Turtle Beach Stealth 600 vs Astro A50: Which Will Be Better for You?

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This is the detailed comparison of Turtle Beach Stealth 600 and Astro A50. Both the headsets are specially for gaming and have many features for gaming. Both the headsets are best for their prices. So, you can decide which one will be better for you by this review.

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Turtle Beach Stealth 600Astro A50
Excellent gaming and music sound.
Plush ear cups.
Easy wireless connectivity.
Looks good.
Good, balanced sound quality.
Immersive surround sound.
Awkward fit.
Lackluster mic design.
Limited PC compatibility.
Tight fit can squeeze head with prolonged use.
Connection issues in base station.


BrandTurtle BeachAstro Gaming
ModelStealth 600 (TBS-2035-01)A50
Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull Size
Headphone TechnologyWireless
Sound Output ModestereoSurround Sound
Frequency Response20 – 20,000 Hz20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity118 db @1 KHz
Impedance48 Ohms
Diaphragm2 in
Microphone Technology  
Response Bandwidth  
Weight9.6 oz12.8 oz
Battery Life15 hour(s)12 hour(s)
FeaturesXbox Wireless – no wires, no base station, and no adapter needed.

Glasses Friendly – Unique ProSpecs comfort-driven design removes pressure on your glasses while you play.

Powerful 50mm Speakers – Large, powerful over-ear speakers produce crisp highs and thundering lows.

Flip-up Microphone – Turtle Beach’s renowned high-sensitivity mic picks-up your voice loud and clear, and flips-up to mute.

Superhuman Hearing – From quiet footsteps sneaking-up from behind to enemy weapon reloads just before an ambush, Superhuman Hearing lets you hear it all.

Independent Game & Chat Volume Control – Find the perfect balance between game audio and chat audio.

Mic Monitoring – Hear the volume of your voice inside the headset so you never have to shout.

Audio Presets, Including Bass Boost – Customize the way your game sounds with four audio presets, including Bass Boost.

All-Day Battery Life – Always be ready to play with up to 15-hours of gaming per charge.
ASTRO Gaming is ready to invade the living room with the A50 Wireless System. Experience Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound with clarity and performance powered by KleerNet’s strongest 5.8Ghz solution available. Hear the difference that professionally tuned audiophile-grade sound makes. Whatever your audio needs are, the A50 Headset comes with 3 different EQ modes for movies, hardcore gaming, and competitive shooters. When finished, simply charge your headset from your transmitter and the included display stand. Take over your gaming and home entertainment with the A50 Wireless System.

DOLBY DIGITAL 7.1: Immerse yourself in stunning surround sound with our proprietary MixAmp technology. You’ll be able to use every gunshot and footstep to pinpoint, and get the drop on, your opponents.

SUPERIOR FIT & FINISH: Featuring premium materials and construction, ASTROs are highly adjustable and surprisingly lightweight. Clamp them on your dome for days or turn them flat around your neck.

TUNED WITH ASTRO AUDIO: We work with pro gamers and top audio designers to deliver the highest level of clarity at every frequency. Your games, music, and movies will sound amazing.

5.8 GHZ WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: Operating at a higher frequency than most wireless devices, ASTRO wireless MixAmps provides clarity and range with less interference. Available on A50 wireless headsets.

PRO QUALITY AUDIO: Tuned for Gaming, ASTRO Audio was developed with pro gamers and game designers to deliver clarity and detail at every frequency and volume level.

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Detail Review:


Turtle Beach Stealth 600

The sound quality and every feature are works well. It may be a little bit features less compared to the Stealth 700 but it does do a very good job in the fact that it is featureless to keep the price down and the battery life up.

Astro A50

This is one of the premium and flagship headset of Astro Gaming. This headset is mainly for gaming and gives many features generally and also for sound. For this price range, these all are just expected. 


Turtle Beach Stealth 600

It’s a wireless headset for the ps4 and the ps4 pro. Now, this also does come in up some Xbox one variation. It’s much the same because has green branding and it’s connects your console in a slightly different way. I will say though that the ps4 version, I have been using with my PC as well is very easy to set up on your PC as well.

The headset looks pretty cool. I think it’s a little bit of an understated design as well with the just a two-tone color is really good, it’s not banging your face or obnoxious or anything, so I like that. It has very minimal branding as well yet really distinctive with the blue accent mark through it. If you have the Xbox One version, this will actually be green as well as the other branding on it but generally really cool-looking a headset.

