5 Places on Earth That Appeared Out of Nowhere

Places can’t just suddenly appear. But, there are some places which suddenly appeared on earth. This is the list of some of those places.

Hunga Tonga

Hunga Tonga has the greatest name in the history of every. The first is that it appeared out of nowhere. Simply, put an underwater volcano erupted throwing a colossal clump of land up into the air forming a new island. An underwater volcano gave birth to the island in the South Pacific. The thing is everyone expected that it would eventually recede back into the ocean. Everybody assumed it was only a temporary landmark, the geological equivalent of a pop-up shop but it’s not. Hunga Tonga has yet to sink, in fact, it looks like this little island that could may be around for a few years.

The island was given a life span of a few months way back in 2014 but it seems like it’s gonna be around for a while. Sadly though longevity does not equal aesthetic loveliness. Hunga Tonga isn’t exactly much to look at just yet, you could almost describe its visual style as a big lump of land but it’s still an impressive little place. It reaches up to a point of 120 meters above the surface of the ocean technically it’s part of the nation of Tonga which is itself pretty remote. So, they could probably do with the extra land, it also makes it far from easy to reach. Scientist say that the surrounding seawater could have somehow combined with the volcanic ash which is what most of the island is made of.

The cave in Hunga Tonga appeared out of nowhere. The crazy thing is how much it looks like a perfect cave, it doesn’t look like a bomb blew or a hole in the wall. The mysterious cave has been there ever since but the tour guides say they are far too scared to go inside.

Shelly Island

Shelly Island came out of the Bermuda Triangle. The island didn’t exactly burst out of the triangle but it did form in the triangle. Sadly though experts are telling everyone to stay away from the island so, you can’t exactly move there just yet. The island has been nicknamed Shelly island by locals because of the large number of shells on it. The island is off cape point in North Carolina and is becoming something of an attraction. Janice Regan visited Cape Hatteras Point with her grandson Caleb for Memorial Day, the distance between the two is just 50 yards but the riptides are said to be incredibly strong and there are sharks.

Bill Smith president of the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association said “we’re worried about shark bites but were more worried about drownings” but some have made it across including Travis Phillips who said that “he loves the island quote that’s where all the shells are end”. On September 18th 2017, Shelley Island was connected to land at low tide with water continuing to separate the island from the mainland at high tide. Over the next few weeks, the channel between the island and the mainland began to deepen again. In late September 2017 after the passage of Hurricane Maria, North Carolina estimated that the island had been reduced by 70% with the portion closest to the mainland reattaching and a small oval of land remaining unattached offshore.

Photographs from Landsat 8 taken on February 16 2018, revealed that the island had come lately disappeared and then what remained of the island had merged with Cape Point North Carolina. Ken Barlow, a businessman and resident of Mechanicsville, Virginia alleges that he is the rightful owner of the new island by way of a quick claim deed that he executed in the Dare County Register of Deeds office on August 7th 2017. Barlow recently reasserted his claim despite the apparent disappearance of the island.

Mysterious Island

A new island has appeared off the French coast for some claim the first time in 500 years. It does not appear on any map or chart, it has no name. At high tide it’s about the size of two and a half football pitches, at low tide it is at least ten times larger. Last summer, the island had six or seven different kinds of vegetation and had been colonized by several types of crustaceans and beetles. A terrible storm in February cut this island in half and swept away the incipient greenery.

It is known locally as mysterious island, some skeptics suggest that it’s not a mystery at all. Local environmentalists and politicians insist that it is a fully accredited island. It is existed for at least 18 months and does not vanish at high tide. The Gironde estuary is the largest river estuary in Europe and the last to remain almost completely in a natural state. The noble sturgeon, the mother of caviar once migrated into almost every river estuary in Western Europe and now inhabits only one, the Gironde.

From next year, this part of the French Southwest Coast will be part of a Marine Conservation Park. Geologists and naturalist say that the ebb and flow of currents and coastal erosion mean that the island is likely to expand rather than disappear. All life on earth began in the sea the island should be protected, the ecologist say as a natural laboratory of how and how quickly living organisms colonize a new scrap of land. First of all, they say the island needs to be protected from a ferociously invasive organism, mankind. Mysterious island is all ready much visited by day-trippers, a sea taxi service offers trips.

The Door To Nowhere

Sonning is a relatively small town in the UK but recently it became home to something very strange and rather peculiar, a mysterious doorway manifested from nothing at the base of Sonning bridge. A bridge that is only accessible by boat, nobody knows where this door came from or why but it was swiftly dubbed, the door to nowhere.

Some people have suggested that it could be a piece of artwork by an artist known as Impro. Others have far more fantastical theories, others feel there may be something magical about the door. At the very least locals have been having fun by driving boats up to it to knock and see what they can find out about it.

Gafsa Lake

The lake appeared in the middle of a desert, it formed to be around 20 feet deep and covers around one hectare. The waters are crystal clear and safe to swim in with locals making frequent trips to the site in order to enjoy the benefits of having such an important water source so close by.

The lake was first discovered in 2014 when a group of shepherds was passing through the usually barren area and were blown away by what they saw. They knew the area well and were sure that nothing of the sort had ever been there before then, reporting the lake once they got home.The area has issues with droughts so, the lake really is a lifesaver and locals are convinced that the lake was some sort of sign or maybe even the result of a spell cast on the area. There’s a bit of an issue with the lake, the waters are very slowly transitioning from pristine and beautiful to far more discolored and murkier.

In recent times, a ban has been put in place with regard to swimming in the lake these days with public health concerns cited as the reason for the closure but the rules aren’t strictly enforced so people do it anyway. Scientists mostly maintain that it’s likely the lake is dangerous in some way and have agreed with the ban. They say that the lake was probably formed when an underwater river was diverted after a minor earthquake and that the area has high deposits of phosphates which can release carcinogenic and radioactive waste which is actually a pretty good reason to stay well away from it.