Corsair HS70 Wireless vs HyperX Cloud 2: Which One is Worth the Price?

This is the comparison review between two popular and well-known brands i.e. Corsair and HyperX. Both Corsair HS70 and HyperX cloud 2 have different designs and features. Both are available in different colors. The price of both headphones is almost the same. To decide which headphone is more comfortable and good for you, do refer to this review comparison.

Corsair-HS70Hyperx cloud 2
Corsair HS70HyperX Cloud 2
Tasteful design.
Excellent all round audio.
Very comfortable to wear.
Fantastic microphone.
Great sound quality.
Luxurious finish.
Thoughtful extras.
Surround sound is PC Only.
Perhaps lacking a little clarity.
Earpads not easily replaceable.
The headphone cord doesn’t detach.
Flimsy carry case.


ModelHS70Cloud II
Headphones Form FactorCircumauralFull size
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWired
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz15Hz–25,000 Hz
Sensitivity111dB S.P.L. at 1KHz98dB S.P.L. at 1KHz
Impedance32 ohm60 Ohm
Diaphragm2 in2.1 in
Microphone Technologyelectret condenser
Response Bandwidth100Hz-10KHz50Hz-18KHz
Controlsmute, volume
Width6.1 in4.72 in
Depth3.9 in6.69 in
Height8.1 in2.76 in
Weight11.66 oz11.29 oz
FeaturesUltimate Comfort: Plush memory foam and adjustable ear cups provide exceptional comfort.

Premium Build Quality: Legendary CORSAIR build quality featuring rugged metal structural components ensure long term durability.

Precision Gaming Audio: Specially tuned 50mm neodymium speaker drivers bring superior sound quality with wide range and accuracy.

Superior Wireless Performance: Low-latency, 2.4 GHz wireless audio with improved range up to 40.0 Feet and up to 16 hours of battery life.

Crystal Clear Microphone: Optimized unidirectional microphone reduces ambient noise for enhanced voice quality and is easily detached for use on-the-go.

Immersive Surround Sound: Virtual 7.1 surround delivers immersive multi-channel positional audio on PC that puts you in the middle of the action.

Sony PlayStation 4 Compatible: Plug-and-play compatibility with Sony PlayStation 4 brings wireless stereo audio to your living room.

On-Ear Control: Easy access on ear volume and mute controls for adjustments on-the-fly.

Discord Certified: Play with the confidence that your microphone and audio drivers have been tested and evaluated for crystal clear communication and outstanding sound.

CUE Control: CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) software gives you full control over your headset’s features through an intuitive and simple to use interface.
Advanced USB audio control box with built-in DSP sound card.

Hi-Fi capable with 53mm drivers for supreme audio quality.

Hardware-driven virtual 7.1 surround sound.

Comfortable, 100% memory foam on headband and leatherette cushions.

Intuitive volume control on headset ear cup.

Compatible – USB connectivity for PC & Mac. Stereo compatible with PS4, Xbox One and mobile.

Xbox One stereo adapter required; not included.

Detail Review:


Corsair HS70

The HS70 Bluetooth multi-platform headset from corsair is coming in at $99.95. This headset is fantastic as you can use it on all platforms PlayStation, Xbox, pc, mobile, switch, you name it a real great all-rounder. There is lots of information on the box there and it’s great if it’s hanging in a shop as there’s loads of stuff you can read about it just off the shelf. While unboxing you will get headphones with a plastic surround and of course you get the manual and warranty card. You get the clips securing the headset and the secret compartment which houses the USB to USB-C cable the 3.5 to 3.5-millimeter cable, the mic, and, the pop filter.

Hyperx Cloud 2

The HyperX Cloud 2 is a gaming headset actually, it’s the pro gaming headset. This headset does come in two colors i.e. the red and black, it also comes in a silver and black model, and the range they give or take around 80 to 100 bucks depending on where you’re buying from and what the current sale is. These headphones look absolutely beautiful as stated before they come in silver black, but red and black give an amazing look and are more in demand.

