Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Vs Recon 70: Which Will Be Best for You?

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This review is about the Turtle beach Stealth 300 and Recon 70 and both are from the same company. Both the headset is good as per their price.

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Turtle Beach Stealth 300Turtle Beach Recon 70
Great for people who wear glasses.
Four audio presets.
Two colorways themed for PS4 and Xbox One.
Mic monitoring.
Good sound quality for price. Comfortable and lightweight.
Flip-to-mute mic.
Fabric ear cushions are difficult to clean.
No surround sound.
High tones are a bit aggressive.


BrandTurtle BeachTurtle Beach
ModelTBS-2350-01Recon 70 (TBS-2455-01)
Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Headphone TechnologyWired 
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz20Hz – 20kHz
Diaphragm2 in1.6 in
Microphone Technology  
Response Bandwidth  
Audio Controlsvolumemute, volume
Controlsvolumemute, volume
Battery Life30 hours 
FeaturesPowerful amplified audio – immerse yourself in your games with rechargeable battery-powered amplified sound from your Xbox One and PS4.

Surround sound ready for Xbox One – optimized to deliver immersive Windows Sonic Surround sound, provided by Microsoft for Xbox One (and compatible Windows 10 PCs).

Flip-up Mic – Turtle Beach’s renowned high-sensitivity mic picks up your voice loud and clear, and flips up to mute.

Memory foam ear cushions – breathable fabric-wrapped memory foam ear cushions provide unmatched comfort.

Variable mic Monitoring – hear and adjust the volume of your voice inside the headset so you never have to shout.

LIGHTWEIGHT COMFORT – A lightweight design ensures complete comfort during those hours-long gaming sessions.

FLIP-UP MIC – Turtle Beach’s renowned high-sensitivity mic picks up your voice loud and clear, and flips up to mute.

SURROUND SOUND READY FOR XBOX ONE – Optimized to deliver immersive Windows Sonic for Headphones surround sound.

*Windows Sonic for Headphones provided by Microsoft for Xbox One (and compatible Windows 10 PCs). Also compatible with Dolby Atmos for Headphones (Additional purchase may be required.)

HIGH-QUALITY 40MM SPEAKERS – Superior 40mm over-ear speakers produce crisp highs and thundering lows.

PREMIUM EAR CUSHIONS – Synthetic leather-wrapped ear cushions provide added comfort, improved bass response and better noise-isolation.

MULTIPLATFORM COMPATIBILITY – Designed for Xbox One and works great with PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.

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Detail Review:


Turtle Beach Stealth 300

The design, comfort, and other physical features are pretty good as per the price range. The sound quality is also good and there are many other features as related to the sound. Overall the headset is affordable and worth buying.

Turtle Beach Recon 70

This has a Nintendo Switch version, an Xbox One, and a ps4 version. They’re pretty much all the same, they’re just different color variations. Now, the one thing that I do want to point out, this is a forty dollar gaming headset. So, we have to keep that in mind because the first thing that I noticed is this doesn’t feel like normal gaming headsets.

turtle beach stealth 300 3 (1)


Turtle Beach Stealth 300

The design of this headset is very normal and simple as like other Turtle Beach headsets. This headset is made fully of plastic and it doesn’t look very premium or something. For this price range, the build quality of the headset is very nice and it looks like the durability of the headset will be very long. 

I also like the durability aspect of the handset, the fact that they went ahead and added that metal frame giving you that extra durability for the handset is always key for me and also, one of my favorite features which is the flip mic to mute.

Turtle Beach Recon 70

There are three versions of this particular model. All three versions will work on either system, it just depends on what your color preferences.

They were really light and they’re really plastic. So, obviously the warning sign is are these things gonna break easily. Once you start to bend them and twist them, it makes you feel a little bit better that these aren’t gonna break. Now, one thing I do want to point out that I noticed right around the headband area, on the left and right-hand side basically where the earpad stops, there’s tiny little cable. Now, that’s the cable that runs from one side to the other. At any given moment that could catch on something in a bag and yank that’s gonna pull that headband piece out.

The branding on the outside is really minimal, it has Turtle Beach right up top but it’s just kind of like a little embossed, it’s not a bright color or anything obnoxious.


Turtle Beach Stealth 300

On the top of the headset, we got the Turtle Beach branding but one of the new features that I do like about this headset is it cushioned that they went and added on the bottom that rests on your head. The actual cushion is a lot better than the previous models and not only that but you’re actually able to feel the added foam that will give you that nice comfort when you have those long gaming sessions. Not only that, but I do like the addition that they went ahead and added a little bit of more padding to the site and gave you that extra little air cushion on the top of your headset, so the headset won’t be sitting on top of your head and I should be resting on the side of your head since giving you that only the ability to having that nice airflow but at reducing the pressure on the top of your head.

