users’ attention to what will happen next or what needs to be done
  • Make transitions fluid
  • Explain complex procedures
  • Confirm actions through affirmative or negative clues

While using motion graphics, make sure you do not overdo, the audience might forget what they came to your app for. Balance motion graphics to become immersive and not distractive. Remember you are looking to make sales, not creative appreciation.

Apps and designs that use low contrast gradients

Gradients or colour blending rule the space in the mid-1990s, and it is coming back again. If you know what to do with gradients, you can easily attract user interest to your product or service. It is trending to limit contrasting colours, while smoother colour transitions are easy on eyes. Blue and purple gradients ruled 2018, it softened the shades in 2019 and continued in 2020. Even lower contrasts will rule in 2021. UI/UX design experts are now taking the importance of colour wheels seriously, complementary colours and soft transitions with a limited number of colours is likely to trend in 2021. Taking into account your brand’s colour is important too.

Voice user-interface interaction

2021 will see users take time off the screens with voice user interfaces. Big tech industries (Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple) all have voice-based interfaces.

What next?

Other trends expected to rule 2021 include; dark modes, immersive full-screen performance, personalized designs, ID authentication, 3D development, device syncing, and designs for speed.

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