JBL Flip 6 vs Charge 5: Which is worth?

Today I’ll contrast the latest JBL Flip 6 with the Charge 5. Now that I’ve tested both of these speakers over the past few weeks, I hope that this post will assist you in choosing which speaker is best for you if you’re deciding between the two.

Flip 6Charge 5
+ Outstandingly portable.
+ Graphic EQ.
+ Fantastic battery life.
+ Balanced mid-range.
Doesn’t get very loud.
Requires second unit for stereo audio.
Requires two units for stereo sound.
Compression artifacts at max volume.

JBL Flip 6 vs Charge 5: Specs

CategoriesFlip 6Charge 5
Woofer Size45 x 80mm52mm x 90mm
Tweeter Size16mm20mm
Woofer Power20W30W
Tweeter Power10W10W
Frequency response63Hz – 20kHz60Hz – 20kHz
Battery type17.28Wh27 Wh
Battery charge time2.5 hours4 hours
Music playtimeup to 12 hoursup to 20 hours
USB Charging TypeUSB – CUSB – C
Bluetooth version5.15.1
Bluetooth Power≤10dBm≤20dBm
Speaker Dimensions7.0 x 2.6 x 2.8″8.7 x 3.76 x 3.67″
Speaker Weight1.21 lbs2.11 lbs
Waterproof RatingIP67IPX7

JBL Flip 6 vs Charge 5: Key Differences & Similarities

1. Price & Battery Life

Okay, now that we’ve contrasted the Flip 6 with the previous Flip 5, how does it contrast with its larger sibling, the Charge 5? The Charge 5 has a higher starting price of $139.95, but many retailers are selling it for $169, so there is actually a $30 price difference if you shop around.

It also has a longer battery life than the Flip 6 with 20 hours as opposed to 12 hours, and it can actually be used to charge your phone like a power bank.

2. Design & Durability

There is no difference between the two now because they both have the same level of durability and the same water and dust ratings. The Charge 5 is much larger and heavier than the Flip 6 in terms of design, and it has rubber elements on the base to keep it stable.

According to the statistics, the Charge 5 weighs 960 grammes as opposed to the Flip 6’s 550 grammes, which makes it almost twice as heavy and difficult to throw in a bag. Now, based solely on appearance, the Charge 5 appears to be intended to be a speaker you keep stationary, whereas the Flip 6 feels slightly more like a portable speaker you can take with you when you go out and about.

3. Features

Both come in the same nine colour options. If you’re anticipating the squad colourway, you’re in luck. Additionally, both provide the Party Boots feature, which enables the wireless pairing of multiple JBL speakers for improved audio quality. The Charge 5 is not backwards compatible with any earlier connect plus JBL speakers, just like the Flip 6 is.

4. Sound Performance

Although both speakers have separate bass drivers and tweeters and the same internals in terms of sound quality, the Charge 5 is a 40-watt speaker, while the Flip 6 is a 30-watt speaker. In terms of driver size, the Charge 5 has 52 mm by 90 mm drivers and a 20 mm tweeter compared to the Flip 6’s 45 mm by 80 mm drivers and a 16 mm tweeter.

It is a little unbalanced because the Flip 6 has EQ adjustments that the Charge 5 doesn’t. It would be fantastic if JBL could also bring the EQ to the charge-5 users.

5. Sound Quality

When you turn up the volume to about 60% and above, the Charge 5 starts to distance itself from the Flip 6, although the Flip 6 still has better bass at higher volumes. Listening at lower volumes, the Flip 6 is close to the Charge 5.

The Charge 5 has more evenly balanced mids overall, and I found that the Flip 6 wasn’t the most enjoyable speaker to listen to at those higher volumes because it is a fairly bright speaker that sounds harshest when the volume is turned up. The Flip 6 isn’t too far behind, even though the Charge 5 is a larger speaker with a bigger sound and deeper bass.


The Charge 5’s longer battery life and improved sound quality make it worthwhile to spend the extra money. As much as I adore this Flip 6, it can’t quite compete with the size difference of the Charge 5. That’s okay, though, because they are for different budgets and buyers.

If you’re happy with a slightly less bass-heavy sound performance and 12 hours of battery life, you’re good at sticking with the Flip 6 and saving yourself a little money. Those seeking truly portable audio should opt for the Flip 6, while those seeking a more powerful bass performance will find the Charge 5 more advantageous.