12 Surprising and Beautiful Wedding of Celebrities

You might heard many surprising facts or gossips about celebrities relationship. Here’s the list of the most surprising and beautiful weddings of recent years. Check out the surprising facts of their marriage.

Justin Bieber & Haley Baldwin


The two signed a marriage license in a courthouse in New York, but didn’t get a prenup. Fans on social media are freaking out, calling it ‘not a very smart move’ but as Haley tweeted “haters gonna hate #Love Wins.” The newly married couple, however, they are not completely married until they read their vows at their wedding ceremony which by the way, they are planning to hold later on.

Gregor Clegane & Kelsey Henson

gregor clegane and kelsey henson

Just look at the above picture, it’s unbelievable, how petite his wife Kelsey looks next to him. The two met in a bar in Canada where Kelsey work as a waitress, just last year. She is a big fan of GTO and rushed to Bjornsen (Gregor Clegane) to take a picture and the rest is history. The six foot nine actor and his five foot two wife, now live in the actors native Iceland where they had a wedding by the way. Just like their fans on Instagram, you guys are also probably wondering, how Kelsey can reach up to her man to kiss him and her answer was simple and cute, “He bends, I tip toe or just say screw it, pick me up.”

Sasha Pieterse & Hudson Schaeffer

sasha pieterse and hudson scheaffer

Sasha Pieterse Aka Alison (in pretty little liars) who is 22 married hudson Schaeffer in Ireland. Even though the royal wedding was the major event of the month, Sasha didn’t lose her Princess moment. Sasha wore a dream wedding gown by Christian Siriano and it looks like there are a pair of angel wings wrapped around her. The couple had a fairytale ceremony at an Irish castle and I must admit that not only was the location fabulous but Sasha’s fiance is also a dreamy prince.

Do you remember the one episode on Dancing with the Stars where Sasha got really emotional talking about her weight gain that caused her to lose job offers? Sasha was very grateful to have Hudson’s constant support and his proposal was one thing that really got her through a dark time.

Taylor Goldsmith & Mandy Moore


Mandy Moore and Dawes lead singer Taylor Goldsmith had a super beautiful boho style wedding in the backyard of their house at sunset and you won’t believe, how the two actually got together. Mandy shared a photo of Dawes album and got a thank you message from Taylor. The couple got engaged two years later in 2017 and one more unbelievable twist, the couple conquered a stunning athletic accomplishment together. Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, seems like Mandy finally found the right person to be with.

In one of her interviews, she referred to her ex-husband Ryan Adams saying she didn’t choose the right person and Ryan didn’t miss a chance to punch Mandy back with his tweet. ‘Doomed from the start’ suggesting he didn’t remember marrying her, since he was on drugs at the time.

Janel Parrish & Chris long


Another Pretty Little Liars star who will also appear in the perfectionist as Mona, Janel Parrish had a wedding ceremony under the warm sun raised in Hawaii. Janel and Chris esteem their vows in the presence of close friends and family at an open-air purple aesthetic ceremony. She welcomed Brendan Robinson aka Lucas and executive producer, I Marlene King among the guests. Wonder, why she did not invite any of the PLL Girls gang?

Matthew Lewis & Angela Jones

Matthews lewis and angela jones

Angela and Matthew found each other with the help of magic. I mean, literally as they met at Universal Studios in Orlando, home to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter while Angela was working there. Turns out, Matthew is definitely romantic boyfriend material, he proposed to Angela during their trip to Paris in 2016. Instead of riding away in a car after the reception, the two waved farewell to their friends, sailing towards their brights newly married future in a boat.

Drew scott & Linda Phan

drew scott & linda pehan

Drew and Linda Phan met way back in 2010 at Toronto Fashion Week and at a cute first date with sushi, coco, and karaoke. They soon started working together and Linda even moved in with Drew and his brother Jonathan. It is a bit crazy to spend time together at home and work 24/7 but surprisingly the relationship worked out.

The nomination for most adorable proposal of 2018 definitely goes to Drew. Six years later after they met, drew pop the question at a restaurant in Toronto, he had a custom cake with the phrase, a change phrase of Linda’s favorite author Dr. Seuss. Drew would also win an award for the most colorful bachelor party of the year. Just imagine, this Power Rangers running around Italy epic. Anyway, drew and Linda definitely have something to teach us about balancing work and Marriage.

