Fun Fall Family Adventures

The air is crisp, the leaves are turning colors, and the late summer sunsets have turned into early autumn evenings. Beaches and backyard barbecues may not be on the agenda anymore, but that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t have plenty of adventures this fall. Whether you prefer to take things easy on the weekends or get in some exercise, there are plenty of things your family can do this autumn.

Visiting a Pumpkin Patch

If you have school-age children, visiting a pumpkin patch is a great way to bond with the kids, help them run out some of their energy, and have an all-day adventure that lasts into the evening at home. Start the day by browsing a local farm’s pumpkin patch to find just the right ones to take home. Depending on which farms are near you, you may also get to taste apple cider and pumpkin donuts, traipse through tunnels made of hay, find your way through a corn maze, go on a hayride, or even spend time riding horses or petting smaller farm animals.

Mapping Out a Leaf Extravaganza

One of the best things about the change from summer to fall is the gorgeous hues of red, orange, and yellow as the leaves change color and make their way to the ground below. Why not take the family on a hike or bike ride through some of your city’s parks? If you don’t all have bikes, you can search for the best bikes online. When you’re ready to hit the trails, be sure to stop for pictures. Bring some hot cocoa and a snack to have at a rest area along the way, especially if you’ll be biking longer trails.

Biking to an Apple Orchard

Apples are at their best during the autumn months. If you’re lucky enough to live near an orchard, you can get the family moving and grab some delicious treats along the way. Once you’ve each found your best e bike for winter, attach some baskets to your handlebars and head to a local orchard. Whether you decide to eat your fill at the orchard or head home to make apple pies or other yummy treats, there’s no denying the fun of a day at an orchard. 

Hosting a Costume Party

Spending time outdoors during the fall is always fun, but sometimes that chill in the air is just too much, especially if you have smaller children. When you want to spend time indoors, why not host a costume party? Parties are a good idea because you can scale them to your comfort level, inviting only family, only close friends, or more people as you see fit. You can even keep it to your immediate family. Have everyone dress up in their favorite costumes, carve pumpkins, eat plenty of yummy treats, and watch a spooky movie or two for a fun fall night indoors.

No matter what you want to do this fall, staying active is essential for remaining healthy throughout the colder months. Check out some of these events and remember to grab bikes for the whole family to enjoy all winter long. The electric Frida is especially popular!