5 Features to Look While Choosing the B2b or B2c Ecommerce Business Model

Nowadays, choosing the ideal business has got a lot easier than how it was past decade. The internet being the biggest source of information as everything related to the business has recorded in the written content, videos, blogs Etc. It helps the start-ups to gain awareness and add uniqueness and meaning into their services or products. The b2c ns b2b business has its own differences in the terms of buying process, marketing, sales growth, customer relationship, and budget. 

The Purchasing formula of b2c vs b2b

The Purchasing procedure of b2b business is detailed contrast to b2c. The b2b has more than 5 stages before the checkout while b2c has it in one go. The b2c marketing plays the key-role in the business whereas the b2b contains many processes from brand awareness, interest of buyers, convincing stage, confirmation and purchase. However, the b2c method is short from attraction through ads, interest development and then buys the product. But b2b vs b2c ecommerce is the updated version of business because both sellers and buyers are aware of their benefits. They only make the deal that promises good return on investment or fulfilling their necessities. 

Ecommerce marketing

The process of b2c marketing promotes the services or a product to the people while b2b business endorses the services to the other firm. Their marketing involves depth research with decision makers For instance, direct meetings and studying buyer behavior by experts then, convincing the other business dealers by providing free trials or subscription, if the services pass through the process then deal closes. However, for the business to consumer model, it is mostly done by content marketing or advertisements that are based on the emotional benefits of people. 

Sales growth 

The sales graph of b2b business grows by the time a deal is finalized while, the b2c sales chart display the development quickly since the buying cycle is short. It starts with promotional ads, attracts the target audience and quickly makes the deal but in the term of b2b it needs discussion with various departments of companies before purchasing the product or services. 

Relation with the customers

In the ecommerce, the relationship of company and purchasers has it for individual needs such as the companies advertise the product depending on the audience opinion and in result the customers put the product in the cart. The b2b firms and their clients have bonds that shares personal engagement. The connection is far than the payment stage, the companies have to keep delivering, updating the service and subscriptions to satisfy the loyal buyers.

The budget

The finance stage is unique for b2b vs b2c in the ecommerce. The b2b needs good amount of funds to provide the services, and their transactions are also in the big numbers. For the business to consumers, it can be in slight figures since the buying cycle is short. For example, the inventory of b2c gets filled quickly after the purchase hence it is fair to say the b2c is a quick shop plan. The b2b covers the time and money extensively. 


To decide which business model suits you the best, you should tend to focus on the nature and budget.