10 Creative Ways to Use Commercial Lighting to Boost Your Business

Are you looking for ways to make your business stand out? Lighting can be a powerful tool for creating an engaging and inviting atmosphere that will draw customers in.

Commercial lighting is not just about illuminating a space; it’s also about making sure that you make a good first impression. Most businesses use lighting in some capacity, but the key is to use it creatively and strategically. Here are ten creative ways you can use commercial lighting to boost your business:

Create an Outdoor Ambiance

Using outdoor lighting can create an inviting atmosphere outside your business. This is great for restaurants, bars, and other businesses that want to draw customers in after dark. String lights and lanterns can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that will entice customers to stay longer.

Place outdoor lighting fixtures around seating areas for additional lighting. You can incorporate decorative designs into your outdoor lighting, such as star or flower shapes. 

Make Your Display Window Interesting

A great way to attract customers to your business is to draw attention to your display window. Track lights and recessed lights are popular choices for this purpose as they offer flexibility in positioning and can be installed quickly. You can also use spotlights or feature lights to focus on specific items in the window, such as a mannequin or product display.

Adding colored lights and decorating your window with festive holiday lights are also great ways to grab people’s attention.

Create Pathways and Highlight Landscape

Install your lights in a way that draws attention to specific pathways or areas that customers should explore. Specialty lights can light up pathways and lead customers in the right direction. Motion-activated lighting is also a popular choice, as it allows you to conserve energy while guiding customers.

Pathway lighting can create arches or arrows that point toward your business, product displays, and seating areas. Your options are really limitless, but wall washers and downlights can be great for this purpose.

In addition to highlighting pathways, landscape lighting can be used to showcase the beauty of your outdoor space. Highlight trees, gardens, or water features with spotlights or well lights to create a stunning visual display that will impress your customers. Wall washers and downlights can also be used to accentuate the unique features of your landscape.

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Feature Your Products

If you have new products or want to promote promo items, you can use lights to highlight them using the right lighting, making them stand out from the rest of your inventory. You want to entice customers by positioning your lights strategically.

You can use track lights, spotlights, feature lights, or downlights to focus on specific products or displays. You may also want to consider adding colored lights for a more dramatic effect.

Highlight Your Logo

You want customers to remember your business, and what better way than having your logo illuminated with quality lighting? You can choose lighting fixtures that will reveal the details of your logo, making sure customers notice. LED lighting can be used to create a vivid, three-dimensional look that will really stand out.

Spotlights, wall washers, and recessed lights are all great fixtures to highlight your logo. When placing them, ensure they are positioned in the right place to create an effective impact.

Create a Welcoming Entrance

Your entrance is the first thing customers will see when they enter your business, so you want to make it inviting and memorable. You can use outdoor lighting fixtures like bollards or wall washers to light up your entrance and create a welcoming atmosphere.

You can also highlight the architectural features of your building or add art pieces that will draw attention. Depending on your business, you can even incorporate fun items like neon signs into your entrance lighting design.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

If done correctly, lighting can create an inviting atmosphere that will make customers want to stay longer and come back often. You can use pendants, chandeliers, or wall washers throughout your business, such as seating areas or product displays. You can also incorporate colorful and programmable lighting scenes to give your business a vibrant feel.

Adding dimmers or sensors is another excellent way to create an inviting atmosphere. This will allow you to customize the intensity of your lighting and even have lights turn on/off automatically when customers enter/leave the store.

Create Focal Points

Focal points are great for drawing attention to certain areas in your store. You can use commercial lighting fixtures like spotlights, feature lights, or downlights to highlight tables and displays, creating effective focal points that will draw customers in.

You can also combine different types of lights or add colored bulbs to create an exciting look. Install them at different heights and angles to create interesting patterns that will grab people’s attention.

Use Different Levels of Light

Different light levels can be used to create an interesting and inviting atmosphere. You can use task lighting for areas where customers work on tasks, like in a library or office setting. Ambient lighting can be used as general, all-around lighting that will provide enough illumination without being too bright or overwhelming.

This is especially important in retail stores, as customers need to see what they’re looking at without having the lighting overpower their experience. Consider using dimmers and layering lighting with different fixtures for a more dynamic effect.

Add Drama

Using colorful, bold, and creative displays of lights can add a sense of drama to your business. This can be used to create an impactful first impression or make certain areas in the store stand out. Use wall washers, chandeliers, pendants, or sconces to add a touch of style and sophistication.

Creating a dramatic lighting display using decorative lighting fixtures or colored light bulbs is also great for window displays or special events that you may hold at your business.


Using creative lighting fixtures for commercial lighting to boost your business can draw more customers and increase sales. Whether creating an inviting entrance, highlighting focal points, or adding drama to certain areas of the store, commercial lighting can be used in various ways to make your business stand out. With these lighting ideas, you can create an eye-catching and inviting atmosphere that will help your business shine.