Another key feature that I liked that they went ahead and added on this headset is giving you the metal-reinforced headband. The reason why this is so important is because the metal-reinforced headband will provide you that peace of mind that you have the extra durability that you didn’t have on previous headsets because if sometimes you get a little bit triggered and you might drop your headset or for some mistake, you step on it or your justing the different sizes of the headband and you feel like something might snap with this extra metal reinforcement you know that you have a nice durable headset that will last you a long time.

The ear cuffs actually come with memory foam. So, you guys are looking for comfort and looking for a headset that it’s not gonna be applying too much pressure to the side of your head or you’re gonna feel very uncomfortable you have like two to three hours within gaming session and these are the headsets for you. Not only that but they added the breathable fabric which is my personal preference out of everything that they usually put on the handsets because I feel like it gives you that nice comfort and it also gives you that breathable aspect where you won’t feel like it’s so hot.

The Turtle Beach went the extra mile and gave support to people who wear glasses by adding their glasses friendly technology. So, you won’t feel the pressure of the glasses being pressured upon your ears, you’ll see a nice little line that goes through the cushion that gives you that nice friendly feel. So, if you’re wearing glasses just to view or HD glasses or glasses to avoid straining in your eyes then these headsets are definitely for you.

The first thing as a pro in this headset is definitely a really comfortable headset. I like the improvements they went ahead.

Turtle Beach Recon 70

To be honest, the headband has just a really thin little pleather, there’s not very much padding on the headband. This is one of the lightest headsets I’ve ever felt, so padding is not necessary because when they’re on your ears, they’re not heavy and there’s no weight on the top of your head. They’re actually really comfortable as far as the extenders go, it just kind of extends within the top part of the headband, they do not fold flat but they do swivel to lay flat.

The pleather earpads honestly are really soft and there is a very big opening inside, so these are considered over the ear. I think no matter what your ear size, you’re not gonna have an issue with these fitting the right way. As far as comfort goes, this is an extremely lightweight comfortable headset.

turtle-beach-recon-70-2 (1)


Turtle Beach Stealth 300

One of the first things you’ll notice on the headset this is a wired pair of headsets, this is not Wireless. The advantage of having a wired pair of headsets is that you’re able to use it on multiple different devices. It will let you use the headset in multiple different aspects, so you could use it for your Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation 4, PC, mobile, and the nice addition that they wanted to be added as you can actually use this headset on your Nintendo switch. If you own a Nintendo switch, you will be able to use this headset without a problem.

Now, one of the advantages of actually purchasing these headsets for the Xbox one or for your Windows 10 device, it’s at the headset comes with Windows sonic surround sound. This is a brand new technology that Windows has introduced which means that gaming handsets connect directly to the controller or the console by USB or optical port can now deliver immersive virtual surround sound, so in addition to that you’re able to choose between windows sonic sound on your Xbox or on your Windows 10.

Now, if you already have Dobby Atmos-enabled then these headsets are already compatible with Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic surround sound which gives an A+, so basically you’re getting the headset with surround sound option if you own Windows 10 or an Xbox One. There’s awesome because if you enjoy gaming plus you also want to watch movies or you want to listen to music having that surround option is always heat especially you’re gonna be using this for a different source of entertainment like watching movies or listening to music.

On the side of the headset, you’ll also be able to control the volume of the game and also the volume of the chat. If you think that you don’t want to hear your friends more than the game, you’re able to adjust that if you want to hear the game more than your friends you’re able to adjust it as well.

In the box, there’s gonna be a micro USB charging cable that is gonna be used for charging and there’ll be a quick starter guide that basically has all the information. It also comes with a Turtle Beach sticker if you want to represent Turner Beach in any way or any form either by painting it on your PC or putting it on your binder.

The pro thing is the ability of you actually having that surround sound that comes totally free of you an Xbox one or a Windows 10 PC. The removal of the ear cuffs of the headset is actually a plus for me because you always want to hear you have your ear cups as clean as you possibly can and when you’re using your headset for a long period of time, you’re gonna want to make sure they’re clean as much as possible.

Turtle Beach Recon 70

In the box, there are no accessories. You just have to open the box, you just get the headset and you get some instructions which really you don’t need instructions because there are no additional connections. The wire on this is non-detachable, so it’s definitely a big minus point, if something goes wrong with the cable you’re kind of screwed, you can’t just buy another cable. But, the big pro to this is you can’t lose the cable either.

Now, the cable itself is the rubber-like coated silicon. It’s not extremely long but it definitely does the trick, you don’t want a long cable if you’re gonna be plugging this like into your mobile device or your switch.

Now on your left-hand side on the back is volume control wheel that is just for game volume only, there’s no way to control the microphone volume. 


Turtle Beach Stealth 300

It also comes with mic monitoring. So, if you want to hear how loud you’re being since you’re in a party and you’re a little bit too loud but you actually want to correct that before you go and talk with your friends, so you’re gonna be using them for streaming. You’re gonna want to make sure that your voice is actually sounding very good and you’re not shouting or you’re not too low, you’re gonna be able to do that with the mic monitoring feature that is also with the headset.

