10 Gadgets Actually Worth Buying In 2019


Noke this is a simple and comfortable hanging lock. It’s controlled with a smartphone through a bluetooth 4.0 connection. One of the functions of the lock is automatic search nope automatically finds and connects to your smartphone and automatically unlocks when you’re a few steps away from the lock. In case the battery of your smartphone runs out of power or if you phones nuts around the note padlock can be unlocked with a preset code a unique combination of short and long clicks on the shackle the price of this gadget is $80.

Iron Man Glove

This glove is a copy of the Ironman glove. Two lasers are installed inside a blue laser is hidden under the palm of the hand and as a power of 700 milli watts enough to burst a balloon also make an engraving on a piece of wood The other laser weaker and red has a power of only 300 milli watts but it can still easily pop a balloon the price of this invention is $70

Mini Safe Wallet

There’s reliable wallet is locked with a three-digit code. It also includes RFID protection against wireless skimming and protection against demagnetization. The code wallet is the size of a durable aluminium slim box the lock and code are made out of metal zinc alloy for a heavy duty and maximum reliability inside this reliable safe you’ll find seven compartments to fit up to 12 cards 50 bills or some small objects such as keys or medicines the price that this miniature safe is $80.


Airbar was recently introduced to the public this accessory allows you to turn the screen of any notebook into a touchscreen. The device is placed at the bottom of the screen and connected to the computer by USB air bar generates an invisible light field that allows it to recognize the user’s instructions and send them to the computer in the form of commands that way you can turn pages zoom in or delete an image and work as if using a tablet. Airbar can be purchased for a price of $99


These magical elastics few laces need no knots or bows. It adapt to any shoe size stretching to the width of the foot and locking by itself. The magic laces have a lot of style come in different colors are in a fun way to show your creativity.

Mogees Play

This invention is basically a special device that works with three different smartphone applications. The device resembles a small cylinder that ideas to any surface and uses a special microphone that picks up various vibrations. The software allows you to regulate the intensity speed zimba and duration of the vibration which will then be used in three different games. The price of this device is fifty three dollars.

Switch Mate

The device is basically a smart switch. Switch mates developers propose to install it instead of normal switches for which you don’t need cables or screws it all works with magnets. After installing the switches you’ll be able to control the light system of your house without problems you’ll only need your phone and the corresponding application. The battery of this device is enough to run from eight to twelve months after which you have to recharge it and the switch has sold at a price of $40.


It is a fresh is a high tech air freshner. This device can eliminate any uncomfortable odor without using chemicals. The platinum dioxide technology removes odor molecules neutralizing them. This way this air freshener doesn’t need any kind of service just a few minutes to install it in the right place and that’s it the result will be immediate in a couple of minutes. The gadget is sold for $62.