Logitech G233 Vs Astro A10: Which One You Will Choose?

logitech g233 vs astro a10

This is the review of Logitech G233 and Astro A10 headsets. Both are something cheap and budget friendly. Both the headsets has some positive and negative points on their working and quality.

logitech g233astro a10
Logitech G233 Astro A10
Great sound quality makes this good value for money.
Sturdy design that can easily withstand moving around from device to device.
Supports both PC and every console.
Slick, durable design.
Impressive audio performance. Clear microphone.
Not really designed for music and movies, which is where the G233 begins to feel lacking.
Strangely the cable quality drops with the 3.5mm only jack.
A little snug.
BrandLogitechAstro Gaming
Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Sound Output ModeStereoStereo
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20 – 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity107dB at 1 KHz SPL 30 mW / 1 cm104dB +/- 3dDB AT 1 kHz
Impedance32 ohm32 ohms
Diaphragm1.6 in1.6 in
Microphone Technologyelectret condenser
Response Bandwidth100Hz-10KHz
Width3.2 in
Depth6.8 in
Height7.2 in
Weight9.13 oz346 grams
FeaturesGaming Audio Fit for Life – Take PC performance with you.

PROG-G Advanced Audio Driver – Patent-pending design for maximum performance.

Lightweight Comfort – Sports-mesh ear pads.

Incredible Audio and Voice Clarity – Officially discord certified.

Detachable, Transformable – Detachable Boom Mic and Swappable Cables.

Console Compatible – Every game deserves great audio.
Durable construction.
Long-lasting comfort.

Flip-to-mute microphone.

Tuned with Astro audio.

Designed for gaming ,streaming,and VR.

Detail Review:


Logitech G233

Inside the box, we have the headset, a detachable microphone that has a built-in micro pop filter as well as a mobile cable that has inline controls and a cable for PC. Also, there’s a PC splitter for separate mic and headphone jack included.

Astro A10

The design and comfort both are pretty good for this price range. The sound is not that much and also the mic sound. But, foe this price point it’s good.

logitech g233 5


Logitech G233

It is built out of what seems to be a durable plastic with foam ear cups that are really light and can barely even be felt while on your ears. The overall design is very minimalistic and clean. The material of the headset is kind of rubbery and matte in some sort of way but a delight to touch.

With the very clean design, it can look like a regular pair of headphones if you unplug the microphone. So, this is perfect for gaming and for going out and around.

Astro A10

The headset is nice and simple, there’s no buttons or anything like that and no flashy lights on it which is a okay with me. These are the nice gray and blue color, it does say it’s meant for the ps4 oddly enough. When you go to check out the different ones, they have it in blue and red for PC and green for Xbox one but they’re all the exact same. They all do the exact same thing, they just for the color code that but it’s the exact same headset.

They’re definitely not discreet or a low profile on my head at all. You could say just how wide the headband goes out and around. I would have liked it to have been possibly a little bit smaller in that regard.


Logitech G233

It is a very lightweight and comfortable headset to use. The lightweight and comfortable design makes long periods of gaming easy and not irritating. The cheap price tag definitely makes it a much better buy for a gaming headset as well as the very clean and minimalist design which has a gaming feel but also a casual feel to it.

Astro A10

For height adjustment, the ear cups move smoothly along the headband, it’s a real easy adjustment. The ear cups do move just slightly for a better fit on your head. On top of the headband is a little area of padding and it’s the same padding you find in the ear cups that are pretty soft and overall it’s a light to a medium weight headset.

Since it is made of plastic, there’s no real pressure points or anything like that. I would like there be a little bit more padding on the headband but I mean for the most part it is kind of light weight to feel it’s okay.

astro a10 1


Logitech G233

Now the design of the ear cups are very well made and block out a lot of noise but when you bump up the volume a decent amount the headset tends to leak a bit of noise. Another thing that I really did like personally about the design was that the microphone was removable. So, if needed you can take it out and listen to the music on the bus without a mic in your headset.

When I bought them I am not sure that it will work good because of its cheap price. Once I tried them I realized that they were much better than anticipated at that price point. The lightweight design makes it very easy to use for a long period of time and it’s not agitate you.

Astro A10

On the left ear cup, you have the boom mic which goes vertical in order to mute it. On the bottom of the ear cup is your detachable 3.5 millimeter audio cable. It also has some inline volume control so that’s a nice feature. The fact that it’s removable is great because if this ever gets damaged you don’t have to replace the entire headset, you can always just buy a new cable.

There’s no unnecessary buttons or RGB lighting that would drive the cost up. keeping it at low price makes them give you pretty much all they can for that affordable price point.

I think overall for this price point you’re getting a great value with everything considered. You obviously can plug it into your Xbox controller or your ps4 or PC without a problem. So, the whole different color coding for the different platforms is kind of pointless.

logitech g233 2


Logitech G233

The negative point in this headset is the mic of the headset. The mic isn’t really the greatest one out there as well as sometimes when the volume gets bumped up a bit, it tends to leak quite a bit of noise.

Considering the price, the mic is in average mode. You can use it atleast for web chatting with friends and gaming. Overall, you can use it for this types of this things.

Astro A10

Obviously, It sounds something like a standalone microphone or like the mass drop mini mic sounds, a hundred times better but considering it’s an all-in-one package, for a headset in this price range, it’s not a bad mic. I’ve definitely heard a lot worse at a higher price point out some headsets but this will be fine for just chatting with your friends in-game or something like that.


Logitech G233

The sound quality that is exerted from these headphones are very good and have a decent amount of bass. The sound quality from these headphones are very good and can alert you when others are nearby when gaming.

The 40mm driver gives a good bass response. The bass is quite punchy. The sound is good especially for this price. You can hear the clear sound in the headset.

Astro A10

This can be use for casual gaming I mean very casual gaming. If you’re not really know an audiophile yourself or you don’t care too much about the sound quality, these are gonna be fine. I mean, you’re still be able to pinpoint like footsteps relatively easily, the sound quality isn’t like glaringly bad or I wouldn’t recommend these.

astro a10 2


Logitech G233

If you’re on a budget and need a gaming headset that has good sound quality, a detachable mic and that can be used as casual headphones and this may be the headset for you.

Astro A10

The sound quality is a little bit lacking but then in the end again you have to consider the overall value for this price range. A lightweight headset with a built-in mic that’s not too bad you use it across whatever platform or console you want. These are to realize that can pretty much be justified if you want to haul out the price of a video game for a headset as well.

The mic is pretty decent but the negative one is I’m don’t like the overall sound quality. I would have liked some more padding on top of the headband because it is just so like bulky and wide if you can like feel that padding up top. So, maybe some different construction for the headband would have been better. For this price range you’ve your Astro A10 is not a bad value.