Apple Watch Series 7 Nike Edition vs SE Nike Edition: Which one is the best?

In this article, I’ll compare the apple watch se Nike edition to the apple watch series 7 Nike edition from the perspectives of both fitness and smartwatches. To see if there would be any difference in heart rate and GPS accuracy for activities like running, cycling, and weight training, I conducted some tests while wearing the Series 7 on one wrist and the SC on the other. I can tell you that both of these watches perform admirably, but there are a few minor differences between the two that we’ll discuss later in this article.

Series 7 Nike EditionSE Nike Edition
+ Nike bounce exclusive face
+ Nike Run Club app pre-installed
+ Great choice of straps
+ Nike bounce exclusive face
+ Great choice of straps
Identical to the regular Series 7 in all other ways Heavy Nike branding is not for everyone
Less choice on case color and material
Less choice on case color and material
Heavy Nike branding is not for everyone

Apple Watch Series 7 Nike Edition vs SE Nike Edition: Common Features

In terms of what these watches have in common, they actually have a lot in common. For example, both are great mates for your iPhone because they can both receive text replies and you can speak through the watches thanks to their integrated microphones and speakers.

If you want to make and receive calls and texts without bringing your phone, the SE and series 7 Nike editions have available cellular models. Whether or not you choose one of those cellular models, they all have GPS, so you can still track your outdoor activities without bringing your phone.

Regarding the actual hardware, they differ a little because the series 7 is just a tiny bit larger than the SE, so both have small and large versions available. They both also have fault detection, which will attempt to contact emergency services in case you’ve fallen in or become unresponsive. Then with these cellular models, they also have an international emergency calling.

The SE large version is 44 millimeters in diameter, followed by the series 7 large version at 45 millimeters. For smaller sizes, the series 7 is 41 millimeters and the SE is 40 millimeters. Both also have 32GB of internal storage to download content like music and podcasts directly to the watches. They also have Bluetooth 5.0, so you can connect them to various nearby headphones.

Apple Watch Series 7 Nike Edition vs SE Nike Edition: Nike Edition Features

The Nike edition apple watches differ from non-Nike edition apple watches in three key ways: first, they come with a special Nike sport band; second, they have the Nike run club app pre-installed; and third, they have a special Nike sport band and exclusive Nike watch faces; additionally, they both come with the Nike run club app. However, where these two devices differ is that the series of available watch faces is different.

Apple Watch Series 7 Nike Edition vs SE Nike Edition: Hardware Differences

The funny thing is that when the displays are off, it can be difficult to tell the difference in size. However, with the displays, there is a noticeable difference in size since the Series 7 display is 20% larger than the SE and the Series 7’s borders or bezels are slightly smaller, giving the impression that the display kind of bleeds over the edge. The Series 7’s larger display is nice, but the SE display is still fantastic.

The raised wrist gesture on Apple watches is very intuitive. It generally always works as intended, but having the always-on display with series 7 is nice because you can glance at it without turning your wrist. In contrast, with the SE, it times out after a certain period to save on battery life, and then to wake the screen back up, you simply raise your wrist.

I can hardly tell the difference here where both are super snappy and I don’t notice a lag or delay. Both also have Apple’s digital crown with haptic feedback, which you can use to navigate around the device. Both are also water resistant down to 50 meters. The apple watch SE has the s5 chipset versus the s7 chips on the Series 7, which is supposed to be 20% faster than the SE.

I’ve never had an issue with water or dust resistance on any of the apple watches I’ve tested going back to the Series 3, but there’s just a bit of peace of mind with the Series 7. However, the Series 7 is also ipx6 dust resistant. Apple refers to all watches with altimeters as having them on constantly, but the SE and Series 7 have their “always-on altimeters.” This is a cute way for Apple to say that both watches have unique watch faces that show your altitude in real-time.

Apple Watch Series 7 Nike Edition vs SE Nike Edition: Battery Life

Depending on how much you interact with your watch and how many outdoor activities you track, you can expect to get between a day and a day and a half out of both in terms of battery life. Apple Watches’ day-to-day battery life isn’t exactly stellar, but the fast charging in the Series 7 has made a difference. With Series 7, you can charge the watch from empty to full in about an hour, whereas Series SE takes about an hour and a half to two hours.

It’s nice to be able to put the Apple Watch Series 7 on a charger for maybe 30 to 45 minutes and get a full charge to last me another full day because, in my world, I can typically get through a total of 24 hours and still have about 20% of the battery left.

Apple Watch Series 7 Nike Edition vs SE Nike Edition: Health and Sports Features

Both devices offer high and low heart rate notifications and regular heart rate rhythm notifications. However, the heart rate sensors in both devices are a couple of generations apart in terms of technology. We’ll discuss their accuracy here in a bit when we discuss sports and fitness performance.

The Series 7 can measure blood oxygen saturation levels using an integrated spo2 sensor and record an electrocardiogram. Both of these will track the same metrics for daily activity tracking, such as steps taken, calories burned, and sleep tracking. However, the Series 7 has two features that the SE lacks related to the heart rate sensor.

With the stock workout app, these devices’ sports and fitness capabilities are identical, allowing you to track all the usual activities like walking and running, cycling both indoors and outdoors, swimming both indoors and outdoors, weight training gym workouts like the elliptical and stair stepper, and a whole lot more. The list of activity types is quite extensive with the stock workout app.

On the other hand, the Nike run club app is essentially running-only, so it won’t be able to track activities other than running. However, data from the Nike-run club app is still transferred to the stock fitness app, so there’s no reason to worry about that. However, in all the following examples, I’ll be using the stock workout app because I was testing a lot more than just running.

Apple Watch Series 7 Nike Edition vs SE Nike Edition: GPS Accuracy

So let’s start by talking about the GPS accuracy for distance and speed for outdoor activities. On this road right here, all the stats lined up nicely. The total length was all very close to each other between the devices. Elevation gain was also reasonably close, and so were the calories burned.

And if we look at the GPS tracks from that ride, it shows that almost the entire time, both the series 7 and the SE were accurate, sometimes even more so than some other devices. However, I did notice that the SE drifted in a few spots, but it was only very slight and I had to look closely even to find those spots.

However, there was one spot that caught my attention: a roundabout. Here, both Apple Watches performed admirably, not overshooting the corner like the other devices did. I was actually very impressed here, and on this run, both watches did a great job.

Both of these devices perform admirably regarding GPS and altimeter accuracy, and what’s great is that over the past year, as I’ve been retesting with various firmware updates, I’ve seen improvements to the GPS accuracy on the SE.


In terms of hardwood accuracy, the Series 7 may have the newest and best generation heart rate sensor, but in the grand scheme, both do an excellent job, so that I would take either of these sensors in a heartbeat. When it comes to the sports and fitness performance of these two devices from a GPS and hardwood accuracy standpoint, both of them do a fantastic job, so I take either of them.

If you’re coming from another apple watch, you’ll probably notice the series 7’s slightly larger display. Still, if this is going to be your first apple watch, I would say something other than that’s necessarily compelling a reason to get the series 7. It comes down to the bells and whistles like the sp02 sensor and the ECG, which are always on display and a larger display on the series 7.