Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom vs Megaboom 3: Which to Buy?

This is the review of the comparison between two speakers from the Logitech Ultimate Ears, these are the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom and the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3. There is a wide range of differences in their price range and also in their features and performance. To know which one is good for you to buy, go to the detailed review.

Ultimate Ears HyperboomUltimate Ears Megaboom 3
Ultimate Ears HyperboomUltimate Ears Megaboom 3
Big sound with strong bass and good detail.
Up to 24 hours of battery life at moderate volume levels.
IP4 water-resistance rating (splashproof).
Good wireless Bluetooth range (up to 150 feet).
Can wirelessly link with other UE Boom and Megaboom speakers. The integrated microphone automatically reads the environment and calibrates the sound to fill any space, indoors or outdoors.
Class-leading battery life.
Gets incredibly loud.
Punchy sound.
No Wi-Fi or voice assistant built-in.
At 13 pounds, it’s not a speaker you want to carry too far.
Recessed mids.
Bass sounds loose at high volume.
Charging dock not included.


BrandUltimate EarsUltimate Ears
ModelHyperboomMegaboom 3
Design FeaturesBuilt-in carrying handleFloating design, built-in hang loop
Amplification Typeactiveactive
Crossover Channel Qty2-way
Frequency Response47 – 20000 Hz60 – 20000 Hz
Output Features360° omni-directional
Output Level (SPL)100 db90 db
Audio Amplifierintegratedintegrated
Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWireless
Rechargeable Batteryrechargeablerechargeable
Run Time (Up To)24 hour(s)20 hour(s)
Power SourceAC power adapter, batteryBattery
OptionsUSB charging (powerbank function)
Connectivity InterfacesBluetoothBluetooth
Internet Streaming ServicesAmazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify
Speaker TypeSpeakerSpeaker
Speaker Channel Qty22
Speaker Channel TypeStereoStereo
Driver Typepassive radiator, tweeter driver, woofer driverfull-range driver, passive radiator
Driver Qty22
Driver Diameter1 m, 4.5 m, 7.5 m2 m
Typeaudio line-in, digital audio input (optical)
Width7.5 in3.4 in
Depth7.5 in3.4 in
Height14.3 in8.9 in
Weight13.01 lbs32.62 lbs
FeaturesTake your party to the stratosphere with three times the loudness and over six times the bass of MEGABOOM 3. It’s our most bass-blasting, Earth-shattering speaker yet — with zero compromises on sound balance or quality.

Powerful precision woofers, huge passive radiators, and soft-dome tweeters deliver a high-fidelity listening experience — so you get vibrant, lifelike audio at any volume.

HYPERBOOM rocks a supermassive sound wherever you take it — all thanks to the built-in microphone that knows when it’s being moved. The adaptive EQ reads the room (or patio, or rooftop) and automatically balances the sound until it’s perfect for your space.

Connect it with any BOOM, MEGABOOM, or even another HYPERBOOM to reach noise-violation levels of fun. Just fire up the app to wirelessly connect and add one, two, or more speakers to kick-start a party of truly ultimate proportions. (Get ready to set off some car alarms.)

Did your soirée get a little sloshy? Hey, it happens! HYPERBOOM’s got your back with a splash-proof IPX4 rating. If you spill, splash, or get a little crazy, just wipe it off and you’re good to go. (Don’t worry, it won’t judge.)

The unique diamond shape and solid form of HYPERBOOM directs big, bassy sound wherever the party’s goin’ down. And with its sleek silhouette, speckled two-tone fabric, and stylin’ pull-out strap, it’ll rock any event, anywhere—from the living room dance-off to the rooftop rager.

HYPERBOOM bumps for 24-hours** thanks to its rechargeable battery. Charge it, grab it by the pull-out strap, and bring the massive, monolithic sound wherever you go. Whether you hit up the living room, patio, or rooftop, you get up to 24 hours of BOOM! Or you can plug it in and party for the rest of time.
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for up to 20 hours of battery life between Micro USB charges.

Featuring a ridiculous IP67 water and dustproof rating, it can be totally submerged in water for up to 30-minutes. Plus, it floats too. So if you drop it in the pool, it will pop to the surface in seconds–ready to rage.

Pair up to 8 Bluetooth enabled source devices – Connect up to two source devices at the same time. Mobile range of play is up to 45 m (150 ft).

With MEGABOOM 3 you can play, pause and skip tracks directly on the speaker. Just push for convenient control of any streaming music Or simply set up custom one-touch playlists for Spotify on Android, Apple Music and Deezer Premium. Match the moment with the vibes without reaching for your phone.

For Audio Playback: Smartphones, tablets and other devices that support Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart wireless audio profile.

Detail Review:


Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

The Hyperboom is a totally brand new speaker from Ultimate Ears from the ground up. These are one of those speakers from the market, those are retailing for a higher price range. These speakers are currently retailing for a higher price of four hundred dollars.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

The Megaboom 3 from Ultimate Ears is the updated version speaker of the Megaboom speakers. These speakers are retailing for around two hundred dollars, which is also a higher price range but it’s obvious to retail on this price range to get a good quality sound.

