Guide to Adjusting Your Glasses

Hey, trendsetters! We know, there’s nothing worse than constantly pushing up your stylish frames when you’re trying to conquer the day. Glasses aren’t just a vision tool; they’re a fashion statement that’s as much a part of you as your favourite playlist. So, let’s make sure they fit like a dream. Adjusting your glasses isn’t a bore; it’s another form of self-expression. Are you with us? Let’s dive right in.

The All-Important Nose Bridge

It’s not just about how high you set your goals but also how comfortably your glasses rest on your nose, especially considering your face shape. A misfit nose bridge can be a downright annoyance, but a bit of tweaking goes a long way. If your glasses have nose pads, use needle-nose pliers to gently adjust the angle. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right. No nose pads? No problem! Heat the bridge slightly with a hairdryer and gently bend it. 

Ear Grips: Your Glasses’ Backbeat

A great tune has a beat you can’t ignore, and your ear grips are your glasses’ backbeat. Glasses sliding down? The temple arms might be too straight. Bend them gently for a snug fit behind your ears. But remember, comfort is king. If they’re too tight, you’ll feel like you’re in a vice grip.

The Balancing Act: Eyewear Edition

Balance isn’t just for tightrope walkers; it’s for your chic frames too. If your glasses are uneven, chances are you’re not seeing the world as clearly as you could be. Place them on a flat surface to identify any imbalance. Is one side higher than the other? Bend the corresponding temple arm ever so slightly. Again, you might want to heat it first to avoid any damage.

Lens Care: The Window to Your Soul

Your lenses are more than just a piece of glass; they’re the window to your stylish soul and require consistent lens care to keep them in tip-top shape. Keep them free from scratches, dirt, and smudges to ensure that you always see life in high definition. A microfibre cloth should be your go-to for daily lens care. Wipe gently in circular motions and store your glasses in a case when they’re not jazzing up your face. 

Dare to Repair

Sometimes, life happens. A loose screw or an unexpected tumble doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for your frames. A mini screwdriver set should be part of your lifestyle toolkit. Tighten screws with caution and keep spare ones handy. Better to be prepared than let a tiny mishap ruin your day.

How to Rock a Chic Look with Tinted Lenses

Tinted lenses aren’t just for rock stars; they’re a functional fashion statement for anyone looking to amp up their style. If your frames are ready for an update, consider adding a tint. Not only will you look fabulous, but you’ll also get that much-needed UV protection. Just make sure it complements your frame colour for a killer combo.

Find Your Ideal Frame Thickness

Thick frames make a bold statement, while slender frames often exude elegance. Consider the weight as well; heavier frames might require more frequent adjustments. Your choice in frame thickness can be tailored not only to your face shape but also to your lifestyle. Whether you’re hitting the gym or heading to a music festival, your frames should go the distance with you.

Anti-Reflective Coating: The Unsung Hero

Ever tried taking a selfie only to have your lenses steal the spotlight with glare? An anti-reflective coating can make all the difference. It reduces glare from screens and headlights, making your eyes more visible and reducing strain. A simple trip to the optometrist can add this unsung hero to your lenses.

Mix and Match: Seasonal Styling

Who says you should stick to one pair of glasses? Your wardrobe changes with the seasons, so why not your frames? Brands like Arlowolf eyewear offer a diverse range of styles that can meet all your sartorial needs. Consider having a casual pair for everyday wear, a formal pair for business settings, and even a funky pair for nights out. You’re not one-note, so your eyewear shouldn’t be either.

The Nifty Neck Cord: Never Lose Sight

If you’re always misplacing your glasses, a neck cord can be a lifesaver. Not just for librarians or grandparents, today’s neck cords come in various styles, from beaded boho to sleek metallics. Keep your glasses within reach without sacrificing an iota of style.

Adjusting your glasses is more than a chore; it’s a fun way to fine-tune your style and comfort. So, go ahead, get hands-on with your eyewear and make them truly your own.