10 Essential Travel Accessories For A Smart Traveler

“Travel light!” – This is the common advice every smart traveler has to follow. Travelers boarding an airplane for reaching their final destination are allowed to carry the maximum allowed load. The varying weight of baggage depends if the passenger is traveling first class, business class or economy class. Due to this baggage limitation, many of us forget to carry some necessary things while packing and end up taking things we may not need. However, some simple tricks and useful travel accessories can help you organize your bags better and pack smartly for any kind of travel.

As a smart traveler, everyone must carry the following 10 essential travel accessories.

{ 1 } Document Organizer For Travel Accessories

Document Organizer For Travel Accessories

A document organizer is one of the most required travel accessories for every traveler. There is the main zip to lock the entire document organizer. On undoing the zip, the organizer exposes the notepad on one side. You can use it to make personal notes and jot down places and things of interest. Otherwise, the traveler can write their highlights of the place visited. Adjacent to the pen holders, there are two zipped pockets and other pockets. You can utilize these for storing important travel documents. These include passports, tickets (airplane, bus, train, boat, and cruise), health insurance, guided tours and more. All these documents can be well arranged within the space where the catalog is stored.

{ 2 } Multiple Port Universal Travel Adapter

Multiple Port Universal Travel Adapter

Carrying the multiple port universal travel adapter is a must. This is because countries all over the world do not use the same Voltage. For example, 220-230 V is used as voltage in Australia, Europe, India, and the UK. Meanwhile, 120-127 V is used in the US, Canada, and most South American countries. Electronics working in 120-127 V get spoiled and cause a fire when used in places using 220-230 V. This is where the multiple port universal travel adapters come handy. Even while charging mobile hand-held devices it is always advisable to use the adapter. The adapter steps-up or steps-down the voltage making it appropriate for the electronic device.

{ 3 } Packing Cubes For Smart Packing

Packing Cubes For Smart Packing

Travel accessories like packing cubes are a boon for heavy packers. Packing cubes are small, rectangular-shaped, fabric containers with zip-lock. You can use them to organize your suitcase or backpack while packing. As they are available in many sizes, large or small, you can use them as per your convenience. For instance, use one packing cube for packing underwear and socks, one for tops and another for jeans, trousers, etc. You can pack laundry separately in another cube. Most significantly, travelers can see what is within the packed cube. One does not have to go through entire piles of clothes to find clean underwear. Instead, get straight to the packed cube containing those items. Moreover, packed cubes can keep the clothes neat with minimum wrinkles.

{ 4 } Power Bank

Power Bank Essential Travel Accessories

Power banks are portable batteries using a circuit to control any power in and any power out. Power banks are charged using the USB charger whenever power is available via laptop or desktop. Once fully powered up, you can use the power banks to recharge battery-powered devices. These include mobile hand-held devices, battery powered headphones, portable USB speakers, iPod, MP3 players. Each of these devices needs to be connected to the power bank via USB charging interface. In the market, power banks are available in various shapes and sizes. Hence, people can purchase their desired power bank that is most suitable for their requirements.

{ 5 } First Aid Kit Travel Accessories

First Aid Kit Travel Accessories

One never knows what can happen during the vacation especially while traveling in a foreign land. Hence, always keep your zip-locked first aid kit handy. Inside the bag, store adhesive wound dressings, alcohol pads, povidone prep pad. Other items include a pair of scissors, a forceps, adhesive tape, sterile cotton-wool, a packet of ear-buds. Always carry over-the-counter medicines for headaches, diarrhea, constipation, cold, fever. If you’re taking certain prescribed medication, carry a copy of the prescription too.

{ 6 } Reusable Ziplock Bags

Reusable Ziplock Bags

As the name suggests, the same Ziploc bag can be utilized for multi-purpose. You can use the bag to keep all kinds of dried foods. These include snacks such as biscuits, cookies, nuts, fruits and more. Also, you can reuse the same bags to store sandwiches for lunch or other light meals. Use these bags for keeping make-up remover wipes and baby wipes. Storing toiletries in a Ziploc bag is recommended to avoid spoiling clothes in the suitcase. Toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, and deodorants leak due to high altitude. You can also use Ziploc bags for making ice-packs in case of injury.

{ 7 } Compact Travel Camera

Compact Travel Camera

All compact travel cameras of globally reputed Companies are affordable for everyone. It is a must to travel with a compact travel camera. People think using the camera in their mobile device is just fine. However, the quality of the photograph is better in compact travel cameras. These come with automatic and semi-automatic modes. One can select a scenario, portrait, daylight, nightlight, flash, without-flash and more. Smart travel accessories like a compact camera can help people capture what they like while on the go.

{ 8 } Toiletry Bag For Easy Travel

Toiletry Bag For Easy Travel

A toiletry bag with Ziploc compartments and a hook to hang it is a must-have when it comes to travel accessories. In the top compartment, say, the traveler can store toothpaste and toothbrush. The traveler can carry ointment and other essential medical items in another compartment. In the large compartment, bottles (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and others) can be stored in an upright position. This way, there would be minimum leakage of these items.

{ 9 } Eye Mask For Comfort

Eye Mask For Comfort

While traveling further away from home country, traveler faces jet lag. When a traveler flies eastward from the homeland, he/she loses hours. This is because the countries in the east are ahead of time. Likewise, when a traveler flies westward, he/she gains hours. While flying, people always try to make up for their sleep no matter they lose or gain hours. Always carry an eye mask to cover the eyes while on the flight. This eye mask shelters the eyes from the direct light of aircraft. In addition, the traveler can doze off and sleep deeply. This enables the traveler to be completely refreshed on arrival at the ultimate destination.

{ 10 } Inflatable Neck Pillow For Travel

Inflatable Neck Pillow For Travel

Every aircraft, especially long distance ones offer warm blankets and pillows to all passengers. They also offer refreshments and meals to passengers depending on their destinations. Thereafter, the passengers get free time to sleep or to engage themselves in entertainment. These include movies, songs, television, news and all. Most people use ravel accessories like inflatable pillows during travel. Travelers can deflate the pillows and easily carry them in a bag. Inflate the pillow before using to support the back of the neck.