Amazfit GTR 3 vs GTS 3: Which is better?

As if there haven’t already been enough smartwatches released in the past few months, Amazfit has just introduced three new wrist rockets. I’ve been wearing the two most affordable of these for the past few weeks, and strangely I haven’t been mugged. Here is my review of the Amazfit GTR 3 & GTS 3 and a side-by-side comparison to see which one might be best for you. They work with Android 7.0 and above and iOS 12 and above.

+ Nice display
+ Premium design
+ Easy to use
+ Good battery life
+ Great fitness tracking
+ Built-in GPS
Infrequent notifications
Doesn’t work well with iOS
Zepp companion app is a mess
No speaker for phone calls or notifications
No on-board storage for music
Limited additional apps

Amazfit GTR 3 vs GTS 3: Specs

CategoriesGTR 3GTS 3
Display Size1.39-inch AMOLED1.75-inch AMOLED
Case size45mm42mm
Screen shapeRoundSquare
Resolution454 x 454390 x 450
Water resistance5ATM5ATM
Sports modes150+150+
Battery size450mAh250mAh
Battery life21 days12 days
CompatibilityAndroid & iOSAndroid & iOS

Amazfit GTR 3 vs GTS 3: Design

The fact that the S is square and the R is, unsurprisingly, the round is the primary distinction between the GTS 3 and the GTR 3. Since both the GTS 3 and the GTR 3 have aluminum alloy casings, which are nice and light—the GTS 3 is just under 30 grams, while the GTR 3 is just over—that is the main difference between them in terms of design.

These smartwatches are highly durable, and even after being dropped and jostled around for a few weeks, they show no signs of wear or tear, however, since we’re talking about aircraft grid stuff here. In addition to being round rather than square, the GTR 3 also has two shortcut buttons on the right edge, whereas the GTS 3 reduces that to just one on the casing itself or the displays, which are still entirely scratch-free.

These are both Black models, but the Amazfit GTR 3 is also available in Grey, while the GTS 3 is also available in white and Terra Rosa. Both have 22 mil silicone straps, which, although not the worst silicone straps in the world, don’t allow your skin to breathe, particularly if you are exercising in these bad boys and have a minor reaction here on my left wrist.

When you hit the pool, keep both watches on your arm because they have a whole swim track and are water resistant to depths of 5 atmospheres. You can quickly and easily remove the straps from the casing as shown and attach any standard 22mm strap of your choice.

Amazfit GTR 3 vs GTS 3: Display

Currently, both of these Amazfit watches have an AMOLED display. The GTR 3 has a 1.39-inch screen with 326 pixels per inch, while the GTS 3 has a 1.75-inch screen with 341 pixels per inch. While it may sound like the GTS 3 has a larger screen because it is measured from corner to corner, that isn’t the case.

Since everything is roughly the same size and the OLED screens have excellent deep blacks and sharp contrast, even small text is crystal clear and crisp, and everything is about the same size. This is due to the high resolution.

I had no trouble with clarity when outdoors, even on a sunny day, and both these watch displays can hit 1000 nits, so I had no problem seeing what was happening. I also thought the auto brightness worked pretty damn well; you can manually tinker with it if you need to, but I never really needed to bother with that.

And it’s encouraging to see that the GTS 3 and the Amazfit GTR 3 both support a rotating crown that you can use to navigate through all the menus and apps in addition to the touchscreen, which is, of course, still the same old thing.

Amazfit GTR 3 vs GTS 3: Zepp OS

It’s the creatively named zepp os, which is not my favorite of the smartwatch user interfaces but provides quick access to all of your essential information right here with a quick flick. Amazfit prefers to do things on its terms, so that you won’t find any Google Wear OS or anything similar here.

It has several tiles that you can quickly access to see how you’re doing with your various goals, such as your step goals, and you can also quickly test your heart rate, spo2 levels, and other valuable things. You can access all of your recent notifications from the main watch face with a quick flick up, allowing you to quickly scroll through and see what people have been sending you.

Unfortunately, you can only do one thing with these notifications: delete them. You can’t quickly respond or do anything similar from the watch. However, if you flick down, you can quickly access your key settings and toggles. For example, you can quickly see how much battery life you still have. s the do not disturb the environment. The torch, theatre modes, and all that good stuff.

Amazfit GTR 3 vs GTS 3: Features

1. Watchfaces

Both offer over 100 watchfaces choosing, along with matching always-on displays. You can also choose from a variety of editable watch faces so that you can alter the information that appears on them.

