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Logitech G600 vs Corsair Scimitar Pro Mouse: Which One is Better?

This is the comparison of the Logitech G600 and Corsair Scimitar Pro mouse. Both the mouse is specially made for MMO and MOBA gaming. Both look very similar but the features and the design and the rest of the things are different. So, this comparison review will help you to get a clear decision about these mouses.

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Logitech G600Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB
A large variety of convenient buttons.
The software makes it easy to customize the mouse for individual games.
Ergonomic shape.
Accurate tracking.
Very customisable.
Some of the buttons are difficult to reach.
The grip is less ergonomic than other mouse, even compared with similarly-priced mice.
Possibly too big for some.
No weight adjustment or detachable cable.


Connectivity Technologywiredwired
Movement Detection TechnologyLaserOptical
Movement Resolution8200 dpi16000 dpi
Performance1 ms response time, 1000 reports per second, 11.25 megapixels per second, 160 inches per second, 30 G maximum acceleration, realtime sensitivity switching 200 – 8200 dpi125/250/500/1000 reports per second, realtime sensitivity switching 1 – 16000 dpi
Buttons Qty2017
Connector Type4 pin USB Type A4 pin USB Type A
OS RequiredWindows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OS Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8
Width3 in3.1 in
Depth4.6 in4.7 in
Height1.6 in1.7 in
Weight4.69 oz5.18 oz
Features20 MMO-tuned buttons: Includes unique 12-button thumb panel designed for quick, no-look navigation.

G-shift ring-finger button: Instantly double the number of actions you can perform with every button.

Built for comfort: Sculpted shape and tuned buttons reduce click fatigue during marathon multiplayer sessions.

Total personalization: Set it up your way with customizable thumb panel lighting colors, DPI levels or button assignments.
Exclusive Key Slider macro button control system provides unmatched customization for any play style.

Mechanical side buttons designed to pro player specifications for consistent, tactile feedback and precise actuation.

Onboard storage with hardware macro playback to take your gaming profiles with you.

Custom, gaming grade native 16000 dpi optical sensor with 1 dpi resolution steps for high accuracy performance.

Surface calibration utility for maximizing precision and responsiveness.

Dynamic, customizable multicolor backlighting provides nearly unlimited illumination adjustability across all 4 lighting zones.

Comfortable, optimized shape crafted to fit the contours of your palm, no matter your hand size or grip style.

Ultrafast 1ms polling to ensure a lag-free response for all of your movements.

CUE software control enables you to program custom MMO timer countdowns, double macros, DPI matrices, and more.

Detailed Review


Logitech G600

The Logitech G600 is a cheap and good MMO and MOBA gaming mouse. The features and functions of this mouse are also more than enough for the price range of this mouse. 

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

The Corsair Scimitar Pro mouse is a heavy and large mouse. The more suitable grip style for this mouse is the palm grip and the claw grip may also comfortable for some people. Overall, it’s a good mouse for MMO and MOBA gaming.

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Logitech G600

In the grip style, your hand rests on the mouse like normal but your ring finger rests on the third button. At first, this took a while to get used to. This is not a huge deal but it will take some time getting used to. This is a large mouse, so it will be easily fit into the medium to large-sized hands. Most people will be able to palm the mouse without any problem. However, if you’re someone that likes a fingertip grip, this is probably not the mouse for you. This mouse is also really heavy but I find I have an easier time controlling it because personally, I like a heavy mouse.

When you look at the bottom of the mouse, it has two large friction pads. I actually love this as it gives the mouse a more gliding surface than a lot of other mice. With smaller pads, other mice might wear unevenly but that’s not the case here. Instead of using a faux rubber coating, the whole Mouse is a matte black finish, this may seem like a negative, however, I found the rubber coating ends up wearing off on other mice making it look really shabby. In this case, the build quality is so nice that the rubbery texture will not tear off much easier.

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

Though the clicks are solid throughout the whole Mouse with Corsair opting to use the industry-standard which is Omron which have their own click rating up to 5 million clicks. It is marketed towards MOBA and MMO users, though in reality, I found it to be a palm grip in this Mouse with a weight of 120 grams without cable drag. The finishes are smooth matte black finish and the right side of the mouse has a rugged grip for your ring finger. The bottom of the mouse has four Teflon grips and there is a yellow steel accent running on the bottom of the mouse through to the left side.

corsair scimitar pro rgb mouse


Logitech G600

Logitech G600 shares a lot in common with many of the multi-button gaming mice in the market. It has all the standard Mouse buttons, a left-click, right-click, roll up, roll down, tilt left, tilt right, and a middle mouse click. When you roll the mouse wheel, it has a subtle bump as you roll. There are also two buttons on the top of the mouse that can adjust the DPI setting from the fly, these settings can be changed in the Logitech program giving you some flexibility and how you use it. For example, I set my DPI to around 800 when playing overwatch but then boost it to about 1700 when just browsing around.

