5 Apps Every Pet Parent Must Download

Pets bring a lot of happiness and comfort into our lives. They are a source of affection and selfless love. Their innocent faces, warm cuddles, and tiny pats make us forget all our worries and we thank god for blessing us with such a cute creation. No matter how stressful our day has been, just looking at our furry child, makes us believe that everything is fantastic and the world instantly becomes a better place. 

However, nothing is perfect. There are a handful of things that every pet parent struggles with, like finding them when they are lost, knowing the right time of feeding them, remembering their vet appointments and vaccination dates, etc. 

These tasks can be very frustrating and time-consuming especially when you are working all week. Keeping all of this in mind, we have enlisted some very useful apps for all the pet parents out there. These apps will help you live a pleasant life with your cute little furry children. So grab a mug of hot chocolate and keep reading. 

  • Pet First Aid

The hardest time for a pet parent is when their favorite pet experiences an emergency, like swallowing something dangerous or being severely sick. In such trying times, the incredible app Pet First Aid comes to the rescue. 

This cost-effective application provides all the guidance that you’ll need for diligently dealing with pet emergencies and other problems. This app will also equip you with the right details on how to perform CPR, how to check their heartbeat, pulse rate, etc. In addition to this, it also serves as an efficient search engine to find the closest veterinary facility in times of emergency. 

  • Whistle

Your primary responsibility is to take proper care of your lovely pet. And the state-of-the-art Whistle app was created just for this purpose. Using this app, you can easily track your pet’s location, check on their well-being, and do a lot more with this efficient, all-in-one application. 

Moreover, to protect your little pet from getting lost, you will also require a Whistle smart device, like the famous Whistle Smart Collar, which is powered by the internet. Before using it, just make sure you have a reliable internet connection like the one offered by Spectrum, which just by the way not only gives you unlimited data but also provides you with incredible internet speeds. 

Simply contact Spectrum Español (for Spanish speakers only) and sign up for the internet deal that satisfies your daily internet requirements. Doing so will help you use this device smoothly without any interruptions. 

  • MyPet Reminder

If you have more than three pets, monitoring each one’s activities and keeping track of their veterinary appointments must be a very tough job. However not anymore, as the MyPet reminder app is now present to take care of all of these important things. 

The app helps you design a nice profile for each of your pets and assists you in setting reminders for all of the significant dates as well as events. The cherry on top, the app can be downloaded on both Android and IOS devices. 

  • Pet Diabetes Tracker

Pets can also be diagnosed with diabetes. However, even a diabetic cat or dog can lead a healthy, happy, active life provided their well-being and health are carefully monitored. The Pet Diabetes Tracker application is essential in case your pet has diabetes. 

The app equips pet owners with the right tools to log important medical data including blood sugar levels, blood pressure, etc. You can also examine your pet’s diabetic symptoms using this app. In addition to this, the app notifies the users whenever the insulin level is above or below the required level and also schedules appointments with renowned veterinarians. 

  • BarkHappy

BarkHappy is an amazing dog-walking app. It automatically connects you to other pet owners in your region and notifies you about all the important dog-friendly places and spots for your next exciting outing. 

The app also features a section created specifically to help reunite owners with their lost dogs. How amazing is that? So now whenever you plan to visit a completely new place, you’ll know exactly who to ask for assistance. Nothing will be new or alien to you. The app will figure out the itinerary for you and you’ll be able to enjoy a nice time with your furry friend. The app can easily be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. 

Final Words

The most important duty of a pet parent is to take care of their animals. The five incredible apps that we have mentioned in this article will remove all your stress and make the entire process of bringing up your pet quite simple. Download these apps and thank us later.