GoPro Hero7 Vs Hero6 (Black): A Detailed Comparison

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This is the comparison between the GoPro Hero7 and the Hero6 which is the predecessor of the Hero7. Both has some positive features which will be useful. Checkout is the Hero7 worth over the Hero6.

gopro-hero-7-blackhero 6
GoPro Hero7 BlackGoPro Hero6 Black
New design doesn’t require special housing for mounts. Image stabilization is even better than before.
New Mods attachments provide more versatility.
Durable, waterproof body.
Slick 4K video at 60fps.
Super-slow-motion 240fps video.
Improved image stabilization. Much better Wi-Fi transfer speeds.
Camera gets very hot while recording.
New fixed lens isn’t as easy to repair as prior models.
May not be as rugged as earlier GoPro cameras.
Still requires patience to operate.
Controls can be cumbersome.
An expensive hobby gadget.
MODELGoPro Hero7 BlackGoPro Hero6 Black
BrandGoPro GoPro
DETAILS GoPro Hero7 Black GoPro Hero6 Black
IMAGE SENSOR GoPro Hero7 Black GoPro Hero6 Black
Image SensorCMOS Sensor CMOS Sensor
Effective Pixels 12.0 MP 12.0 MP
Image Stabilization Yes Yes
VIEWFINDER & MONITOR GoPro Hero7 Black GoPro Hero6 Black
Viewfinder Type
LCD 2 Inch2 Inch
FOCUS GoPro Hero7 Black GoPro Hero6 Black
Focus Type
FLASH GoPro Hero7 Black GoPro Hero6 Black
Flash Mode
RECORDING SYSTEM GoPro Hero7 Black GoPro Hero6 Black
Recording MediaSD CardmicroSD
MOVIE GoPro Hero7 Black GoPro Hero6 Black
Movie Recording
INTERFACE GoPro Hero7 Black GoPro Hero6 Black
POWER SOURCE GoPro Hero7 Black GoPro Hero6 Black
BatteryStandardRechargeable, Li-ion Battery
FEATURES GoPro Hero7 Black GoPro Hero6 Black
Features Get stunning 4K60 video and 12MP photos that are as awesome as real life.
Capture super smooth, stabilized time lapse video – even as you move through a scene. Ultra high frame rate 1080p240 video allows up to 8X slow motion to relive epic moments in all their glory.
Grab a selfie or group shot with your whole crew in the frame.
HERO7 Black tags your video with faces, places and action so the GoPro app can edit automatically. Perfectly frame your photos and videos with just a touch.
Everything moves right to the GoPro app, so you can post, text, tweet or Snapchat with the quickness.
Track your speed, distance and elevation, then prove it by adding stickers to videos in the GoPro app.
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT GoPro Hero7 Black GoPro Hero6 Black
Dimensions (WxHxD)1.75 x 2.44 x 1.26 in

By BackPackerBanter
Sure it’s still not perfect – but this is easily my favourite GoPro yet and has firmly found its place in my travel kit list as well as allowing me to shed some extra weight and space in my hand luggage, which any traveller will tell you is always welcome!

By TechAdvisor
So the GoPro Hero 7 Black isn’t hugely different from the last model. In fact, when it comes to design and core specs, it’s pretty much the same. The new features are on the inside and within the software. Namely HyperSmooth brings excellent stabilisation that will be a real boon for anyone using the camera in situations where a gimbal isn’t an option.

By ExpertReviews
Buttery smooth video, waterproofing and HDR photography skills – the Hero 7 Black is the best action camera on the market.

By Wired
Ultimately, there’s nothing not to like here, but it feels more like an iterative upgrade rather than a whole new camera. It’s like when iPhone goes from the 6 to the 6S, or from the X to the XS. That’s not a bad thing. The Hero6 Black was our number one recommended action cam last year, and the Hero7 Black is the same camera, but better. What’s unknown is if these updates will be enough to keep the Hero on the throne throughout another year.

By Mashable 
The GoPro Hero 7 Black’s built-in stabilization is so good it eliminates the need for expensive and clunky gimbals.

Expert Reviews of GoPro Hero6 Black:  

By TechAdvisor
For £500 you’d expect an exceptional action camera, and the GoPro Hero 6 Black is exactly that. It delivers surprisingly stable, smooth footage with better colours and contrast than the Hero 5. Photos show a marked improvement, too.

