Logitech G915 TKL VS G PRO: Which one should you buy?

Two incredibly pricey Logitech keyboards will be the topic of our discussion today. For some time now, I have been using these keyboards on a regular basis, including the G pro keyboard, which I have been using for the entire 2021, and the G915, a new edition, for the past two months. I can compare and contrast them both as a result.

+ Excellent key switches
+ Beautiful design
+ Discrete media keys
+ Switching between Bluetooth and LIGHTSPEED is seamless
+ Great backlighting
+ Clean, understated look
+ Swappable switches aid customization
+ Solidly built, good weight and feel
+ Easy, rich programmability
RGB lighting doesn’t cover entire keycap
Still using single-shot ABS keycaps
No dedicated media keys
No wrist rest
Very expensive
The skeletal design can cause dust infestations

Logitech G915 TKL VS G PRO: Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech pro keyboard is the top of the line keyboard available from Logitech. I’ve been using it for a long time—forever, in fact—and as you can see, it’s still holding up quite well. So first off, these two G915 TKL and G Pro are made for gaming. If you’re a gamer, I recommend getting one of these.

This is my newest purchase, which I’ve been using for a few months. At this time, I want to highlight a few things for anyone considering upgrading to a newer model or deciding whether they should keep their current device. One is that the G915 is a great upgrade to the pro keyboard because less debris gets stuck between the keys.

With the pro keyboard, if you have one of these, you are already aware that things get caught in the crevices and all that good stuff, which isn’t very good. Secondly, if you look at this keyboard, things slide right out of it. I can use a blower to blow everything off, and maintenance is a lot simpler.

The G915’s wireless functionality is essentially the same; for example, it has buttons to turn on and off the lights and to switch to a gaming mode, so you don’t accidentally press the window key.

Logitech G915 TKL VS G PRO: Software & Buttons

Practically the same software is used. Nothing has changed in function from a functional standpoint since it is still the same software that allows you to customise every single key available.

There is a volume rocker, which is fantastic. I’m still getting used to it, but once you do, it’s nice to quickly slide and turn down your volume and adjust it that way. I don’t use the dedicated media keys on this keyboard that much, so I can’t comment on them. If you look at the pro keyboard there is also the volume button and the media keys are tucked away within the F keys.

Logitech G915 TKL VS G PRO: Lightning

The lighting is the same on this keyboard because the Logitech software controls the lighting. Because of this, you can do everything on one keyboard instead of another, and I haven’t noticed any difference in the lighting at all, so if that’s one of your concerns, they’re the same.

Logitech G915 TKL VS G PRO: Connectivity

Now let’s move on to the G915’s strong point, which is undoubtedly its wireless capabilities. As an upgraded version, the G915 has Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz light-speed wireless dongle, allowing you to connect this to two devices and switch between them quickly, such as from my mac.

If you have two devices that you want to switch between seamlessly, this is the keyboard to use since the G Pro is a wired keyboard and you only tether to one computer, that’s it. It takes only a few seconds to switch from Bluetooth to 2.4 GHz using this button, so that’s a strong point right there.

Logitech G915 TKL VS G PRO: Switches

This is the tactile switch in terms of the switch. It’s a really good tactile switch, the quote-unquote brown switch, and I would suggest it because it isn’t loud and feels nice. I originally intended to purchase a linear switch, but when I went to buy it, they were out of stock.

As a result, I decided to buy this brown switch instead, and I’m glad I did because I now prefer it significantly to the red switches I typically use with other keyboards.

Logitech G915 TKL VS G PRO: Keycaps & Weights

The keys on this one feel tactilely similar to those on this one; there is a slight resistance to it whenever you click, so to me, the feel is essentially the same. However, this keycap has a very low profile, which keeps the keyboard thin. If you compare these two, you can tell the difference; it is significantly different.

And that brings me to the weight of these keyboards. If you’re concerned about weight, the pro keyboard is heavier. Depending on your preferences, you might like that a lot more. The G915 TKL is lighter, though it still has a nice amount of weight.

Price & Conclusion

Anyway, guys, this is my quick comparison after using the G915 TKL keyboard for a few months and the G Pro keyboard for about two years. If you have the money, I would recommend upgrading, but if not, I would advise sticking with the G915 TKL keyboard for a few more years.