Blue en.CORE 200

Blue en.CORE 100 vs 200: Which to Buy?

This is the review of the comparison between two microphones from the same brand and from the same series. The comparison here is between the Blue en.CORE 100 and the en.CORE 200. There is around fifty dollars difference in their price range, which makes some difference in their features and performances too. To know which one is good for you to buy, go to the detailed review.

Blue en.CORE 100Blue en.CORE 200
Blue en.CORE 100Blue en.CORE 200
Good for studio and live performances.
Reasonable price.
Build quality is durable and robust.
Sounds good even without a pop filter.
Got minimalistic design.
Looks attractive and has a great design.
Sounds good for the price.
Vocals and instruments were clear.
Has internal amplifier which adds stability and gain.
There are no switches on it to mute or on/off.It has strong proximity.


BrandBlue MicrophonesBlue Microphones
Product LineBlue Microphones en.COREBlue Microphones en.CORE
Recommended UseProfessional audioProfessional audio
Microphone Technologydynamicdynamic
Microphone Operation Modecardioidcardioid
Sensitivity1.55 mV/Pascal2.25 mV/Pascal
Microphone Power Source Voultage (DC)
Frequency Response50 Hz50 Hz
Signal-To-Noise Ratio
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
Max Sound Pressure147 db147 db
Audio Input DetailsOutput Impedance 25 Ohm
Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
Recommended UseProfessional audioProfessional audio
Specific Applicationsvocal, instrumentvocal
Additional Functions
Diameter2 in2 in
Height7.3 in7.3 in
Weight14.11 oz14.11 oz
FeaturesCardioid polar pattern for high off-axis noise rejection.

The Blue enCORE 100 is a studio-grade handheld dynamic microphone for all-around vocal performances, no matter the application.

Stage-ready durability from fully-reinforced construction and electro-plated finishes.

Includes soft-grip microphone clip and storage pouch.

Unique styling and remarkable craftsmanship.
Audio Analog or digital: Analog Frequency response: 50Hz to 16kHz Connectivity: XLR Pattern and type Capsule: Dynamic Polar pattern: Cardioid Type: Mounted Applications: Stage, studio.

The Blue enCORE 200 is the world’s first studio-grade phantom powered active dynamic microphone.

enCORE mics offer everything you’ve always wanted and never found in stage mics: lush, vibrant, and punchy studio reproduction with unprecedented clarity, detail and headroom.

Detail Review:


Blue en.CORE 100

The Blue en.CORE 100 is the first microphone introduced by Blue in the en.CORE series. This microphone is retailing for around a hundred dollars currently on Amazon. This is one of the well-performing microphones available in the market at this price range. 

Blue en.CORE 200

The Blue en.CORE 200 is the successor of its predecessor the en.CORE 100 in the en.CORE series. This microphone is retailing for around a hundred and forty-nine dollars currently on amazon. This microphone is priced more than its predecessor as this performs better than the en.CORE 100.

Blue en.CORE 100


Blue en.CORE 100

The Blue en.CORE 100 a microphone made by Blue who also makes the Yeti Snowball and Spark. This is a dynamic microphone and generally, most people believe that the condenser microphones are the only good microphones that are not necessarily true at all. Condensers are generally used and designed for studios, your room is probably not a studio.

In controlled environments, condensers probably will have better sound quality but in your room, a good dynamic will sound significantly better. The en.CORE is a dynamic XLR microphone with the cardioid pickup pattern, this means that most of the sound that the microphone picks up will be in front of it. This along with the microphone not being sensitive makes it the perfect microphone for Co commentators or collaborating.

Blue en.CORE 200

The Blue en.CORE 200 is an active dynamic microphone, you’re probably wondering what active dynamic means, active dynamic means it needs 48-volt phantom power. This was the first dynamic microphone I’ve ever heard that actually needs 48 volts of phantom power. Blue has designed a very unique capsule in this microphone, and the reason why it needs 48-volt phantom power is that helps with that gain Headroom, it’s just the input gain that this thing has is incredible for a handheld microphone. This was made for stage performances but Blue also carried it towards the people that like to use handhelds and the studio, so it’s a very versatile and dual-purpose microphone.

Blue en.CORE 200


Blue en.CORE 100

The big difference between the Blue en.CORE 100 and 200 is the 100 does not have phantom power and the 200 does have phantom power. The other difference is in the looks that is the 100 has a silver coating which is really nice actually and the 200 is a bronzed microphone which also looks really nice. Both of these mics come with a clip and they each have a really nice bag that they come with so that you can carry it around.

If you looking to start a YouTube channel and want to improve your audio quality, this microphone is a spectacular choice. Keep in mind though it must stay close to your mouth generally around four or ten inches. You also can help just plug this into your computer either, this is an XLR microphone which means it uses the XLR port, not USB or 3.5-millimeter. You’ll need an audio interface something like the U-Phoria UM2. I personally use the Xenyx 302USB, it works fine but it isn’t spectacular. You might need a pop filter of some sort they keep popping out of your audio, it isn’t required for this mic but could be helpful, and you can get them for a few dollars on Amazon.

Blue en.CORE 200

Things that it comes with are a little pouch and it provides actually some sort of protection because it’s got some nice lining in it and it’s little woven material, and then you also get the microphone clip that you can use to mount your mic on your mic stand and it’s a soft clip so it’s not gonna really scratch on the microphone.

We’re using 48-volts phantom power meaning in the dynamic it’s gonna provide extra power for the dynamic capsule to work. Blue created an ingenious capsule using 48-volt phantom power on a dynamic microphone with the rear rejection that a dynamic has is an insanely ingenious idea especially, for the studio application with podcasters or for streamers because if we’re out of an environment with a lot of background noise being able to use an easily driven mic is nice because you are not gonna have to spend $300 on an insane setup for your audio.

Blue en.CORE 100


Blue en.CORE 100

This microphone sounds fine though good even but it isn’t spectacular. If you want spectacular audio then you should use a decent audio interface and acoustic paneling. This is a microphone that will produce good, clean audio without background noise or echo.

Blue en.CORE 200

It’s just a fantastically performing microphone and so versatile, I can use it for so many different applications and honestly I think everybody should have multiple microphones in their arsenal. You’re getting a better frequency range so it’s gonna be able to bring out more of your voice and I personally like that and its dynamic.

Blue en.CORE 200 


In my opinion, Blue en.CORE 200 is good for you to buy than the en.CORE 100 because this is a dynamic handheld mic that looks better than the en.CORE 100, sounds better than the en.CORE 100, feels great in hand, and definitely worth your money even though it’s costlier than the en.CORE 100.

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