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Logitech G403 vs G Pro Mouse: Which One is Better Wired Mouse?

The Logitech G403 Prodigy and Logitech G Pro mouse is compared here. Both are wired mouse and has some simple gaming features. Here, you can get the answer which one is good in gaming as a wired mouse.

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Logitech G403 ProdigyLogitech G Pro
Quick and responsive.
Stylish, understated design.
Familiar feel.
Sleek design.
Responsive buttons.
Intuitive software.
Pretty lighting.
High price for the category.
Touchy sensitivity presets.
No lefty options.
Somewhat similar to other Logitech mice.


Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
Interface2.4 GHz, USBUSB
Movement Detection Technologyopticaloptical
Movement Resolution12000 dpi16000 dpi
Performance1 ms response time, 1000 reports per second, 300 inches per second, 40 G maximum acceleration, realtime sensitivity switching 200 – 12000 dpi
Buttons Qty66
OS RequiredMicrosoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
Width2.7 in2.4 in
Depth4.9 in4.6 in
Height1.7 in1.5 in
Weight3.78 oz2.93 oz
FeaturesUltra-fast, lag-free response from incredibly optimized 2.4 GHz connection.

Lightweight ergonomic design with rubber side grips and a removable 10 g weight.

Advanced button tensioning delivers a clean, consistent click feel and performance with less force.

6 programmable buttons, customizable lighting.

Easy to use Logitech Gaming software.
6 programmable buttons and onboard memory.

Pro gaming mouse is created by Logitech G and top competitive eSports professionals for performance play. Weight is 3 ounce.

Advanced PMW3366 optical gaming sensor delivers exceptional tracking accuracy at any hand speed for pixel precise targeting and high speed maneuvers across the entire 200 to 12,000 DPI range.

Metal Spring Button Tensioning System designed for ultra-consistent and reliable click performance at the highest level of competition. 6 Programmable Buttons.

Customizable with up to 16.8 million RGB lighting colors to match your style, team colors and setup plus synchronize with other Logitech G gaming gear.

Six programmable buttons and onboard memory make it easy to setup and store one-trigger custom commands for your favorite games.

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Logitech G403 Prodigy

The Logitech G403 Prodigy is one of the Mouse known for its excellent sensor, ergonomic shape, and premium build quality. It is one of the simple mouse which delivers a great performance.

Logitech G Pro

This is a lower-cost Mouse, it’s about 90 dollars comparing to another wireless gaming mouse which is around 150. So, it’s still gonna cost you a little bit and it doesn’t look like it’s all that much but it actually performs very nice.

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Logitech G403 Prodigy

The Logitech G403 is a right-handed mouse and features an ergonomic shape similar to the Razer DeathAdder. Though the G403 is a little smaller, and the bump is further back, making it easier to claw grip. The rubber textured sides feel great, and provide a decent grip for any play style. The person with large hands can use palm, claw, and fingertip grip comfortably with the G403. Though unfortunately range of motion with this mouse for large hands may be limited with a claw grip, due to the high bump, and the wide base, which has a downward slope on the right side of the mouse. Though it still provides more range of motion than the DeathAdder Chroma and is less likely to fall out of your hands, providing a better grip overall.

The mouse comes with a 10-gram removable weight, though I would recommend keeping it in for balanced weight distribution. Taking it out makes the mouse heavier towards the front. The mouse weighs about 90 grams without the weight, and 100 grams with the weight installed. On the base, we have rounded mouse feet, which provide a smooth glide and doesn’t scratch the mousepad if you press down too hard when using it.

The mouse shell feels really solid, and the overall feel of the mouse feels very premium. In terms of build quality, this is probably the best mouse I’ve used. It has a 2-meter braided cable, which sadly is a little stiff, and is also quite thick. I always recommend a mouse bungee, but I’d especially recommend one for Logitech’s G403.

Logitech G Pro

It’s a very simple product which is sometimes a good thing. It weighs about 3 ounces or 83 grams and that’s why it gives you the impression when you first take it out of the box that it should probably come off an office supply shelf and not from a premium gaming department perhaps. Once you get into it, you’ll start to appreciate its features a bit more. The first thing that sets it apart is that it has a nice cloth braided cable, so it doesn’t tangle upon, you get about 10 feet of length to it, so it should definitely get around the back of your gaming set up.

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Logitech G403 Prodigy

The G403 Prodigy features 6 buttons, including the scroll wheel, left and right-click, a DPI button, and two side buttons on the left side of the mouse. This mouse uses Omron switches, rated at 20 million clicks. The left and right click are responsive, with very crisp feedback. These are probably the best feeling mouse buttons I’ve ever used, though they are a little light. Logitech claims that this mouse is using custom button tensioning, which keeps the left and right mouse buttons primed to click. The size and position of the side buttons are great, and they provide soft feedback and not too much travel distance. The DPI button is the lightest button to press and provides soft feedback. It allows you to cycle through up to 5 DPI settings, which are customizable in the software. The scroll wheel requires the most force to click and is pretty loud. The scrolling however is relatively quiet, and feels really smooth, but with distinctive steps.

