Apple Magic Mouse 1 vs 2: Difference and Detailed Review

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The Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Magic Mouse 2 are compared here. Both the mouse works well and there are some minor differences. Is it worth to upgrade or not, let’s see in the detailed review.

apple magic mouse (1)apple magic mouse 2 (1)
Apple Magic Mouse 1Apple Magic Mouse 2
Multi-touch gestures mean no moving parts.
Wireless BlueTooth.
Sensitive and accurate.
Feels good to use.
Rechargeable battery.
Multitouch surface.
Good for both left- and right-handed use.
Automatically pairs with Macs via Bluetooth.
Ships with Lightning-to-USB cable.
Not enough use made of multi-touch.
It’s twice the price of a normal mouse.
Lack of side buttons.
Requires OS X El Capitan or later.
Cannot use the mouse while it is charging.
The shallow design doesn’t fill the curve of your hand.


Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWireless
Movement Detection TechnologyLaserLaser
Hand OrientationBoth Hands
OS RequiredMac OS X v10.5.8 or later with Wireless Mouse Software Update 1.0 or Mac OS X v10.6.1 or later with Wireless Mouse Software Update 1.0Apple MacOS X 10.11 or later
Run Up Time5 to 6 weeks9 hours of run up time in 2 minutes of charge
Width2.2 in2.2 in
Depth4.5 in4.5 in
Height0.8 in0.9 in
Weight3.7 oz3.49 oz
FeaturesLaser technology delivers 20 times the performance of standard optical tracking.

Miniature sensors detect even the slightest movement.

Top-shell design matches other Apple products.

Bluetooth technology and Touch-sensitive technology.
Seamless multi-touch surface.

Laser-tracking engine.

Built-in software.

Ambidextrous design.

Detail Review:


Apple Magic Mouse 1

This is the original mouse in this version. The Magic Mouse is a very popular and nice accessory to operate Apple devices like Macbook, Mac, iMac, etc,. This mouse may comfortable for some people or may not because of its flat design. But, the overall product is nice and worth it. 

Apple Magic Mouse 2

This Magic Mouse 2 does its job well. It does have some faults and in most cases, the Magic Trackpad 2 is vastly superior. Here, you can determine whether the Magic Mouse 2 is for you.

apple magic mouse 1 (1)


Apple Magic Mouse 1

It is very flat and very minimal. Personally, I like the look and feel with the aluminum body and the flat shape but it is not the most comfortable mouse that I’ve ever used, you can definitely get a better one that has a little thumb rest, and then that is higher for your palm.

In terms of functionality, I really do like this mouse. If you look at the top, it’s actually a no-button mouse appearance with the Apple logo right at the bottom and then the sides are where the most aluminum can be seen without any interruption and then the bottom has the sensor.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

The thing immediately noticeable is how minimal the design is with this touch-sensitive glass surface, that allows for certain gestures. Underneath, we’ll find aluminum enclosure along with these newly updated black plastic rails that create friction and stability for your mouse. The rails enable enough friction, so that doesn’t feel like you’re moving it across, while also having enough resistance. So, it feels nice and smooth to use. It is coming at roughly 90 grams, this is one of the lightest mice I’ve ever used.

Ergonomically though it’s tough, it’s tough if you have big hands since the mouse is way too small. The mouse measures in at 4.5 by 2.3 by 0.9 inches. What tends to happen is a lot of hand cramps from trying to cram your gigantic hands onto the surface and use the gestures comfortably. Using the scrolling gesture starts to become bothersome after a while since you’ll really have to stretch those hands and fingers in order to do so. Trying to edit on Final Cut Pro with this was a nightmare but for those with average to small hands or even for quick use for light web browsing, the mouse is great.

apple magic mouse 2.1 (1)


Apple Magic Mouse 1

In the bottom, there is an on/off switch for Bluetooth with a little indicator light to let you know that it’s on and then it also has the little switch to take off the battery, the battery cover. In terms of usage, I’ve been loving using this thing. You can use all of the multi-touch functions as if you had like a regular trackpad which is nice coming from a Macbook Pro including pinch to zoom in or out, swipe to move between displays as well as the one-finger scrolling, and a right-clicking option.