Hyperx cloud 2


Corsair HS70

The headset is pretty slick. We’ve got that smooth and soft leather on the headband slightly firmer than that on the HS60 haptic here, the same material runs around the cups and inside you can feel the plush memory foam. On the inside of the cup to there is some really nice mesh. On the outside of the cups, you can see a matte finish plastic running around the edges of the cups and this almost feels rubberized in texture, it’s quite a nice bonus really. Also, note a fingerprint magnet which is really good to see, the metal grille is another nice texture and then we have that corsair ship logo in the middle. The Corsair logo is actually a little bit sharp around the edges to touch but let’s face it you’re not really going to be rubbing your hand around it too often.

The brackets are a matte metal and these sadly do attract grease a little bit. The end with some nice rubber stoppers and in between, we have the marked adjustable headband which is really handy to help you get back to your exact setting. There are also some shiny black plastic accents around the edges of the cups which add to that vast texture and attention to detail. Very similar overall shape and design to the haptic HS60 but with some exceptions for instance, when you pull out the adjustment rail you can see that the inside of the top rubber stopper is yellow. This seam also appears around the microphone entry point. You will like it as it carries on that design from the box, so it’s a plus point.

Hyperx Cloud 2

Abot the build quality of these headphones, I’ve heard that they’re built solid and is extremely durable but, I think it’s kind of like a little allusion even I thought this is well when I was about to purchase this, in the headphone you will see the big old piece of metal and you’ll be like wow that thing’s solid right there’s no plastic there but what I want to catch it is right there, sure we got that big piece of metal and that is how it adjusts right there you will hear a little click so, we adjust right there but the two arms going into it, you will see the little joints there in the plastic and then the screw that’s holding the metal into the little lever in there or whatever want to call it the arm, gets screwed into plastic and then up there where the arms are going into is also in the plastic and it’s not going into one solid reinforced piece of plastic, as you will see there are two screws over there on the one side and on the inside so, that piece is screwed into the piece of plastic. So, you got the one nice big piece of metal but again the two arms are held on by plastic and then up there which is our two main pressure points and down there where you will pull them out, all your pressure will go up there on those two spots as you will see them going out and given right there.

So, the only one thing is there that’s metal, they do have a solid weight to them and they do feel solid but again I think that metal is a little bit of illusion and we all kind of think like these things are tanks when again they’re going into just plastic. I just wanted to bring it out there and bring it to your attention because honestly, I think these are built just as tall as any other headset whether we’re talking about turtle beach or Corsair or anything like that right again the difference between those headsets is a lot of this metal is covered up by plastic so they go plastic and then they’re reinforced metal is within that plastic when these guys just flash it right out there in the open so again I just want to bring it up to the attention and just keep that in mind.



Corsair HS70

When you will look at the controls, on the left cup you have a volume wheel that has no tactile increments. However, it does mean you can get micro-movements and adjustments to exactly the level you want without being hindered by predetermined increments. The mic mute button is a great feature in the way that this button works simple but effective press it into mute and the button stays depressed until you press it again and it releases it and then your mic is back on again. This is great considering you cannot see this and when you are in-game if you forget if your mic is on or off you can just simply run your hand over the button and feel its position.

On the right-hand earcup, we have the power button and a little indicator light to show the power and Bluetooth status. This button is also very tactile. The cups of the headphones don’t rotate very much you won’t find it a hindrance though they are super comfy, the amount of clamp was a little weak at the bottom of the cups but because you can move the cups in and outwards, I found it was a pretty good fit. Also, they are a pretty lightweight feeling but they also are heavy enough to move around on your head when you reach down or you know pick something off the floor for instance, so there is a little bit of back and forth movement there, especially if you sneeze. The cable for the USB to the USB-C is really stiff, you can make all sorts of shapes and it will stay but just as easily can be pulled straight again. The 3.5 millimeter to 3.5-millimeter cable is much better supple not easy to kink and both have a nice braid though.