The G403’s sensor is secured in place tightly, eliminating the risk of sensor rattle, and the performance issues that come with it. The Logitech G403 Prodigy uses the 3366 optical sensor, which is technically the best sensor on the market right now, and it definitely feels like it. The sensor is the most responsive I have used so far. The specifications claim a max tracking speed of over 7.6 meters per second or 300 inches. It has polling rate options of 125 to 1000hz and 40G of acceleration.

There is surface tuning, but no option to adjust the lift-off distance. The lift-off distance is very low, as it doesn’t even track on one DVD. Running the surface tuning tool didn’t appear to affect the lift-off distance in any noticeable way. All of my testings were done at 400 DPI, and on a mousepad for best results. All in all, this is an excellent sensor, the best one I have used so far.

Logitech G Pro

The report rate on this is one millisecond over that USB port. The optical sensor here on the bottom runs from 200 to 12,000 DPI, you can set one of these buttons in the software to a stage through different DPI settings. So, you can make the mouse less or more sensitive on the fly just by pushing a button without having to jump back into the control panel. On the back, you have some lighting the logo along with the swoosh are configured together. So, if you turn the logo off, you’ll lose the swoosh, you can’t configure them independently. You can also change the effects of lighting like cycling, static color or you can also off that RGB color.

The buttons can all be configured including the regular mouse button, so you could turn your left mouse click into some kind of macro if you want to do that but you do have a few extra buttons on here to configure macros if you want to keep the mouse function the same. So, the scroll wheel will click, you can set up the extra side buttons to do something different as well.

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Logitech G403 Prodigy

The scroll wheel, the side buttons, and the DPI button are programmable in the official software, with the option to switch the left and right mouse buttons. The official software is Logitech Gaming Software, which you can download via the Logitech website. You can choose to have profiles stored to the G403’s onboard memory, or stored to the computer and activated depending on what game you are playing.

You can reprogram the buttons, assigning shortcuts, keystrokes, and macros. You can also adjust the DPI and the polling rate. There is also surface tuning, which scans the surface of your mousepad to better understand its material. This can help improve sensor tracking accuracy, and so I would recommend using this. You can also customize the lighting on the scroll wheel and the Logitech Gaming logo. There is no option to adjust the lift-off distance, but overall the software functions as intended, and I haven’t experienced any problems.

Logitech G Pro

In the software, the first thing that’s really nice is that the mouse has onboard memory. So, if you configure some macros and some other stuff while you’re at one computer, you can unplug it from that computer plug it into another one without the software installed and the mouse will retain all of its settings. So, you have some flexibility with that on there which is always very nice. The home screen of the software where you will configure the buttons and some of the DPI settings. On the right-hand side, we have the DPI graph and if I click on the center button, it’s configured to swap out the DPI settings. Then, it will scroll through a whole bunch of different DPI configurations, and you can set whatever number you want to. When you set at the high DPI, the mouse is very sensitive so it doesn’t take much movement but if I switch it down to the lowest setting, it takes a lot more movement to do it. Hope you understood how that DPI can be very useful depending on what you’re doing in your particular game.

You can also configure these buttons to do whatever you want. So, if you don’t want your left mouse button to be a left-click, you can have it be something else. For example, I could map a left click to the forward mouse button if I wish, it also tells which mouse buttons already have that assigned. So, you do have things like DPI up or down, you can even do a sniper where you hold down the button to get a more sensitive Mouse movement and then release it to go back to where it’s currently set to. You can also set individual keystrokes, you can even do something like a macro.

There are also lighting effects, you can set to color cycle and you can change the rate of cycling if you want, there’s a breathing option also where it kind of fades the colors in and out, or you can turn off this feature completely and set a static color. You have a lot of different options for setting colors. The nice thing about the software is you can set it up on a per-game basis. So, you can have different profiles set up for different games and have these buttons do different things depending on the game that you’re in.

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The Logitech G403 Prodigy is a very good mouse, with a comfortable shape, excellent build quality, excellent buttons, and an excellent sensor. It’s also customizable, and I love the design. The main pitfall for me personally is the wide shape with the sloped side. I feel that the cable could also be improved, and I’d like it to be a little lighter. If you are looking for an ergonomic mouse, this is an excellent option, especially for FPS. If you like a lightweight and simple mouse, the G Pro will be a good choice, very nice software configuration on it. It handles really nicely, very precise and you get a lot of nice DPI settings on it that you can change.

In my opinion, the G Pro shape and features suit most people and there is not that much difference in the price of these mouse which is around $20. If you wish to spend $20 more then G Pro will be good to buy. The G Pro mouse also comes in a wireless version.

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