12 Mistakes to Avoid While Reforming Your Kitchen

If you want your kitchen renovation project to be a success, start by avoiding the most frequent mistakes. Take note and get to work! It is time for reforms. The pandemic has allowed us to spend more time at home and observe in detail the failures of our houses. The kitchen is one of the most used spaces, even many times it becomes the heart of our home and the meeting point. We focus on how to undertake a comprehensive change in your kitchen. We do not tell you how to do it, but the mistakes you have to avoid when you decide to do the work. Read More

29 Ideas to Decorate Your Rooms in Beautiful Way for Spring

It is the moment to renew them and fill them with luminosity, color, and charm. Get inspired by these fantastic ideas to give a more springy and fresh air to your living room. With good weather just around the corner, you really want the living room to be infected with its joy and party of colors. All of these ideas work. So it is time to renovate the living rooms and fill them with luminosity, color, and charm … Get inspired by these 29 examples to fill the living room of your home with light, joy, and lightness, without getting into construction work. Read More

32 Fresh and New Salons for the Summer

How should you decorate the house according to the hottest season of the year? There are certain decisions that can help to cool the house without having to turn on the air conditioning, much more so now that the light goes back up and the bills for our energy consumption can give us the odd scare. And in the living room that is the gift of possibly more time we spend at home is essential. Fresh, bright, and pleasant, this is how these fantastic rooms are that we have found prepared for the summer. You will dream of having one like it. Read More

13 Pieces of Advice of the Professionals to Change the Look of Your Living Room

In most Spanish houses, the living room is the largest room and, according to a survey carried out by Ikea, it is the one that we attach the most importance to. They point to three reasons: “the high level of use and activities that we develop in it, the importance it has for all members of the family and because the stay is visible to all the guests”. Read More

14 Ideas to Decorate the Coffee Table With the Style

The coffee table is the reference point in spaces such as the living room or the living room. Not only does it participate in a functional way, but it also contributes aesthetically, trying to blend properly with the other elements. In this way, harmonization in the decoration is sought, positively contributing other ornaments that we place on the table and that can serve as a compliment. Read More