One of the awesome features about the headset that I love that they actually included was the ability to also be able to mute the mic when you flip the mic. This is by far one of my favorite things and I wish every single company that made headsets would actually include this feature because sometimes when you get a phone call, you flip a mic and sometimes your mic stays open and people are able to hear your conversation but not with Turtle Beach because with this headset once you flip the mic all the way up, the mic will automatically be muted.

Turtle Beach Recon 70

The microphone is not detachable. It is one of those that when you fold it down, it turns it on, and then when you fold it back up it’ll turn it off. I would have liked to have mic controls even if it was on the cable but speaking of the microphone, the mic is going to sound like if you’re using it across all the gaming systems. Now, if you want to use it on PC, you are going to need the splitter cable because this is just a single cable. Obviously, PC has the input for the headphone and for the microphone but I think for 40 dollars again if you curb your expectations this is more than passable for a gaming headset.

turtle-beach-stealth-300 4 (1)


These headsets do come with an EQ and you’re gonna have to charge the EQ to be working. Usually, the charge time for the EQ is between 30 to 40 hours. So, if you’re playing between 8 to 10 hours, you’ll be able to charge this every three to every two days. So, it gives you that spend time where you don’t have to constantly be charging the better every single time. Another thing I want to mention is this also comes with the USB which you’re gonna be using to charge the headset but you’re also being able to use this USB option to upgrade the headset.

Turtle Beach Recon 70

This is a wired headset, so there is no need to charge or anything. Many wired headsets of Turtle Beach like Turtle Beach Stealth 300 has to be charged even though that is wired because that all headsets had EQ settings. But, as this is a simple headset and doesn’t have any features like that, so there is no need to charge. You just have to connect the headset and go on.


Turtle Beach Stealth 300

The headset also comes with a very powerful speaker which is a 50-millimeter driver which will give you the advantage of having those nice highs and those beautiful lows, so if you’re listening to music or watching movies are just playing in general, it’s gonna give you the ability to not only listen to your music perfectly it’s listened to movies good but also to give you that nice gaming experience.

If you want to hear footsteps or if you want to see here where shots are being fired from and want to know which direction to push, what direction to avoid or were to kind of hide or work not to hide or want to attack an enemy from the top or bottom then this headset will provide that because it has that nice 50-millimeter driver which will give you that nice prestige sound.

Now, the headset also comes with a built-in EQ. The EQ is gonna let you adjust different sets of presets. It comes with the following presets, it comes with the bass boost. So, if you’re listening to music and want to hit that bass really hard then you’re able to increase that basement. It comes with a signature sound which is Turtle Beach’s proprietary sound.

It also features a bass and treble boost which is very helpful especially if you’re watching a movie and want to hear like gunshots and explosions go off but also want to hear that nice voice fidelity then you’re able to adjust that EQ and it also comes with special technology, so you’re gonna be talking over the mic and you are gonna be talking with your friends in a party or in a chat, it’s gonna give you the ability to actually boost the vocals. Also, you’re gonna be able to adjust these EQ settings by the ear cup, so you’ve listed the left side of your ear cup you’ll be able to adjust the parameters of what EQ you want to be selected.

Turtle Beach Recon 70

I’ll have to say for 40 bucks I think Turtle Beach did a really good job here with the Recon 70. I think it falls in line with the HyperX stinger which goes for forty to fifty dollars. So, I think sound-wise is exactly where it needs to be, these do not have like booming upfront bass like a lot of Turtle beach headsets do to me, they’re really clear and I can tell that that’s where the focus in this headset is it’s more in the clarity and the mid-range. So, your trebles are extremely clear. Again, when they say that this is made for Battle Royale that’s pretty much what this is because, in Battle Royale, you really want to be able to pinpoint and hear where everybody is.

Now, this isn’t a surround sound gaming headset but the sound imaging and their ability to kind of just space out your sound for $40 are really impressive. I would have liked for these to have a little more bass but that is a sound preference of mine. Most gamer’s main focus is going to be on clarity and being able to pinpoint where stuff is located and for this price range, these really are impressive in that aspect.

I think if you’re going in and you’re just spending $40 on a gaming headset you can’t really expect this full spectrum of sound but booming bass but crystal clear highs and perfectly balanced mids but again the way that they altered and did this headset, I’m impressed. I really think going into it, I was just expecting like boomy bass and more of a muddier sound, more of a mainstream type headphone sound and that didn’t go with that. They went with a clearer sound, picking up great mid-range which is so important in gaming that most people don’t understand.

turtle-beach-recon-70- 1_ (1)


Both the headsets are from the same company and both are good as power their price. The comfort level, sound, and also mic and everything is nice as per their price. The Stealth 300 is double the price of the Recon 70 headset. So, if you have budget of $80 then Stealth 300 is good and if you have very tight budget the Recon 70 is also good for the price of $40 but that’s very simple and doesn’t have many features like Stealth 300.