As far as actual build quality goes, it is all made out of plastic but that helps to keep the weight down. I feel despite the fact that it is made out of plastic, it is fairly sturdy.

I do have quite a big head and neck and I’ve been taking these on and off all day long and I really haven’t had any issues with them. I don’t feel like that all that flimsy, I wouldn’t be twisting them too much or throwing them but as long as you take the minimal amount of care, I would imagine that lasts quite a while.

Astro A50

The design between the new and old versions of the headset didn’t change too much. As this is premium headset, the material used for this headset is also premium and the build quality is also good. I don’t think this will break easily. 


Turtle Beach Stealth 600

For the actual comfort material, they’ve gone with like a spongy soft material on top with a kind of a porous cloth on the outside. This material is really nice and breathable and quite soft and comfortable. The only thing is it kind of loses this shape and it’s a sponginess after a year or two but otherwise really quite nice material. They’ve used the same on the ear cups down which is a little bit firmer to try to help trap that down and keep sound down.

Then, in some of the earcups, they’ve actually used what they call pro-spec technology which just helps to take a lot of pressure off where your glasses are going to intercept into the actual cup. This does a huge amount to help. I wear glasses all the time and this actually helps that I can wear these for hours on end and I don’t really feel that pressure on the side of my head which can get really painful. It does make a huge difference.

I’ve really found that I don’t have any comfort issues with these at all. It doesn’t crush my ears or anything and I can wear them for hours at a time with very little pressure on my head.

Astro A50

Padding is a bit softer and they don’t feel as tight as the previous version. Weight comes in at under a pound and slightly lighter than the Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset. Weight is distributed evenly through the plastic headband which helps will comfort in those longer gaming sessions.

astro a50 1 (2)


Turtle Beach Stealth 600

In the box with the headset, you get the USB or the micro USB charge cable which can actually hook it up to your headset and then into your PC and it interfaces with the Turtle Beach audio hub. So, you can mess around with some volume levels and some equalizer settings as well. So, then you have the communication device or the dongle. This is via USB and all you have to do is plug it into your PlayStation or your PC and then turn the headset on and that’s pretty much it, It’s really easy to use and you’re not messed up with all these different features or trying to sync to the device. I’ve had zero issues with connections or dropout so far and I’m really quite impressed with it.

The Xbox One version doesn’t use the dongle, it uses what they call a direct connect system. So, the headset basically functions as one of your controllers and it just directly connects to your Xbox.

We have the volume controls on the side. We have one for the chat volume and then one for the actual game volume. We also have the micro USB for charging and you can also hook it up to your PC to change the equalizer in volume settings and next to that we have a little pinprick LED light. Now, this tells you if it’s charging or out of battery or whatever but I really wish they had have had a few more LED lights, so we kind of know how much battery is left or how charged is the thing is that would be a nice feature.

You have the ON button, of course, it powers it on and off but also, if you’re listening to them and you press it, it will put it into a superhuman hearing mode. Now, this is mainly for competitive or FPS players and it really takes all the bass out of games and really picks up those mids and trebles around footsteps and reloads and gunshots. So, you can really pinpoint where people are on the map that coupled with the simulated surround really does a good job on that but if you’re playing any other game with it or music or movies then I don’t recommend it. As it does kind of rob the audio track of quite a few different ranges but definitely good for a competitive edge. Then, we have the mode button next to it which switches between the different equalizer settings.

Astro A50

On the right side, you get all of your buttons and dials, you give two buttons on the ear cup for both your game and your voice audio. You’ll notice when setting up this headset for the first time, your computer will register two audio devices which will actually adjust the sound balance between both of them, perfect for discord and TeamSpeak since you can set those preferences for both talking to your friends and adjusting your game audio. You’ll notice on the right ear cup, you also get your equalizer button next to your volume and your power switch.

You don’t want to carry around your base station, you do have a micro USB charging port to charge your headset. Hopefully, it answers the next refresh of this headset a USB type-c charging port for charging the headset. Although the base station also being powered by USB type-c. The newer base station you get with this headset is so much sleeker and responsive than the base station you get with the previous gen. In previous gen, the headset fits snug into the base station or it rocked and moved a little bit and the battery did not get any charge, and then there were the connectivity issues we all experienced with the previous Gen which was absolutely terrible. I switched over to these and I haven’t had any issues with connectivity since.

