Logitech G Pro Vs Corsair HS50: Which One is for You?

corsair hs50 vs logitech g pro

This is the comparison between the Logitech G Pro and the Corsair HS50 headsets. The Price of both the headphones are not same and also there’s a big difference in their price range. Check which one is for you.

logitech gproCorsair-HS50-
Logitech G ProCorsair HS50
Stellar microphone performance.
Expansive sound-stage. Comfortable and sturdy.
Strong stereo sound. Comfortable and sturdy. Excellent value.
Underwhelming bass response causes FPS games to lack punch.
Sound bleeding.
Disappointing noise isolation.
Lacks surround sound.
Mic could be easily misplaced.
ModelG Pro
Driver Unit50mm50mm
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance35 ohms32 Ohms @ 1 kHz
Sensitivity91.7 dB SPL @ 1 mW & 1 cm111dB (+/-3dB)
Connector3.5mm analog
Weight320 g
Impedance2.2k Ohms
Frequency Response100 Hz – 10 kHz
Sensitivity-40dB (+/-3dB)
FeaturesCrafted for comfort, built for battle.
Ultimate comfort and quality.
Crystal clear sound.
The microphone and audio drivers have been tested and evaluated for crystal clear communication and outstanding sound.
Easy to control.
Multi- platform compatibility.

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Detail Review: 


Logitech G Pro

This headset is aimed at those who are into e-Sports. This retails for under $100. The design, build both are good and the headphone looks stylish and it can also be use as a normal headphone for listening music or anything like that. 

Corsair HS 50

This headset looks very simple in design. The comfort is not enough for this price range and the build quality is pretty good. The sound and the microphone sound is also good enough for this range of price. 

logitech g pro 9


Logitech G Pro

It’s got an all black matte / rubbery feel to it and it doesn’t come in on any other colors and nor does it come with that fancy RGB lighting. So, I’ve got no complaints in terms of design. Obviously, is a lot a little bland for some people but for me this is exactly what you want from a pro gaming headset.

The headset itself has a pivoting design, it doesn’t fold in but in terms of this you can put it in your messenger bag or any other bag you have and you can take this a lot easier with you. The headset can be adjusted as pretty much all headphones on market can be but it’s nice to see that there’s some little markings. In terms of the the headphones look and design, it looks pretty nice.

Corsair HS 50

The Corsair HS 50 is a stereo headset designed to be a mainstream product compatible with anything that proudly wears that 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. You’ve got three color options available: blue, green, and carbon which makes these the HS 50 shades of great or at least 3.

The ear cup design is simple and subtle which is my personal preference. The ear cup housing is a matte black plastic with a thin gloss layer between it and the push foam. On the outside, you’ve got a metal mesh design with the Corsair sales logo right in the middle.


Logitech G Pro

Logitech having included also a set of velour, a less deep pads. Now, I personally prefer the leatherette pads because they’re a little bit more comfortable in my ears but you’ve got the velour pads including the packaging is a great addition because everyone’s head and comfort levels are going to be different. Now based on leatherette pads, I felt that the pads were really nice and wide and that’s just due to their the drivers which are quite wide which means that they sit really around your ears rather than on ear in any sort of way.

In terms of the overall comfort of it, I did feel that Logitech headset had a slight clamp and this has kind of got a medium clamp which is great in terms of it not falling off your head. If you’re going to be rage quitting or like rocking your head to some music but the same time, if you wear glasses you’ll find is that it will dig in over a long period of time.

If you’re gonna be gaming for one hour or two hours at a stretch with the headphones on without taking them off then you won’t notice a problem. The headset has a good padding. There’s also padding at the top which prevents the plastic from digging in at the top of your head. So, overall in terms of build and design, I think those two have actually nailed the the headset.

Corsair HS 50

The ear cups and headband use a plush memory foam and a kind of vinyl or faux leather material making them real soft and smooth to the touch. The headband is made of steel and plastic and isn’t super flexible but it does offer adequate clamping force. The band also features adjustments in length with fairly satisfying clicky steps. The circumaural ear cuffs has 50 millimeter drivers – just neodymium for and have a tiny bit of swivel to create a good seal on your head. So, noise isolation isn’t too shabby, just be sure to look both ways before crossing the street.

The plush memory foam admittedly doesn’t feel as soft as it looks on the ears or the headband but the headset is still comfortable. It coming in at a fairly light 300 grams or around 310 with the mic attached. The clamping force is sufficient for keeping these comfortably on head. I typically test headphones in eight-hour sessions for comfort and these passed with flying colors, specifically green blue and black.

corsair hs50 1


Logitech G Pro

Both the microphone and the actual wire that it comes with are both removable which is a great addition because you can remove the microphone and use it as a normal headphone. The microphone connects via a 3.5 mm. It’s got a bendable wire which is very nice indeed and it is a foam tip which is included in the packaging and you’ll be surprised not all headsets on 100 pounds actually have that and that’s great in order to negate popping noises and also has the removable cable terminates by a 3.5 mm jack. However, Logitech have also included a splitter in terms of microphone and line in which is great for PC because it’s voice designed for PC. This means that you can use this 3.5 mm jack directly into your mobile phone or your laptop in order to make it just a little bit more simple.