By TechRadar
The GoPro Hero6 Black gets a major update with 4K 60fps and super-slow-motion Full HD 240fps video. These, along with improvements to image quality, faster transfer speeds and smaller file sizes make this the new best action camera.

By  TrustedReviews
The GoPro Hero 6 Black improves over the Hero 5 Black on multiple fronts. It’s the best action camera you can buy today.

By Cnet  
GoPro one ups its own top camera with the Hero6 Black and its superior stabilization and performance in the same small waterproof package as its predecessor.

By Engadget  
The Hero 6 is the first camera from GoPro to feature the company’s custom GP1 image processor, and it looks like a successful debut. Video framerates have been doubled almost across the board, making the Hero 6 the slow-mo lovers dream. Better image stabilization and manual exposure settings mean the camera has tools for more demanding users. At $499, it’s not cheap, but it’s a worthy upgrade for anyone looking to maximize their creative options from the rugged little camera.

Detail Review:


GoPro Hero7 Black

This camera has lot more new and useful features and also upgraded features of Hero6. The upgraded features all are quite useful and there’s much more difference in the quality when compared to the previous models. 

GoPro Hero6 Black 

This camera is is better in almost every single way than the Hero 5. This camera is much expensive than the Hero5. You have to be probably like a professional or you’ve got to really want this camera to pay up for it. This camera has some upgraded features than its previous model Hero5.

gopro hero7 black 1


GoPro Hero7 Black

This is the hero 7 black and GoPro has launched two other models with this which are the silver and the white. The black is the top-end model which has some extra features that are not available on silver and white.

The design is the same as the GoPro Hero 5 and the Hero6 and I think that it’s good to have the same design, so that it would fit with all old accessories but with new features. The battery is also the same as five and the six which is very good. The aftermarket batteries do not work with the GoPro seven. This camera has voice control and also GPS, actually made the new user interface more like a cell phone. It’s a little easier to handle and more intuitive.

GoPro Hero6 Black

This looks identical to the Hero 5. I mean, there’s only very minor points that you can even tell that it’s the Hero 6 rather than the Hero 5. It’s got mostly rubber hard plastic, it’s gonna be really durable. It’s got that 2-inch full-color touchscreen display on the back that’s for previewing media for looking at a shot. It does have the exact same battery capacity as the Hero 5.


GoPro Hero7 Black

The features are, it has the hyper smooth stabilization, the time warp which is the hyperlapse, live streaming, and super photo which is HDR. It has only three options in the menu which are the video, photo, and the time-lapse. It also has the Wi-Fi the connections of voice control.

For the live video, first thing you need to do is connect the GoPro with your phone and open the GoPro app then select the live option and click on setup live and just make sure the Bluetooth is on. For setting up the live, you can change the settings and connect to your Facebook account.

You need to connect to a Wi-Fi network because you cannot use the mobile network, once you are connected to the Wi-Fi click on setup live and you are good to go live. You cannot view the live feed on the GoPro app, you have to click on view on Facebook and one thing I have to mention that you can go live only on Facebook and that too on your personal profile not on your Facebook page.

GoPro Hero6 Black

It’s water-resistant down to 10 meters without using an external housing unit. It also has those three microphones and then the software is automatically gonna try to find the best audio for you. It does have GPS and GoPro launched a feature very similar to G metrics from Garmin to show like gauges about your activity on the screen, so you can see a lot more about what you’re doing.

This battery has a decent battery life. In fact, it’s the exact same from what I found as the hero 5. At 1080p at 60 frames per second with everything else turned off, I went an hour and 55 minutes of continuous footage that’s pretty good. When we switch it into 4k though it went about 30 minutes of continuous footage, so pretty good battery life overall but when you switch it into 4k, it’s gonna drain that battery life quickly. So, you may consider getting a few extra batteries if you plan on pushing 4k really hard.

It does now have 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi which is great that’s gonna mean that your footage is gonna transfer from your camera to your phone quicker and that’s the big problem with GoPros. You take a lot of great footage and you end up sharing virtually none of it, GoPros trying to solve that by allowing you to transfer your media faster and they added a quick stories feature within their mobile app, so that you can like seamlessly create videos that are shareable. This is pretty cool one concept. You can also pair with the camera via Bluetooth.

hero 6 1


GoPro Hero7 Black

It also has protune where you can manually adjust exposure, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance. In the photo menu, there is one option RAW, so if you select the wall it will click RAW photos and there is another one which is the Super photo. If you turn the Super photo on, it will click HDR photos which will disable the RAW and some other photo modes are burst and the night mode. When he photos are clicked in night, there is one lack which is the aperture control. You cannot set aperture on this camera.

