How to Put Your Stamp on a New Build

New builds offer a unique opportunity for buyers to transform them into their envisioned dream dwellings. Beyond the basic fixtures like kitchen fittings and flooring, buying a new home essentially provides a blank canvas, granting homeowners abundant creative freedom for interior design and decoration. Putting your stamp on a property does have to wait a little with a new build because the structure needs time to dry and settle – usually 6-12 months. But once you’re past that, you have so many options to create the exact look and feel you want. Read on for some inspiration.


Bringing your own furniture into a new home is one of the biggest changes you can make early on. Whether it’s a statement sofa to enliven the living room or beds and wardrobes to flesh out the master suite, adding furniture gives the feel and functionality of a home.

You can bring furniture you already own or start fresh with new pieces chosen specifically for the new build you’ve moved into. Be sure to get all the measurements just right so you don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit!

Colours schemes and décor

Once your new house is ready for decorating, changing the colour scheme throughout with walls, ceilings and other decorative elements makes a drastic change. You’ll be so used to the neutral tones that were used during the building process that you’ll barely recognise the property when it’s been infused with different colours.

A bold and bright theme or warm and cosy atmosphere may suit you better, but whatever your preference, the rest of your décor can complete the finishing touches. Artwork, ornaments, soft furnishings and the finer details all play an equally important part in setting the mood.


Whether all the fixtures and fittings have been installed already or not, playing with lighting can transform your new living spaces more than you might realise. Additional down lighting or under cabinet LED strips can do wonders for kitchens and bathrooms.

Elsewhere, freestanding lamps provide a more delicate light for living rooms and bedrooms. Don’t forget, bulbs can create a unique atmosphere and there are so many different types these days.

Outdoor space

Your attention may be more focused outside than in until your property is ready for more extensive decorating, so designing your new build garden can be an exciting project early on. Laying turf or planting grass seed is the first step to adding greenery that may be missing so soon after construction.

Depending on your hobbies, you may want to create a small vegetable plot, install some raised beds or create a patio area for BBQs and hosting. Be sure to maximise the space with careful planning and preparation.