Biophilic Interior Design: Tips to Add a Touch of Nature into Your Home

Biophilic design is a concept that helps people connect better with nature by incorporating natural elements, like water and plants, to promote better wellness and productivity. Lately, interiors have started to undergo a green makeover with the help of biophilic design, which has become a trend followed by several individuals worldwide. Biophilia is a word that expresses humans’ desire to be part of the natural world, which is why people have started to look for ways to bring the outdoors inside. 

Biophilic design elements will not only enhance the look of a house but also add plenty of other benefits, including enhancing airflow, air quality, circadian rhythm, and human heart rate. Although most people believe that biophilic design only means adding greeneries and plants, this style is much more than this, as it is about engaging all senses and mimicking numerous aspects of nature. Here is how you can integrate a biophilic design into your home.

Opt for a color found in nature

Choosing natural colors for your house is one of the best ways to incorporate the biophilic design, but that doesn’t mean adding only shades of green, but also earthy browns, watery blues and sunset pinks that are all hues present in nature. How you decide to incorporate these colors into your house depends on you, as you can go all out and paint an entire room in a natural color, or be more constrained and only opt for a few accessories here and there. 

If you don’t really know what color you should choose, then it might be good to take a moment and think about your favorite natural environment. For example, if you like to spend time at the beach, adding calming shades of blue and beige might be a good idea. Or if you are amazed by the color of the sky, then you have a wide variety of hues you can choose, including shades of gray, pink, blue and quite everything in between. 

When you want to incorporate a color that matches a biophilic design, you have an endless choice, so integrate it into your home to make yourself feel better and more productive. 

Add numerous plants

Of course, an interior biophilic design is not all about plants, but they do represent an essential part of nature that should be integrated into a house. Luckily, you can choose a wide variety of greenery and place them in plant pots to make your rooms feel lively, and bring an essential element of the outside environment inside. Plus, plants enhance the look of a room, purify the air, and will make people feel closer to nature. Oh, and let’s not forget about all the mental benefits that greeneries bring to humans, as they provide better clarity and help with relaxation. 

Regarding the house plants you can opt for, you have a lot of alternatives, including spider plants, peace lily, elephant ear plants, snake plants, ferns, and plenty of other options. So, you can select whatever you like the best and look for a high-quality pot from elho

Incorporate natural materials and textures

Materials like clay, wood, rattan, cork and wool will always bring a natural aesthetic and feel to your house, as they add personality and will always remain timeless. For example, raw and unfinished wood can offer a natural vibe, as it will integrate a visible depth and texture to your space. Adding natural textures and materials to the interiors is a very effective method to introduce a biophilic interior design, as it offers a tangible connection with nature through touch and sight. So, use wooden tables and floors, marble accents and stone countertops to be able to add a touch of nature to your house. 

Don’t forget about scent

The scent is one of the most powerful senses that triggers deep-rooted memories and several emotions. And you probably know how calming the smell is after rain, so it wouldn’t be great to incorporate it into your house? You can add a lot of smell to a house with the help of room mists, candles, flowers, diffusers, essential oils, herb bundles and many more. All these little details will make the atmosphere calmer, evoke emotions, and make humans feel more energized. 

Pay attention to light

Natural light has a vital importance on our happiness and health, as it aids humans release melatonin and serotonin, but it is also an important source of vitamin D, which is vital for our muscles, bones and overall health. So, it is crucial to maximize the natural light as much as possible, which can be done in simple ways, like by repositioning any blinds, curtains and furniture that are blocking the potential of sunlight. 

Invest in pieces that mimic the natural shapes

A biophilic design can be completed with pieces that mimic the patterns and shapes of nature, and you will be able to take inspiration from the winding vines of plants, the curves of waves, or the shapes of dunes. Nature is a powerful source of inspiration, and can be the best ally for anyone who wants to remodel their house. You can integrate some natural shapes in your house by picking irregular-shaped accessories and furniture. 

Include water features

Water is an element of nature, and it creates a soothing atmosphere in our minds because it is calming and encourages a deep relaxation of the body, which will take us to our happy place. Water features like streams, ponds, and little fountains can reduce stress, promote a relaxing feeling and create a soothing atmosphere. Plus, water features will also offer a habitat for aquatic animals and plants, which will enhance the connection with nature even more. 

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to integrate a biophilic design into your space that is focused on bringing nature indoors.