How to Create the Perfect Summer Relaxation Area in your Garden

Summer in Australia is hot by anyone’s standards and for the locals, it is a time for partying and entertaining, which means you need to do a little work to make your exterior living space suitable for some serious partying and lots of guests.

Timber decking

Most Aussie homes have a timber deck in the back garden, while there is a growing number of pergolas in Melbourne that are ideal for a rest and relaxation area. If you would like to replace your timber deck, there are specialist companies that build patios, decks, pergolas and even Bali huts.

Google Images for inspiration

There is no limit to what you can do; whether you fancy a Polynesian Island look or a stunning hardwood pergola that is built into the property. Tailored solutions from a leading specialist will transform your outdoor living space and the project will be finished well before summer arrives. Why not invite a technician round to offer a few ideas?

Grass or synthetic?

If you love a nice garden but not the maintenance that goes with it, artificial grass might be for you. They even have pet-friendly products and you can finally get rid of that old mower, which you’ll never have to push again! If you choose real grass, make sure the turf is thick and watered every day for 3 weeks when first installed. Either way, a lawn area makes all the difference, especially when entertaining and keeping it looking tidy is important.


If you have the budget, a fully retractable roof that is made to measure is the ultimate shading; other options include umbrellas, cantilever parasols or even fabric awnings. This is why pergolas are very popular in Melbourne and with specialist firms that build to order, there’s no limit to what you can do. All they need is an image and they can replicate anything. Timber is one option, while composite materials are maintenance-free. Click here for how to integrate wrought iron into your outdoor living space.

Garden features

How about a water fountain? Or a rockery with a waterfall and some Koi Carp? Your local landscape gardener would have many ideas; it depends on two things, your concept and your budget. He has seen it all and can create stunning natural features from vines and other creepers; a wicker arch looks amazing when covered in vines with pink blossom. Nature can be manipulated in some clever ways; take a look at some of the shaped hedges that people create; garden art is now a thing!

If you are looking to get into gardening, YouTube has you covered, with 1000s of outdoor projects, with step-by-step instructions, so you really can’t go wrong; of course, if you have a budget, the landscaper is the man to call; he can design the ultimate relaxation corner and with so many outdoor features, the sky is the limit.