Hyperx Cloud 2

This headset does not give that much comfort and I’d hate to say this because it’s a negative point or maybe negative for my head shape I guess or my comforts you and maybe yours. But again don’t take this as a negative as it’s not good as again this is a personal preference negative. So doesn’t matter what ear cups as you can use both the earcups the pleather and one of the little velvet one but again I do prefer the pleather once it locks in the sound. As far as the comfort whenever you put them on and they fit nice. They really extend out and they got some flex to them but when you put them on there that kind of headset very similar to a Razer headset, if you have used the Razer headset before or any of the other HyperX, they’re all pretty much built the exact same and what they do is they press more up top rather than the back right there, it’s hard to explain so let’s just say it’s maybe my head shape were on the back where maybe it’s whoop sinned a little bit more.

In the headphones you will see a very mild adjustment right there when you will try to spin it in and out they won’t move at all, really there’s no give make sure you got plenty of giving going the other way right so you’re really good right there, but there’s nothing going in and out way, but again please do not take that as a negative or a downfall as far as the headset, I highly recommend you putting these on your head and they may be perfectly fine for you. Other than that a little bit right there as far as the headband, it is very cozy and very nice cushioning up there. And about the ear cups plenty, whether you go with the little velvet ones or the pleather ones plenty it gives and is very soft.



Corsair HS70

You can also connect this headset to IQ software. For this demonstration, you will have to use the USB to USB-C cable to your pc. First, you need to select the product, if you go to the main page where you can select profiles and select EQ presets as you change through it you will get a voice saying one two three, etc. You can also add presets not much else but it works well and deals with the basic settings. Also, you must have by now realize that there is no RGB this is a personal and preferential thing whether it’s a plus or a minus but there isn’t any. The headset looks great without it but those who like the shiny things would have liked to see a little bit of RGB.

The commands worked really well, double-tap to answer and disconnect the call. As mentioned earlier, you can also use it to control your smartphone by tapping that MFB button will pause and play say Spotify for example. However, it states in the manual that you can skip back and forward by pressing that button twice or three times to go back. This did not work for me at all and it just kept pausing and unpausing it. Remember that you can control each device separately, so say pc and phone, but you do have to do that independently on each device as if you use the wheel it would just change the whole mix, so the input coming from say your pc and your phone at the same time.

Hyperx Cloud 2

In the box, you are gonna get the headset. You’re gonna get the little carry bag there, it’s kind of like the soft mesh bag, generally, people do not carry a headset in the bag but still a bag is there if you want to. Then you get two sets of ear cups, one is velvet typeset and then you have the pleather set there, I highly recommend you sticking with the pleather set as it holds on a lot more sound, and the velvet one gets a little bit of sound but that doesn’t mean it’s bad but pleather one sounds a lot better than that. Then you get the mic and the mic does come with a windscreen on it, so nice little touch there. Also, it comes with a little airplane adapter which I think is a waste of money.

With these headphones, you get your sound card and that thing really brings this headset to life like it really does it plugs in by USB and real quick before any further this only works on pc and ps4, it does not work on Xbox but, again the headset is 3.5 so, you can plug it into your switch, your mobile, or, your Xbox controller if you have the newer updated controller. You can control your volume up or down, your mic up or down, activate the surround sound right there, and, it lights up red whenever it is activated. You also have your little mic mute switch over there.

You have a clip on the bottom, if you want to just you know just clip it right there and be all-pro like consider when we’re using the HyperX cloud core Pro you better look pro. The USB on this headphone is a heavy-duty braided cable like a really nice heavy-duty. So, you don’t get to worry about crimping or pinching this headphone when it’s hanging on the floor but, it is long it is really long so you have that deal there. Then you also have the cable on the headset which is how it connects to it. So, all in all, you have this massive long cable so, you don’t get to worry about the length you’re good there.