Richard Gere & Alejandra Silva

richard gere alejandra silva

The 69 year old ‘Pretty Woman’ star Richard Gere tie the knot with a Spanish activist who is 35 Alejandra Silva and they are now waiting for a baby. This is his third wife and I’ll remind you, he was previously married to model Cindy Crawford and Carey Lowell. He is twice on the Alejandra’s age. They started dating four years ago. Richard said “I’m the happiest man in the universe.” Alejandra and Richard are both Buddhist, so they even welcomed several Tibetan monks of their ceremony at Gear’s estate.

Chanel Iman & Sterling Shepard

chanel iman and sterling shepard

Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Chanel Iman had one of the most elegant indoor receptions, an iconic hotel in Beverly Hills. Chanel marry the New York Giants football player, Sterling Shepard whom she met two years ago, just a day after Chanel’s 27th birthday. Sterling proposed in a romantic waterfront setting. Iman wore not one but two stunning wedding gowns designed by one of the greatest fashion gurus, Zuhair Murad. The couple had their first baby just a couple of months ago. Chanel posted a sweet picture with her baby girl, Cali clay and her husband, captioning it “Everything I do is for you to, my world” a moment of bliss captured.

Kaley Cuoco & Karl Cook

kaley cuoco and karl cook

The 33 year old star of a Big Bang Theory married Carl cook, the son of software billionaire Scott cook at an intimate wedding in a horse stable in San Diego. When you wonder, if they arrived at ceremony on horseback. Kaylee’s fans will probably remember the sweet and emotional video that her fiance shared on his Instagram page where Couco burst into tears of joy as he proposed. We hope she will finally be happy after so many failed romances.

We’re sure, you remember her romance with co-star Johnny Galecki, a canceled engagement and two divorces. For her ceremony, Kaley wore an amazing gown with a cape at an elegant messy bun later she change into a lace jumpsuit and threw up her iconic penny style high ponytail for the reception.

Tina Kunakey & Vincent Cassel

vincent cassel and kunakey

I guess I missed the part about Vincent Cassell and Monica Bellucci’s divorce. After 14 years of marriage and two kids, one of the most stunning couples broke up in 2013. They say, it was a mutual agreement and Vincent has a very practical and to some extent tough view regarding men and women after his divorce saying, “The biological clock puts the game on another level for them. But men are – what’s the word? – sterile, in many ways. We don’t give birth. It feels like we need to keep on. And biologically we are able.”

Cassel who was now 51 just married 21 year old Italian model Tina Kunakey. The couple has been together for two and a half years. Can you believe that Tina had no idea who Cassell was when they first met. The two met in Ibiza while on holiday and Kunakey didn’t know that she was attracted to a famous actor. Some fancy, the romance as a midlife crisis on Vincent’s part, so it’s understandable why he doesn’t want to discuss his relationship with the press.

Anyway, the couple had a modest ceremony with their closest friends at the mayor’s office in Bidar in southwest of France. The day after the celebration Cassell right beside the pool in a towel, saying a serenade in Portuguese under Tina’s balcony. As he said, “I’m very much in love and I’m sure we will have children.”

Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra

nick jonas and priyanka chopra

Nick Jonas and magnificent Indian actress Priyanka Chopra exchanged vows during a Christian wedding ceremony officiated by Nick’s father Kevin Jonas senior. Priyanka who is 10 years older than Nick is a very popular model in Bollywood actress. In 2016 TIME named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world. She is the epitome of a powerful woman, not only in India but also in the U.S., you may have seen her playing a former FBI agent in ABC’s drama series, Quantico.

Anyway, just one day after the first ceremony, the couple continued their wedding festivities in India on Sunday evening with a traditional Hindu ceremony. Friends and family gathered under way at the glitzy who made Bhawan Palace making the wedding one of the biggest and most colorful held there. The couple honored many Indian wedding traditions having a mehndi ritual where the bride applies henna on her hands as a sign of matrimony and exchange Garland’s of flowers and vows around the holy fire. In the evening, they had a huge concert as Priyanka caption on Instagram “It all began as a fierce song and dance competition between families” but ended as always as a huge celebration of love.