In this, You get your toggle between ps4 and PC, a USB charge port, both optical in and out audio ports, a 3.5-millimeter cable, and a port for MicroUSB. Along with the base station in the box, you get your Astro headset, your optical cable, and your charging micro-USB cable.

App support with the Astro command center still works great from when you use the equalizer any different save presets. However, in the Astro command center, it could definitely use a few more extra features. One of them is disabling the gyroscope, auto-off feature, and also giving you some sort of a menu or a way to look up and play with your surround sound.

This is one of the only headsets out in the market that you can use on both your PC and your ps4 at the same time. So, on one end you can talk to your viewers in your stream and your friends in this cord through the USB microphone that’s connected your PC while you hear everything on this headset. At the same time, this headset is also connected to your ps4. So, you can talk to other players about the party chat.


Turtle Beach Stealth 600

The design of the mic is a little bit different from the standard Turtle Beach’s back it up and away out of your face which is a pretty good feature. Despite it not having a pop filter, it does a pretty good job of kind of filtering out those ‘P’ sounds and that kind of really offensive sounds for most audio pickup. I think for most average gain is this will do the job pretty well actually as long as you’re not getting too technical with it then I think it’s a really great mic.

It does also have an active voice monitoring system. So, you can tell if in real life your voice is too low or too high, so that’s a good feature as well. Also, it does have a thing where you can mute the mic by simply flipping it into a back position. When you flip it back up, it’ll be mute.

Astro A50

This mic is actually probably the best I’ve ever seen for a gaming headset. The microphone did a great job of not picking up any keyboard clicking and that’s what it’s gonna sound like when you are screaming and even talking to your friends. The only one that I think would come close is probably the Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset and the Astro A40 TR.

astro-a50-2 (1)


Turtle Beach Stealth 600

These are advertised having 15 hours of battery life and that’s fairly accurate actually. I’ve got in between about 13 and 15 hours out of it and really quite impressed with it. Also, when I played it I listened to them while I was actually charging it. So, I had no connection issues when I was actually charging and using them, so very little downtime on them which is quite impressive.

Astro A50

In battery life, this headset really held up its end of the bargain for these from the past Gen. This headset 18-hour battery life is more than enough for my gaming sessions. Along with the four hour charge time to fully charge this headset up. Charging this headset with the USB cable instead of the base station seemed to cut the charge time in half about 50%. So, if you guys do plan on charging this headset that way with the micro USB cable, it should have fully charged this headset in about two hours.


Turtle Beach Stealth 600

You have different types of modes. You have the bass boost, the bass and treble boost, the vocal boost, and the signature sound. Now, the signature sound is actually pretty good for playing games. It’s pretty balanced in all regards and I like that setting probably the most for games but also the bass and treble boost is good as well. It boosts both the bass and treble while not really robbing away from vocals or the other audio ranges, so a really good. Balance mode is quite good when you’re listening to music. I listen to quite a bit of metal and these headsets pretty much do a justice.

Overall, my impressions of the sound work very well, especially for a wireless headset of this price point I didn’t expect it to be so good. For music, it’s a real pleasure to listen to that bass and treble boost mode is really good, it highlights those two ranges without cutting out or drowning out the vocals as well. So, you get a really good range of music which sounds fantastic through it.

While playing games, the simulated surround does a really good job of making you feel or having directional awareness. It’s not quite 5.1 Dolby or 7.1 Dolby but it does do a very good job.

Astro A50

To be completely honest, the bass is probably some of the best I’ve ever heard in a gaming headset. You get excellent mids, highs, and lows with this headset and all the perfect treble accuracy. The only real complaint I have for this headset aside from the price is I feel like the sound volume could be just a little bit louder. However, that may just be a personal issue with me.

When listening to the music with this headset, all these same audio qualities that you get on a gaming side do transfer over to the music side. Your mids, highs, or lows in the bass sound fantastic when you are listening to music with this headset which in my opinion makes this headset the perfect headset for both gaming and streaming at the same time.

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Both the headsets are good at gaming as per their price because their price is very different and also the features. In Stealth 600, there are not many features compared to the Astro A50 and for that, the Astro A50’s price is also very high which is around $300. So, if you have that much budget then you can definitely go for Astro A50. The only complaint I have about Astro A50 is still the price along with possibly increasing the audio levels a little bit with this headset.