Corsair HS70

The microphone of this headphone is really good. When you will test the wireless capability with claims of up to 30 foot by going to the other end of your room which can be about 12 foot with no walls or interruptions, then up to 20 foot when you will go to the end room of that level, the wireless on the HS70 is better than any other wireless headset. Generally in the other headset if you will go behind the or quite far away from your headset the signal kind of drops and in this headset, you will never face any drops which is a good point.

Hyperx Cloud 2

The microphone is detachable, it’s not connected right there so you can take it off, put it on if you please and it does also include that nice windscreen right there. You will also see on the bottom of the headset you just plug it right in there and then you are set and it’s really nice and solid no matter where you put it, it stays like it does not Bend out of place or anything really nice and heavy-duty.



Corsair HS70

Sound-wise this headset is brilliant. It goes super loud when listening to music and without messing with the software, the bass is really prominent in the mix but you will still get those lovely mids and highs coming through clearly. There is no distortion or breaks on high volume or when you’re playing really bassy tracks. Gaming wise it’s a winner for me, the sound profile is customizable so you can get exactly how you like it, but for me, it was perfect, to begin with, you could hear all the footsteps really well explosions were realistic and they weren’t blown out. You can even listen to music while playing and also scroll online. So, you can have multiple things going on at once as a norm.

With this headphone, you can connect simultaneously to wireless Bluetooth and a wired output. This would be great for someone if they usually have two inputs that they want to listen to at once. If you have that you can play and talk together on discord but these two don’t normally go together very well so you will have to keep an overhead headset and a little earbud inside those headsets too to hear both things at once. This would be a fantastic fit for you and to have that full volume control of both things simultaneously. You can even use the power button or the MFB or media function button as it’s called in the manual to go back and forward track play and pause also, you can answer and end calls from your phone which is really cool or not depending on if you want an excuse not to pick up.

Hyperx Cloud 2

This headphone sounds awesome, they are solid no matter what if you’re on PC, if you’re on Xbox, Playstation 4, or, the Nintendo switch, or, just listen to music. they sound solid. Again do use pleather ear cups which sure it might make your ears a little bit harder but they hold some of that sound and they just maybe bring out that bass a little bit more. When you put on the little velvet ones it lets a little bit of sound bleed out but they are extremely comfortable and extremely breathable but, again I recommend you keeping on pleather ones just to lock in some of that sound but they really come to life when you plug in the little sound card there which connects by USB and it works on the ps4 or the PC again it does not work on the Xbox but this thing will bring this headset to life like is just absolutely amazing.

Honestly, some of older headset that comes with fake fluffy 7.1 surround sound that you feel like it drops a lot of the low-end and just really brings out a lot of the high-end and, this doesn’t do it what it does whenever you click that 7.1 it just feels like it really just brings a bigger punch to the headset not saying I like its heavy bass or anything but it’s just like enhances the volume is what it sounds like the lows are still there the MS are still there and the highs are still there nothing is overpowering one another you know it sounds very good with the little sound card. It sounds great with a 3.5 but you will notice a massive difference with the little sound card plugged in. One thing which should be on the sound card was whenever you’re adjusting your volume like if you get to the highest volume setting I wish it like made a little notification sound in the headset or the same with the mic if you went all the way down or all the way up, which it doesn’t again that’s just my kind of griping and complaining I wish that was on it but again when you get to the max volume it’s just there you don’t get any sort of notification.

Hyperx cloud 2


Corsair HS70 is good for gaming. It does offer great sound quality. It gives a nice texture and the build quality of this headphone is good. The bass is also deep and powerful. Overall this headphone is good to go. While HyperX cloud 2 is also good for gaming but still it is too bulky. The build quality is also okay and not amazing your ears may get a little warm after gaming for a while. Also, it is not much comfortable.

The price of the Corsair HS70 and HyperX cloud 2 is around $99, which is almost the same. According to my opinion, you should go for Corsair HS70 as I found it better in everyday than that of the HyperX cloud 2.

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