Huawei Matebook 14s: Huawei’s Most Expert Compact Laptop

Huawei’s series of laptops has not varied a lot in the last some years, leastwise not physically. Accorded, the CPUs have been updated simply if you cast 2019, 2020, and 2021 editions of the MateBook 14s, MateBook X Pro, or MateBook D15 adjacently, you would find out it hard to check.

What do you require to know?

The 14.2-inch matebook 14s ports into the Huawei pecking order just under the series-topping 13.3in MateBook X Pro and higher up the 14in MateBook 14, with similar specs and prices – give thanks to the rebates Huawei offers – adjudicating which machine to go for is not easy.

That is not inevitably a problem, although. Huawei’s light laptops bear something to be stated for them, letting in super touchscreen displays, adept keyboards, and excellent build quality. 


At the time of composition, the brand-new MateBook is acquirable from the Huawei website at just £1,200. That is for the edition with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. 

Design & Build Quality:

I have frequently criticized Huawei for its want of adventure concerning design. For the early 4 years, each ordered model in its laptop series has looked much like the old one. Its stubborn refusal to chuck the absurd positioning of the webcam under a false function key was added stick. Thankfully, the winds of alter are blowing out through Huawei’s design department. While the MateBook 14s has a solid family resemblance to the MateBook X Pro and MateBook D15, the webcam has been prompted to the more conventional position higher up the display.

You are able to choose from 2 colors – spruce green (512GB edition) or space grey (1TB edition) – and both appear rather stylish. The satin finishing, in particular, does a bang-up job of not showing fingermarks.

Keyboard and Webcam:

Like the build, the keyboard deck is exhaustively strong and demonstrates barely any flex, tied when you biff the center. It has an exact and fair 1.5mm action and a 2-level backlight, though this is dull even in the shinier setting. The touchpad, then again, is extensive and generally perfect with an appreciated click-action.

 The MateBook 14s’ 720p photographic camera is pretty poor in video recording quality. Still, it does leastwise abide by Windows Hello IR recognition and, if that is not your biometric bag, in that respect, there is as well a fingerprint image scanner built into the power push button.

Display and Audio:

The MateBook 14s bears a 14.2in, 2,520 x 1,680 3:2 LTPS screen display, and it is a gloat. The quadruplet loudspeaker system is even as technically arresting as the display screen, pumping out enough volume and a dollop of bass. It executes the loudspeaker system in the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 at a really close second. 


Still, if Huawei were selling the MateBook 14s on its personal for £1,200, I would rate it as a bang-up buy. Simply the fact that you are catching on with a load of give-up gear, letting in a monitor and mouse, creates it even more alluring.