You can download more via the Zepp app, an iPhone or an Android phone. Tap on the “Watch Go To Store” button at the top of the screen, and you’ll see a variety of options available for you to experiment with, some of which are utterly irrational and quite a few of which are a good mix of analog and digital content.

2. Zepp App

You can download brand-new apps for the small ones from the zepp app as well. There is a vast selection, but it’s nothing compared to what you can find on sites like wear os. Of course, you should add helpful information, like the pregnancy assistant and a good portion of the BMI action guide on brushing your teeth, so you have nice, healthy teeth.

The app is where you set up all notifications and reminders, and you can change all of the settings on the smartwatch, allowing for expansion. However, I would only hold my breath for a few fantastic new apps to appear there sometime soon.

3. Alexa Assistant

These Amazfit watches come equipped with the Amazon Alexa assistant, which can be accessed by simply swiping down from one of the buttons or using the built-in shortcut. When you ask a question, the response is typically given fairly quickly. However, since there aren’t any speakers built into the device, you can’t get a voice response either.

You must upgrade to the GTR 3 Pro if you want a built-in speaker, so there is no voice assistant feedback here and your smartwatch can also not answer calls.

4. Music

Sadly, while the GTR 3 Pro model can also store music locally so you can stream it via Bluetooth and leave your phone at home if you’re going to the gym or doing some jogging or anything similar, neither the GTR 3 nor the GTS 3 have that functionality.

You now have a music app, but regrettably, it only lets you control the music on your smartphone unless you have comprehensive controls. You can skip tracks and change the volume, but again, you need help to use the rotating crown, which is a missed opportunity.

5. Performances

Now, the third generation of AmazeFit small watches uses an updated chipset compared to the previous generation, and for the most part, the performance is respectable. For example, you can quickly access the settings menu, bring up the notifications, and navigate through your different tiles.

I have yet to experience significant lag when using this top button on the GTR 3 to return to the main watchface. As you tap, there can make you wait for a good second before it finally pops up. And no issues are running the various apps either; a quick tap gets you straight in. Typically, the app’s menu loads up quickly, but returning to the main watch face again takes a little while.

Amazfit GTR 3 vs GTS 3: Fitness Tracking

The Amazfit GTR 3 and the GTS 3 both use the same 6pd biotracker, 3.0 biometric sensor for fitness tracking, which, as you might expect, provides 24-hour heart rate and sp02 measurements.

There’s also a good bit of stress monitoring, which could tell you that when you’re freaking out, you need to sit on the floor with your head between your knees and breathe. You also have your daily pie tracking, which makes me hungry but is essentially just a way to see how much decent exercise you get.

It’s encouraging to see a cycle tracker included and features you don’t typically find on these more affordable small watches, like a compass and a barometer. I also like the one-tap measuring feature, which essentially does what it says on the tin: it measures all of your health indicators with a single tap, saving you the trouble of accessing them all separately. With just one tap, you can check your results 45 seconds later. Your level of stress, your breathing rate and blood oxygen levels

Amazfit GTR 3 vs GTS 3: Battery Life

Let’s wrap up with battery life. According to Amazfit, the GTS 3 can be used for a solid 12 days on a single charge and the GTR 3 for three whole weeks and 21 days. If you’re using all of the features, including the always-on display, you’ll only get about a third of that time or about 4 to 5 days of use at the GTS 3 and a week and a half out of the GTR 3.

This is because I haven’t dealt with the mirror fit in the past, and I’ve deduced that their estimates tend to be slightly optimistic.

Of course, that is still very, very good in comparison to many other smartwatches on the market, such as wear os watches like the fossil watch and Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy watch, which typically only last one day between charges, possibly two if you can stretch it out and don’t bother using them for anything other than telling the time.

Price & Conclusion

Compared to many other smartwatch competitors, the GTS 3 and the GTR 3 will set you back $159, making them quite affordable.

So without a doubt, if you’re looking for a watch that can last you for a weekend or even an entire week without charging, then job done, and that’s what I think of Amazfit’s first-generation GTS 3 and GTR 3 models after wearing some of them for a few weeks. Additionally, there are two fairly inexpensive smartwatch options if you want a basic fitness tracker that can buzz your arm when a notification appears on your smartphone. Both of these models have standard alarms, timers, and Alexa support.