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom


Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

As far as physical features, they went with a square design instead of a round cylinder. But this thing looks good, you get a carrying strap to help carry this thing, it weighs in at 13 pounds or 5.9 kilograms, so there’s no question due to its size. The speaker is meant to entertain, it’s heavy but not too heavy from my experience and I don’t mind it for what this thing can do.

Directly below the handle behind, your water-resistant cover is a USB port, you can charge your device using the speaker as a power bank. Also, following them to include an optical port so you can connect this to your TV, or your Playstation, or Xbox, or so and last is a 3.5-millimeter input for your analog connections. Surprisingly, you didn’t provide any of those wires, the only wire with the box was the power cord or the wall power cord to charge the Hyperboom. The location of the handle and the port makes sense right there because they’re hidden from view when you put this speaker on the ground and in the corner.

It looks minimalist, it looks clean, it simply blends in with your home seamlessly. This speaker is also IP4 rated meaning it is able to be protected against water splashes. This speaker isn’t as rugged as the other smaller portable Bluetooth speakers that they have on the market but I did splash some water on it myself and it’s still working fine today, just make sure you close that water-resistant flap on the back. The top of the speaker is really self-explanatory but unique here, it has some quotes and features that are in there but the plus and minus signs for volume changing are touch-sensitive, not a physical press down but a simple caress will activate the actions.

When we get a closer look at the button there not one but two Bluetooth devices can be connected at the same time. You simply just press one or the other and it switches back and forth. The square here is your optical connection and the circle is for you to switch over to that 3.5-millimeter auxiliary port. Pressing the middle button there is where it says pause and play, you can actually skip a song but I try pressing three times unfortunate doesn’t go back on a song, you don’t get that feature on here.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

As far as physical features, instead of that thicker fabric mesh grill that we have, UE has had for a long time it’s now a thinner and slightly reflective material. Everyone’s opinions are a little bit different but I really like it. It’s so subtle but it more important to me that feels a little bit more modern. These speakers retain the IP67 certification meaning it’s passed the test for being dustproof and water-resistant for up to 30 minutes and up to 3 feet of water. The other mainstream competitors have the same certification as well but one thing that’s big you’ve got to make sure that these things float. With my testing thankfully these Bluetooth speakers are good to bring to the pool or to the lake. The Megaboom 3 is drop-proof from 3 feet or 1 meter.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3


Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

They are indeed using Bluetooth 5.0, the signal on this is insane, they’re climbing up to a hundred and fifty feet, or 46 meters, and inside my apartment where I’m able to walk the entire apartment and place the speaker literally against the furthest wall every single go through several walls here and the Hyperboom never lost its signal. I brought this outdoors and did the full straight line of sight test and I’m able to achieve over a hundred feet for sure. This is insane and it’s class-leading.

Another feature you’re able to pair the Hyperboom with a previously released Boom or Megaboom Bluetooth speaker and have them all play in sync for additional room-filling music. The only things I didn’t see on here were high-definition Codecs like ApdtX HD, LDAC that’s a little bit more associated with Sony but I didn’t see that. I don’t even see AptX low latency but I did test this for video on both YouTube and Netflix but they honestly played perfectly fine.

One thing I really dislike about UE, in general, is a lack of proper battery level indications that I can see from. You can take out your phone and check it there or you can walk up to the speaker and press both the plus and the minus and then the speaker will tell you the battery status as voice prompts. Not a deal-breaker but practically it would be nice something I’ve seen on JBL Harman Kardon and LG they all offer some sort of bright white LEDs to indicate that battery.

The only feature missing that I thought that would have been great as a speakerphone option, you can’t take phone calls with this thing. For the price, I wish there was Wi-Fi built in here. UE has the blast speakers and their capable of streaming audio through your home’s network but we don’t get that here.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

As far as the features and buttons, the front has your volume up and down pretty obvious where they’re huge, but pressing both of them at the same time graciously gives you your battery life. It is still stuck with micro USB for some reason. I wish to use the new connection USB-C to have all my devices future-proof. The one feature that is possibly somewhat out here which would put the charging light indicator located down there in the back recessed in and kind of under the flap as well. Why not have it on the power button up on the top, so it can glow when it’s charging or fully charged.

On the top, you got power and pairing, and right in the middle is this quote magic button. What does it do so you have your basics like pause, play, and skip your music? Oddly you can only go forward, you can’t go back on your songs the magic is really the ability to play your playlist with the convenience of not needing to pull out your phone.

Through the UE app, you have to do this beforehand you set it up through there and the next time around, you press and hold this down for three seconds, and then your playlist will start playing. Even if your speaker is off, holding it down for three seconds to start the playlist, your speaker will automatically turn on and that’s really it for the magic. Oddly, I noticed holding down any of these buttons, unfortunately, doesn’t pull up Google Assistant or Siri, that’s possibly where you need to look at their Megablast and Blast line but they only have Amazon Alexa built-in.

