19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

21 DIY Christmas Ideas to Do With Children at Home

We are just a few days before Christmas arrives and the holidays begin in which we can enjoy this beautiful time as a family. One way to spend the mornings or afternoons at home while we wait for the big day to arrive is to do crafts with the children. So to continue the Christmas spirit and at the same time have a fun time as a family, we share 19 ideas of Christmas crafts that you can do with children.

Montessori Christmas Tree

We can make Christmas trees ourselves using materials such as polystyrene, cardboard, and colored felt, and with the help of other elements such as velcro, zippers, and buttons.

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

Once we have it done, it is time to make the decorations. These should be large, easily manipulated by young children, and with different sounds, textures, and colors that help them foster their imagination and develop the sensory area through learning and experimentation.

Throughout the process of making this Christmas tree, our little ones will have witnessed the time we have dedicated, the beauty of the details, and that it has been made so that they can play and learn. Once the whole process is finished, we will only have to sew several buttons along the tree and offer it to our children to decorate, play, experiment, and learn.

Play and learn with Christmas decorations

It is an activity aimed at children between three and six years old that allows them to work on concentration, mathematics, and fine motor skills, among other aspects.

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

Another activity that Susana proposes would be to make homemade garlands using the ornaments that we have but following order and a sequence of placement. In this way, the little ones will work on concentration and mathematical logical development.

Puzzle en relieve

This is a beautiful activity with Christmas hues that goes beyond the elaboration of a wooden puzzle with the silhouette of a deer, reindeer, or elk.

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

Why does this animal represent Christmas? Where do these animals live? What curious facts can we offer children about them? Following the Montessori philosophy, any opportunity is unique to talk with the little ones about everything that surrounds us in the world.

This deer puzzle is made of wood and divided into four large parts. Perfect for the little hands of the little ones, easy to handle, and ideal for talking with our children about a beautiful animal that they will probably see on more than one occasion as part of the Christmas decoration that surrounds us.

Homemade Christmas Postcards

For the elaboration of these postcards, Marta advises us to prepare white finger paint, red cards, and photographs of our children.

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

First, we will fold the cards as a postcard. Next, our little ones will dip their little hand in white paint and stamp it on the cover of the postcard, decorated each finger as they wish

Inside, they will paste your photograph and next to it we will write to our recipient the message we want.

Colored tree

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

Let’s start with this fun and colorful Christmas tree. To do this you will only need colored cardboard, paint, and something round to make the stamps. 

Crown of hands

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

The Christmas wreath is a staple of this season. We suggest you make this crown with handy cuts that you can place on the door of your house or children’s room.

Little tree of hands

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

If you decide to make the wreath with the traced hands of the children, you can take the opportunity to cut more and also make this Christmas tree with little hands. 

Christmas card with little tree

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

And since we are talking about taking advantage of the cutouts of the silhouettes of the hands, how about these Christmas cards? Children can glue some decorations to make their trees look decorated. 

Reindeer with recycled packaging

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

Give that yogurt packaging a second use with this cute Christmas reindeer craft. 

Snowmen garland

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

If you are looking for something to decorate the walls with a Christmas theme but want something different, you may like this garland of snowmen, made with paper plates. The best thing is that you can have fun creating different expressions for each doll.

Cardboard trees

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

Another craft that you can make using paper plates is this composition of Christmas trees on a snowy landscape.

Paper crown

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

How about this paper Christmas wreath? The idea came from a teacher who made it in class with her students to decorate the classroom, but without a doubt, it will also be very beautiful at home. 

Worsted reindeer

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

I loved this yarn reindeer because, in addition to looking very cute, it is simple and very fun to do in the company of children.

Saplings with paper plates

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

Another craft that we can make with paper plates is these Christmas trees, adorned with colored balls and that children will undoubtedly love. 

Colored spheres

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

How about we make safe spheres for kids? They can make these beautiful and colorful spheres with cardboard plates and colored paper. 

Stars with buttons

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

The buttons are also a great item for crafts and we have loved how they have decorated these stars to put on the Christmas tree. 

Tree card

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

A nice craft to give to grandparents or uncles is one that includes a special touch from children, such as fingerprints. They can make these original and creative cards to accompany gifts for the family. 

Cute accordion reindeer

19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

These cute accordion reindeer are sure to delight your children, as well as having tons of fun making them. 


19 Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

Finally, we share with you this fun craft, ideal for taking fun Christmas photos.