This mouse comes to a variety of settings on the computer. we can set scroll direction to match that of the MacBook Trackpad, we have our right-click settings and you can click on the right side or click on the left side of the mouse for depending on what you prefer as well as the smart zoom option here which you can double-tap with one finger and zoom in on a webpage or whatever content you are looking at. We can have different options to swipe between pages with one or two fingers. Now swiping between full-screen apps or your different displays is almost the same as the mouse is on a MacBook. With the mouse, however, you only get the option to use two fingers as opposed to three fingers on the Mac.

We also have Mission Control, to get your Mission Control view, all you need to do is double-tap on the mouse with two-finger and this feature will be useful if you want to open multiple documents in one desktop at the same time.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

The mouse doesn’t have your traditional left and right-click buttons, rather it is one singular click that doesn’t mean the right-click function is gone, just look under settings to check out all the gestures.

Towards the top, we have our optical sensor and unfortunately, this mouse cannot be used on a glass surface, the optical sensor is too primitive to do such a thing. To the right of the optical sensor is your on/off switch which doesn’t have a light indicator, instead, you just have this right green sticker underneath the switch that lets you know if it is in the on or off position. You have your Apple logo right in the middle and all the way at the bottom is your color-coded lightning connector which is a terrible design choice since it renders the mouse useless while charging but the problem isn’t as bad as most people would make it out to seem.

The Magic Mouse 2 comes standard with most Mac purchases namely the iMac, iMac Pro, and Mac Pro. It can be found in one of three colors but only two are available to pick up off the shelf.

There’s a wide variety of different gestures, you can take advantage on with this mouse to navigate your way through Mac OS. The selection isn’t as broad as the ones on the Magic Trackpad but for the most part, you’ll know if you’re gonna be a mouse person or a trackpad kind of person.

The glass surface feels really cool to scroll on rather than your traditional mechanical wheel. Simply rub one finger gently across the glass surface to scroll up or down on a page. In settings, you can see all the different gestures, for example, you can get your secondary click. Just click on the right half of the mouse to perform a right-click, you can do smart zoom by double-tapping with one finger to zoom in and out of a webpage, swipe with two fingers on the glass surface to switch between full-screen apps and a few others. The experts over at note that it really does create a unique experience with you and your Mac and the integration of these gestures with Mac OS works exceptionally well. Just be careful with some of these gestures are occasionally accidentally activated when you don’t want them but happens rarely, so it’s not that big of a deal.

The compatibility for Mac machines is the same as with the Magic Trackpad. You can use this with an iMac a Mac Pro or any MacBook model so long as your system is Bluetooth enabled and has OS 10 version 10.1 or later which will be the majority of modern Macs and Mac books. I think as a Macbook Pro companion, this is excellent. You’ll have your already integrated trackpad on the Macbook Pro and the mouse to accompany it, you can switch back and forth to whatever vibe you’re trying to fill whether it be your traditional desktop feel or if you just want to go to the trackpad.

There’s even a hidden feature for the iPads, you can actually use this mouse on it. It’s kind of crazy and is pretty well hidden within the menus. Basically head over to settings, then hit accessibility, then hit switch controls and under Bluetooth devices, your magic accessory should pop up, this even works for the Magic Trackpad and even the magic keyboard. The clicker is a bit bigger than on a traditional desktop and you can’t really scroll with the scroll gesture on it but using a mouse on an iPad is a good thing.

apple magic mouse 2 3 (1)


Apple Magic Mouse 1

As with Bluetooth devices such as keyboards and mice, the battery does seem to last a while. However, I was very surprised and impressed that using the two AA batteries that come with the Magic Mouse. I think the battery life will remain more than a month even if you regularly use your mouse.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

The Magic Mouse 2 has an insanely good battery. It may last about a month and a half on a full 100% charge before it’s completely depleted, that means once a month or so just plug this mouse up to get recharges overnight and you’ll never have to worry about any inconvenience. The Magic Mouse 2 gets a whopping nine hours of battery life in a quick two to three-minute charge. It’s nice to have this fast charging capability in case you’re completely out of power and need to finish your assignment or project.

apple magic mouse 2 4 (1)


Both the mouse is from the same version and works well. The price range is also not very different, so I think if you’re confused between these two, then the latest model Magic Mouse 2 will be great to buy.

If you want this mouse to simply browse the internet and not be so heavy on creating content or projects, then you should be fine. It gets the job done just fine but for longer sessions, especially those with big hands I would advise to look elsewhere or pick up the Magic Trackpad instead.

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