There are 12 buttons on the side. These are initially mapped to the top road number keys in the keyboard, which is one through the equal sign. These can also be remapped via the Logitech program should you need. The buttons are also angled and textured that you can find your way around. I found the angles were a great improvement over other mice because I was able to find my thumb position a little easier, especially when reaching for the back six buttons. The buttons are also lit with RGB lighting. There are all sorts of colors and settings you can change.

The cables for the mouse is long and braided. I’ve not had any issues looping it around the desk to the computer’s back panel. The mouse is so far pretty standard. However, one of the things that people will notice about this mouse is the addition of a third click button on the right. By default, this button does not have a direct function but instead works as a modifier for the 12 side button. Holding Shift + a button essentially gives you 12 buttons to map in addition to the original 12 for a total of 24.

The advantages of this are; the mouse has great overall quality and durability. Having up to 24 extra buttons is simply fantastic, so you play key binding intensive games like World of Warcraft, Starcraft and all made easier by just using six of the available twelve buttons let alone all 24. I’ve even found that games don’t have that many key bindings benefit from having the side buttons. You also have the option to really dive into the customization if you want to or don’t, it’s all up to you, and also switching between DPI is smoother than any other Mouse or software that I’ve used before. Also, the lighting options are just a cool way to customize the look, especially if you have a particular color scheme going along with your build or if you prefer you can just turn them off.

The only con that I can find in this mouse is the occasional lag of software. Other than that, this mouse is great for gaming. If you have small hands, this may not be the mouse for you because it’s quite big, so you may find difficulty in reaching some of the buttons. Also, if you like lighter mice, you probably aren’t going to like this one because it’s so heavy.

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

The input lag is really good on the Pro coming in with comparable levels to G302 from Logitech which has some of the lowest input lag possible. So, it gets to meet this mouse to have input lag somewhere between zero and two milliseconds. It also features a 16,000 DPI, PixArt PMW3367 sensor with DPI adjustments of 1 on both the x and y axis which is insane.

The scroll wheel itself is firm and has good feedback, so you will get a relatively stiff scroll and can use the scroll click reliably in games. The side 12 buttons can also be customized to slide back and forwards as to customize for an individual’s hand. There’s also a 1.6-meter braided cable which is nice to use. There’s also adjustable lift-off distance too.

In performance, I found it really nice for MOBA games like World of Warcraft. The sensor was also incredibly smooth even on a few different Mousepads and I found even in games like CS: GO, it performed really well. This would be great for a palm gripper who wants all the functionality that we could think of from a mouse and couple with the excellent hardware onboard. That makes this Mouse perform as fast as a Logitech mouse and I can’t really fault anything with it.

logitech - g600-mmo


Logitech G600

Logitech now has a program that lets you control all the added features of your products. This includes mice, keyboards, and even headsets. If you have both a Logitech keyboard and mouse and also headset, you may find it pretty convenient. This is a program you’re going to want to install because it lets you change all the button mapping, profiles, and lighting effects of the mouse.

In terms of button mapping, you can change any button on the mouse to anything you want. This includes keystrokes, text blocks, and even media functions like pausing music, opening your web browser or minimizing everything to the desktop. There are a lot of customization options here if you’re someone who really likes to tweak things. I’m sure some people are going to really like all the options this gives. This program also lets you have different profiles for various programs and games, this means you can have a custom layout for a game like World WarCraft and then another one for the default web browser and then another one for something like overwatch. The program can even automatically switch profiles when you load a game.

Now, the lighting section is the area where you find many options for RGB lighting of the mouse. You can change the button lights to any color or multiple colors, you can even make the light breathe or move between colors randomly. These different patterns can even be saved to profiles if you like. I know this is a relatively minor part of the mouse itself but I did find an amazing amount of customization here. You can also have different DPI settings that you can switch on the fly. You can have as many as you want or even tie them to the different profiles you save. Overall, the software is great and gives a lot of options to people who want to tweak the mouse to do exactly what they want.

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

Adjustments can be made via the iCUE software which also has the option to save three different hardware profiles and change the RGB lighting in many different patterns. You can also overlay the lighting with layers kind of like Photoshop which makes this software not only easy to use but also very feature-packed. There’s also the ability to update firmware and control other devices via the iCUE software.

You could remap the keys to keys that were not in use on the keyboard. Then, assign hotkeys for those keys and use them in skills which makes this Mouse a really fun Mouse to give way more options than a standard Mouse with four or five buttons that they could only offer.

Corsair Scimitar pro rgb (1)


If you’re looking for a mouse with extra buttons on the side. In my opinion, Logitech G600 is the best one on the market, especially when you consider all the customization options. The price isn’t bad either with it going for about 40 dollars now. The Corsair Scimitar Pro is also a good one for MMO and MOBA gaming but it costs more than the Logitech G600 which is about double the price of the G600. Also, the Scimitar Pro is good and comfortable for palm grip users. Overall, in my opinion, the Logitech G600 is better to buy.

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