The other features that the UE app includes are the ability to pair 100 plus of these speakers and have them all play at the same time, very similar to JBL connect Plus. I did confirm for those who have older speakers likely Megaboom 1 and Megaboom 2 can group these speakers together. The UE Roll and the Wonderboom and such are not able to group with each other. There is also a built-in equalizer by which you can alter the audio performance to your liking and also on the app there’s a feature where you can make these speakers act as a wake-up alarm.


Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

As far as battery life UE claims up to 24 hours of use which is actually insane for how loud and basic this thing gets. As per my test, the battery life on these remained for around 26 hours and 17 minutes at 50% volume. The battery life is quite impressive in these Bluetooth speakers.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

Battery life for the Megaboom 3 is rated at up to 20 hours and with my test I achieved 14 hours and 4 minutes respectively. Their claimed numbers might seem small but in real-world testing at 50% volume, the UE speakers actually did the best.

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom


Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

The Hyperboom is freak in powerful, the first thing I want to point out is the audio direction. Unlike the previous UE speakers, the Hyperboom technically doesn’t offer 360-degree audio, the two front-facing sides right there if you were to face it towards you by its edge, shoot audio to your left, and to the right. This helps tremendously cast audio in a wider field than typical speakers, which are only front-facing or basically kind of like that JBL BoomBox.

With how loud and how big this thing is, it’s able to fill up small, medium, and easily larger sized rooms. The remaining sides don’t have audio or direct audio that is but that is where the bass is predominantly coming from. If you’re using this indoors, stick this near corner and the bass is gonna bounce off those walls and it’s gonna sound much richer and deeper. The UE Hyperboom really covers my big open room a bit better, the audio is more filling, the bass on these massive speakers are really freak in good.

From my testing, these have a warmer tone and it’s noticeable any lower mid-range, you hear it more so in singers voices, not muddy but just a bit warmer. With the Hyperboom, there’s still tons of bass here but the audio characteristic going it’s slightly higher and it sounds to cut through the air crisper and further reaching, it’s simply not as warm. The sub-base is typically categorized with an audio frequency between 60 Hertz to 20 Hertz UE claims their speaker can go as low as 45 Hertz, which should have you literally feel the bass. Again at near to maximum volume for these speakers you do start to feel that slight vibration in the chest which is really good but it is fast and it’s punchy on pop music, it’s deep and resonating on my hip hop, not to mention it’s distortion-free and no muddiness from my testing. I will admit though at maximum volume the Hyperboom the top-end starts to get a little bit jumbled and you lose some detail at the very top. As for the mid-range, the two tweeter outputs are very direct experience, it’s loud, and it’s clear.

The high frequencies are kept in check and for a loudspeaker, I appreciate that it’s not screeching ears and it’s not ear piercing and some of those bigger outdoor speakers can have at times but very much it’s within reason and it’s very comfortable to listen to. In general, the low end of the speaker and moving up through the mid-range and upper mid-range audio frequencies, those are gonna be the most dominant, the high frequencies this didn’t stand out as much as the others. But overall, this is loud and it’s excellent for indoor use. Outdoor wise there is an adaptive EQ, which measures the audio environment in real-time and adjusts the audio accordingly for you on your behalf.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

These speakers do get very loud, a matter of fact that the Boom 3 had the same loudness as the bigger Megaboom 3, the only difference though is the bigger Megaboom offered more base as to be expected, while the boom focused more on the mid and high frequencies. These speakers are able to fill medium to somewhat large sized rooms.

If you don’t have this speaker side by side with another competitor, the speaker has a good reasonable base but when you do have them side by side with a competitor, you’ll notice the speaker doesn’t give off deep resonating bass. As far as UE’s audio signature, it’s hitting the upper end of low frequencies. I would have preferred a little bit more bass to compete with the JBL Xtreme 2 and the Bose Revolve Plus which also offers 360-degree sound. But keep in mind the Megaboom 3 has over JBL is that even disbursement of audio, again 360 degrees and what UE has over Bose though is, this is much more rugged than what the Soundlink offers.

As you get into the mid-range these speakers feel to be made for the outdoors because there’s slightly less bass but a stronger emphasis on the mid-range. It cuts through the air, having music heard in big open fields see in the dark side, or the pool on the boat the audio is interpreted as being much more audible. The quality on the other hand at personal listening levels, it’s perfectly fun and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the speaker. But at near and at maximum volume these speakers do get jumbled and even a little raspy at the upper mid to high frequencies. The UE speakers are also missing a bit of dimension and depth in favor of that 360-degree audio and when you do places in the middle of the room anywhere and you walk, you’re getting this same amount of volume with no dead spots.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3


If you want a speaker that can be used in a loud open environment, which will sound loud enough and has clear sound quality with punchy bass, then you should buy the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom. If you want a speaker to use in a closed environment, to use inside your room or living room, and that has good sound quality for your home party, then you should buy the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3.

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