7 of the Most Popular Earring Styles for Women

Earrings are the perfect addition to every outfit, whether you’re off to work, going out to a casual dinner or heading to a high-key event, a pair of earrings will add that extra little something to pull your entire look together. It’s such a varied category, it can get pretty overwhelming when you start to research for your perfect pair of earrings. To break it down a little, here are the seven most popular earring styles for women and how to wear them flawlessly…

Simplistic Studs

The simple stud will literally never go out of style. No matter how you like to dress or where you spend your days, you need a pair of elegant basic studs – everybody does. Find an organic ball shape, a shining gemstone or opt for a tiny diamond, whatever suits your personal style best! You can find a range of elegant shapes and formations to appeal to your heart’s desire. Remember, if you’re feeling lost, there’s no way to go wrong with a high karat pair of simple gold ball studs. These are going to add a touch of ladylike elegance to every single piece in your closet!


Hoops are a total classic and depending on the size you opt for they can work for so many different occasions! Small, metal hoops are a great way of adding to your office get up, whilst larger statement pieces in metal or resin look fantastic at a party or to a special dinner. You can go as simple or costume as you like when it comes to hoops, so choose according to your style and your wardrobe! These are particularly great if you wear a lot of solid colours and simple shapes, as they’re light, minimal and feminine.

Charm Hoops

These are hoop shapes that have been adorned with a small charm or trinket, very stylish right now! Charm hoops look particularly fabulous on smaller metal hoops, as they’ll add a hint of shine to your day to day outfits without overpowering your look. You can opt for any shape you like, coins, hearts, stars, anything that takes your fancy!


A thread is a chain that threads into your ear and hangs down the front and the back. These come either very simple and elegant or with small charm details at the front. This is a great way to add some sophistication to your outfit in a unique and unexpected way. The thread is one of the most stylish contemporary earring shapes.


A sleeper is a teeny tiny hoop that actually doesn’t stray from your earlobe. These are amazing if you’re attending a school or if you’re in a very formal office or corporate setting. A sleeper can be a simple metal band, or you can find styles that are decorated with delicate little gems or diamonds. A great, classic style that’s appropriate for the most formal attire!

Delicate Diamonds

Diamonds have been worn, loved and sung about for a reason! They are shimmering, shining graceful little pieces that bring total elegance and luxury to an outfit. These look best with classic formal dressing or at a special occasion. You can find diamonds in a range of soft tones to put a modern twist on this classic piece.

Statement Shapes

Statement earrings have been incredibly on-trend for many years, and they aren’t going to go away any time soon! The statement earring comes in all shapes, styles, colours and materials. This is usually fashion or costume jewellery, and its low price point means that it’s a great way to really get playful and flaunt your personality!

These are just a few favourite earring styles to explore. Earrings for women come in all shapes and sizes, shop around to find your perfect fit and enhance your everyday style!