How to Overcome Dating Anxiety: Techniques for Confidence

Dating in the world today can be a scary thing, especially with all of the messaging we receive on social media and pop culture about all of the different ways to act on dates and how to present ourselves. There can be a lot of pressure to perform a certain way when in reality, we are all unique individuals who date in different ways. If you are someone who experiences dating anxiety, you are not alone. Read below to see how you can overcome dating anxiety and get yourself out there again. 

Positive Self-Talk

The best way to begin to build self-confidence when it comes to dating is to be kind to yourself. This can mean writing down positive affirmations about yourself on sticky notes and sticking them to your bathroom mirror or just giving yourself daily reminders that you are amazing and worthy of love. It may seem cheesy, but it does actually work if you are consistent with it. Repetitively telling yourself that you are cool, funny, attractive, etc. means that you are giving yourself positive energy and manifesting good things for the future. 

Experiment with Dating Apps

A great perk of dating apps is that you can talk to people before meeting up with them in person. This can alleviate anxiety for some people who get nervous about meeting total strangers. By using a dating app, you can establish a rapport with someone before you ever meet them so that you at least have a baseline for conversation when you do meet up. If you have ever only tried dating in bars or other public spaces, then trying out a dating app might be a good way to test the waters of speaking to someone before going on an in-person date with them. This may alleviate some anxiety for future dating experiences. 

Embrace Rejections

Although this may seem a little too far in the other direction, it is good for you to acknowledge that not every date is going to be a perfect date, and not everyone is compatible. It is ok to get rejected because it is a learning experience. Obviously, nobody likes to feel like they are not liked, but it happens to everyone and we do it to others as well. It is a part of life. The best thing you can do in a rejection situation is to think about what you learned from it and move on to the next. Every rejection will lead you closer to the right match.

Focus on Personal Development 

One of the most important things to remember when you are dating is to never lose yourself. Although you may be trying to find a life partner, you should always remember that you are your own person first and you do not need another person to complete yourself. As you build your own self-confidence and personal development, your dating anxiety will be minimized because you will realize that a partner is not a need, but a want.

The anxiety that comes from dating is a shared human experience and does have the power to deter you from dating, but only if you let it. If you follow these simple techniques and remember to stay true to yourself, you can build confidence and find what you are looking for.