9 Things To Avoid Packing for Your Marietta Move

You’ll find unlimited packing checklists online to help you prepare for a move. But you won’t typically find a list of things not to pack. Certain items are best left unpacked and transported or disposed of by you. These items can’t be easily replaced if lost or damaged or are best left behind. Leave the following list of items out of your moving boxes.

Unworn Clothes

A move is a great time to go through your and your family’s closets. Why clutter your new home’s closets with clothing you no longer wear? Give yourself a few weeks before the move to go through everyone’s items and organize each one into the following categories – keep (pack), donate, or dispose of. Complete this with shoes, accessories, and seasonal clothes.

Consider where you’re moving to or from, too. If you’re coming to Marietta from a frigid climate with snowy winters, you may be able to get rid of some of your cold-weather clothes. Consider local styles and trends, too. You will likely want to update your family’s wardrobe along with your new home.

Important Documents

It’s best to keep important documents on you when you move. Even if you mark the box with bold letters telling you what’s inside of it, it could easily get lost with your other items. Moving can also expose your boxes to weather or water damage, and replacing certain important documents can be an inconvenience. Moving into a new home or apartment may also require your ID, birth certificate, or other important documents to complete the contract. Make sure you have these items easily accessible.

Damaged Furniture

Planning a big move is also a good time to replace worn or damaged furniture. Definitely get rid of any furniture that is so damaged that it may not make the move. You can also cut down on moving costs by timing the replacement of your furniture to your move. Many furniture companies include delivery in their costs, meaning you can just deliver your new furniture directly to your home. This also lets you choose pieces that complement your new home design rather than trying to fit your existing furniture into the new spaces.


It’s usually best to keep cash on you during a big move. You may need extra cash to cover the unexpected costs of moving, like dinners out or hotel stays. If you’re unsure about carrying cash with you during your move, this might be a good time to deposit it into your bank account. Then, you don’t have to worry about misplacing any of your hard-earned money.


Always keep your medications on you when moving. Moves can get delayed, and you don’t want to be left without your medicine. Instead, pack a small bag with more than enough of your medication and bring it with you. This is also a good place to store your health insurance information and any physical prescriptions.

Family Heirlooms

Marking fragile on a box doesn’t always express its importance. Additionally, if you hire a moving company to handle your packing and unpacking, they may not know how important certain items are to you. You can always pack a small box with your most cherished family heirlooms and carry it with you. If your family heirlooms are larger and must be moved, make sure you hire a professional residential moving company to ensure they’re moved properly.

Cleaning Products

You likely have a stock of your favorite cleaning products, either underneath one of your sinks or in the garage or basement. While the idea of replacing these products may not be convenient, it’s usually for the best. Once a cleaning product is open, it poses a risk. You don’t want the products to spill in the box and damage your other items. Additionally, some cleaning products can become flammable or toxic when exposed to heat. Many professional moving companies don’t allow you to move cleaning products either, so it’s best to safely dispose of them before packing your boxes.

Perishable Food

Another item to throw out is perishable food. Sure, you could pack a cooler and transport certain items, but this isn’t usually the best idea unless you are removing fairly close. You could also donate any canned goods to make your move load lighter and then replace them once you arrive at your new home.


Candles can be heavy and breakable, often making them not worth the risk. A broken candle can damage the other items in the box. It can also lead to you or your movers getting cut when unpacking the boxes. If you do decide to bring any of your favorite candles along for the move, make sure you write fragile in large, bold letters so movers know to be careful with them.

Some things are best left unpacked, including medications and cash. An upcoming move is also a good time to get rid of items your household no longer needs or wants. Welcome your new home with brand-new furniture and designs. You get to choose items that complement the new home, and in return, your move will be lighter and cheaper.