9 Most Powerful and Protected Prisons in the World

This is a list of prisons which is most protected and dangerous for the inmates. Some of the most dangerous criminals in the world to prisons where solitary confinement is enforced 23 hours a day.

Louisiana State Penitentiary

This state prison also gets the nickname of Alcatraz of the south due to its rough past and harsh conditions. It also called as “Angola the farm” due to its history. It formerly operated as a plantation and once that was illegal it became home to prison labor. It’s found on the southeast border with Mississippi and first started housing inmates in 1835. Sometimes, outsiders are allowed to come in and watch events such as rodeos and even football matches played there which has helped to boost morale. It almost seems as though the rodeos are even more dangerous because these people have less to lose.

This place also has a history of using the electric chair as many older prisons in America view as well. For the prisoners here who spent the longest period of solitary confinement in American history. Gruesome Gertie has a special reputation and known for putting down a total of 87 men and some falsely accused and botched.

ADX Florence Supermax facility

It is also known as the “Alcatraz of the Rockies” this is a seven-acre federal supermax prison is located in Colorado and houses some of the most dangerous prisoners that are deemed too high-profile for maximum security facilities. Some notable prisoners include Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, and Timothy McVeigh these high-profile criminals are really in here for their own security and be likely killed by other inmates in different prisons.

Other criminals here include leaders of the cartel double agents guilty of passing information in China and the Soviet Union and foreign terrorists. Many prisoners have complained about any main treatment by the guards and abuse of those who are mentally ill eventually, a lawsuit was filed in June of 2012 by several inmates which changed the conditions.

The Sante Prison

Although prisons in Europe normally aren’t too bad this prison located in Paris, France has been described as a brutal place where many prisoners have taken their own lives. Once you’re locked up here you’re only gonna be able to get four hours a day outside of your own cell.

This place here has held some of France’s most notable inmates such as Carlos the Jackal who’s been described as one of the most notorious political terrorists of his time. This prison is set to open this year and undergoing some renovations for its inhumane conditions.

The Red Onion State Prison

The red onion prison located in the state of Virginia. It’s all snow for housing the worst of the worst and a certainly located in Wise County.¬† Inmates report severe boredom and oppression as well as loneliness where they can really think about what they’ve done for years. Most inmates are individually locked up as opposed to having a cellmate, each time they leave their cell the inmates here are strip-searched and then placed in handcuffs and shackles.

People in the booth are closely watching everything that happens and are heavily armed and also mention that they can only leave their cell for one hour each day. In 2012, a hunger strike broke out with prisoners refusing to eat until abusive prison conditions ended, whatever mental stability they once had seems to slowly melt away here.

Sing Sing

Despite it being a waterfront property on the Hudson River, Sing Sing is not a place you’re gonna want to go. It was first opened in 1825 and remains to this day an intimidating prison in full use, a featured forced labor at a marble quarry and even the first woman’s only prison. Don’t be expecting a nice view from your cell though found in the state of New York the prison has gained some notoriety early on and continues to get a bad reputation.

Sing Sing, as a Supermax facility, offering close surveillance and various educational programs, the electric chair here is known as ‘old Sparky’ and hosted 614 electrocutions including high-profile criminals such as Julius and Ethel Rosenberg accused of espionage. There is also Gerhart Arthur puffs charged with homicide of an FBI agent, it was also once the active residence of the infamous New York mobster Lucky Luciano.

San Quentin Prison

This prison established in 1852 is California’s oldest prison although it’s not currently being used this is one of a few prisons in the U.S. that actually has a gas chamber. All executions in California by law must have a career at Stan Quinton. Vance appears to be an ongoing problem here and doesn’t seem like he’ll be ending it anytime soon.

Some of the nation’s most gruesome and diabolical serial killers spend the rest of their days riding captivity here. This includes murderers like Chester Turner responsible for 15 women in the Los Angeles area. San Quentin also houses a large number of getting inmates as does most prisons in California who don’t get along while being confined.

Guantanamo Bay Cuba 

This United States military detention camp is located on seized land from Cuba during the Spanish-American war. It’s also used as a naval base and has been under investigation for human rights violations. Above photo shows camp delta which contained spotlights, a bunch of barbed wire and guard towers as a separate facility at the Naval Base is used to store high-security detainees that were once held by the CIA. The location of that room is classified from 2003 to 2006, the CIA utilized a part of Guantanamo which housed prisoners who they would try to recruit spies against al-Qaeda. It would definitely not be an easy prison to escape from and not a fun place to get stationed at unless you like waterboarding.

Castel Sant’ Angelo

It was at one point the tallest building in Rome and was used as a mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian. This leader of Rome constructed many great structures in the Roman Empire and then passed away at his villa and by II, his ashes were placed here but much looting of the mausoleum took place from the barbarians from the north sack Rome. Eventually, in 410 AD, it was transformed into a military fortress and eventually a castle for the Pope’s.

During the Renaissance period, it was utilized as a prison holding notable people such as Giordano Bruno who was executed for philosophy and theories about cosmology.

Qincheng Prison


It is considered to be the most secure prison in China if you speak out against the People’s Republic you might end up over here. Protesters at Tiananmen square in 1983 Shirley ended up at this Chinese supermax prison as well as high-ranking officials that were accused of corruption. It was originally constructed for war criminals and Russia had even helped out with some advice on how to build it.

Prisoners here might be asked to do some hard labor which seemed as a proper alternative to execution but still happened as well. In fact, China has capital punishment and they use it more often than any other country. However, in order to have communism not seem like a bad thing they decided to reduce the number of political prisoner capital punishment.