The difference between the raw and the super photo is kind of clearly visible. Raw is out of colors and the super photo is full of contrast and colors. Raw photos is good for editing as you can add colors and contrast as for you need and the super photo actually it comes with a lot of colors and contrast but if you still need to edit it, you could do that but your photos are good for editing.

The picture quality is the same, there’s 12 megapixels per picture, however, they have a new feature for HDR. Super photos is the HDR whole, in this mode it combines two to three or more photos to enhance the color and contrast of photo, if you do not like to edit your photos then super photo mode is for you.

GoPro Hero6 Black

The other thing that it does well is that it’s going to not only make the camera work faster but it’s going to help with facial recognition and it helps with low-light performance for photos and for video. You’re still getting 12 megapixel stills but this time you’re gonna get HDR photos and then you can get those RAW files as well which is great for some edits in post.

hero7 2


GoPro Hero7 Black

The new thing in the video is it can shoot 4k up to 60 frames per second and in the stabilization part, if you want to keep the stabilization on then select auto or else select off. The camera did very well in the stabilizer bar and it also gives some good photos.

In the time-lapse, the first option is the time warp. So, in the time warp settings, we can change the resolution, field of view, and the speed. The other time-lapse options are the time-lapse video to time-lapse photo, the night lapse photo. 

The hyper smooth is the USB of this camera and in that factor, it has done really well because you do not need a gimbal at all but if you still have a gimbal with you, it’s also great. 

There’s new feature where you can actually shoot 15-second 30-second clips, so you don’t have to leave it on, you click it once and it gives you 15 second recording time or 30 second recording time. 4k at 60 frames per second can be stabilized. Also, we got 1080p and we actually have all the way up to 240 frames per second which is the same thing you’ll find in the GoPro 6.

If you do 60 frames-per-second, it does standard stabilization. However, if you go to 30 frames per second. it gives you a hyper smooth stabilization and at 24 frames per second also gives you hyper smooth. 2.7 K 120 frames per second stabilization is not supported. As far as the video go, there is not much difference between the Hero7 and Hero6. But, there is little bit difference in audio and the colour.

GoPro Hero6 Black

This camera has more 4k and better 4k and the other really nice thing about the Hero 6 is that it does ultra slow motion video at 1080p. So, Hero 5 did 1080p up to 120 frames per second which is great because you can technically slow that down to like 30 frames per second or 24 frames per second. Now with the hero 6, it does 1080p 240 frames per second which means you can slow that way down like 10 times down all the way down to 24 frames per second or like 30 frames per second but really ultra slow motion footage on this hero 6.

The other thing that’s really cool about the Hero 6 is that you can now zoom on this camera. So, this is the first GoPro to have that zooming capability. So, you have wide view by default then you have super view and linear view and then you have a zoom bar on the side, so that way you can zoom in that gives you medium frame of you. The one thing is you can’t zoom in 4k as of this post and then you also can’t zoom while you’re filming. So, you have to set up the shot first, you can’t zoom in the process of filming but still it’s really nice to have that on this camera because we haven’t seen it before but since Hero6 has a brand new custom processor which is one of the biggest improvements amongst many others is actually to stabilization.

So, the Hero5 had stabilization which is really cool but it’s way better now on Hero 6. It’s basically gonna completely erase your footsteps as though, it’s not gonna entirely negate the need for a gimbal.

In the video, when You compare to the hero 5, its sharper clearer and to us has better contrast and that’s by the way with or without protune on. The hero 6 might be a little oversaturated and in fact, I think it tends to do that but when compared to the hero 5 which tends to mute the colors. I think it actually has more accurate colors.

hero6 2


Is the hero 7 worth getting over the Hero 6? Maybe, in almost every way the two cameras are very similar, darn near identical. The only really standout feature in my mind is the stabilization. So, if you really want awesome built-in stabilization then absolutely get the Hero 7. It is the best stabilization I have ever seen period but if you don’t need the stabilization as much I would stick with the Hero 6 black. The stabilization is still okay, the image quality is still great. It is the same camera without the amazing stabilization and can be found for 100 bucks less.

So, if you’re just looking for a regular action camera, you can go for Hero6 black and if you need stabilization then your vhoice should be Hero7 black. Again, they’re both great.