The cable goes in via a 2.5 millimeter jack into the headphones and there is a little control port with a volume wheel which is the overall volume of the headset and also a mic mute button which is really nice. It is also a short clip as well. In addition, a cable itself has a braided feel to it which means it doesn’t tangle easily.

Corsair HS 50

The right ear cup has nothing else to make note of but the left one sports of volume wheel, mute button for the microphone, and a rubber insert that covers the port for microphone. Hanging off the ear cuff is a 1.5 meter rubber cable accompanied by a Velcro strap terminating in a TRRS connector, meaning you’d only need the one connection if you want to both listen and talk. For inputs that don’t support mic and audio through one port Corsair also includes a roughly 23 centimeter Y splitter for well splitting the wide load.

The HS 50 strength is in its simplicity which may also be its weakness for some of you. Obviously, there’s no RGB but it’d be kind of silly with me to knock it for that since it’s designed to be completely analog anyway. Additionally, there is no Corsair utility engine integration unless you plan on pairing these with their SD 100 headphones.

The mic port is a bit recessed in the ear Cup. So, if you want to use something different from what’s provided, you may run into compatibility issues but considering this and the slight loss in the high-end are the worst, these leave a really strong impression.

The volume wheel on the ear cup is independent of system volume. So, if you roll the wheel all the way down your computers level will remain unaffected. Aside from that these sound pretty good for a pretty fair price. While not quite as comfortable as I expected. It’s still good enough for extended runs and they sound great for the right application but still pretty good otherwise.

logitech g pro 10


Logitech G Pro

In terms of recording quality is you can probably hear, the sound quality is actually really good. However, on the other occasion you can hear still some popping sounds. Now, it depends on how far you adjust your microphone but nevertheless the microphone quality the actual recording quality itself as an auroral recording quality is actually quite quite good at the the mids and highs are really pronounced.

The only thing I feel is missing is a little bit of a bass tones. So, the bass tones are a little bit are negated and the mic isn’t as boomy as are as I’d want it to be. Overall It’s a it’s a good mic and in comparison to some of its competitors, it’s actually among the best ones.

Corsair HS 50

The microphone is a uni directional unit on a flexible arm terminating in a 3.5 millimeter jack. Due to the detachable nature of the microphone, you can replace it with something else if that turns you on instead. 

The microphone is lacking in bass and warmth and picks up a bit of wide noise but otherwise sounds pretty okay. Though it isn’t perfect when it comes to eliminating keyboard clacking.


Logitech G Pro

In terms of the sound quality of the headset I tested it on my amp and receiver, I was actually really surprised at the audio quality. It was really good and I felt that the the headset actually did really good in terms of the mid-range and the highs. The G Pro really had a nice forward sounding mids again somewhat surprising given the fact that this headset costs under hundred pounds something that you don’t normally see on on headsets that cost around this price.

I felt that the headset again had a lot more forward mids but also the overall sound-stage in the instrument separation of the the G Pro was a lot better. It means that when it came to gaming, I could hear enemy’s footsteps coming from different locations such as in counter-strike or when it came to music the instrument separation like in a classic Santana, Africa bamba’s on, you could hear the instruments coming from left and right and were beautifully portrayed. You have a really nice wide drivers and the ear cups as well, it all aids the euroval sound-stage.

The overall sound quality of the G Pro was really good. The sub bass was there, it does cut off a slight frequency but it’s there and therefore for boomy sounds you’re gonna get it through the overall headsets sound quality.

The midbass has a tight slam, it is could be a little bit better controlled but nevertheless it’s tight, it’s not overpowering and it’s not wobbly in any way. The mids are very forward sounding and very impressive and they’re not v-shaped. There could be a little bit better and a little bit more accurate sounding but overall for a headset of its price, it’s very impressive.

There’s plenty of sparkle at the top end and I didn’t feel that I was missing out too much. Overall in terms of the complete frequency, the headset does a fantastic job and in sound-stage, it wasn’t already obvious for gaming and for for music listing. There’s a great instrument separation which is quite wide and deep and also the way the tonality is being portrayed through the headset setting. It doesn’t sound like under $100 but it sounds like something that’s worth more.

Corsair HS 50

In terms of sound, higher frequencies aren’t perfect but these give a comfortable kick in the bass. For games with explosions and intense action, these will make your ears ring in all the right ways. As for music, it really kind of depends. I listen to a lot of rock, metal post hardcore, electronic and that Plus these are literally music to my ears.

Treble present but when you’ve got a lot of sounds clashing. Some of the higher details are lost to the lower levels.

corsair hs50 2


Logitech G Pro

This headset really does punch above all of the competitive headsets. But, it’s approximately 20 pounds more expensive or in some cases only 10 pounds more expensive. The difference is also will be worth for the overall sound quality, recording quality, and from the build quality, and the design of the microphone. This price range for the overall package I can’t think of a single better headset that really competes with this one.

Corsair HS 50

The overall sound and the microphone sound both are good enough for this price range. The design and build quality is also as expected. But, the comfort is not comes as expected for this price range. But, overall it’s good to buy. It can be a good budget headset.