Logitech G933 vs Steelseries Arctis 7: Which is Better?

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This is the comparison review of Logitech G933 and Steelseries Arctis 7 headsets. Both these are very competitive out of the gaming headsets in this price range. Both these headset offers many good things for gaming. Decide that which will be better for you by this review.

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Logitech G933Steelseries Arctis 7
Comfortable fit.
Great gaming audio.
Good microphone.
Wired and wireless support.
Great sound.
Comfortable fit.
Reasonable price.
Seamless wireless.
Fiddly controls.
Below-average battery life.
Surround sound limited to PC users.
No extra earpads in the box.
Fine-tuning music takes some work.
Roundabout phone and speaker functionality.


SeriesLogitech Gaming Headset
ModelG933ARCTIS 7
Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Connectivity Technology
Sound Output ModeSurround Soundstereo
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity107 dB SPL/mW98dB S.P.L. at 1KHz
Impedance39 Ohms (passive), 5k Ohms (active)32 Ohms
Diaphragm1.6 in1.6 in
Microphone Technology
Response Bandwidth100Hz-10KHz100Hz-6.5kHz
Width7.1 in6.9 in
Depth7.5 in3.6 in
Height3.7 in7.8 in
Weight13.19 oz12.45 oz
Battery Life12 hour(s)15 hour(s)
FeaturesAdvanced Pro-G audio drivers are made with hybrid mesh materials for high-quality performance. Pro-G drivers are custom designed for gaming, and deliver clean, accurate highs and deep, rich bass for a premium sound.

Experience incredible 7.1 surround sound with Dolby Headphone or DTS Headphone:X.17.1 Surround sound requires Logitech Gaming Software available for download at logitechg.com/downloads. Precise and accurate in-game spatial awareness allows you to clearly hear enemies sneaking around and special ability cues.

G933 gives you the best of both worlds, with the option to game wirelessly or wired. Play lag-free on 2.4 GHz wireless for up to 12 hours per charge without lighting or 8 hours with default lighting. Alternatively, the 3.5mm analog input gives you the freedom to play wired – on console, mobile or PC – without using battery power.

One headset for all your devices. G933 mixes audio from up to three devices at once. Choose from PC, mobile and game consoles including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

G933 has two customizable LIGHTSYNC lighting zones: the light strips and logos. Each zone can be programmed individually from approx. 16.8 million colors with different animations and effects. They can also synchronize with other LIGHTSYNC devices. Use Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) to personalize lighting to match your rig, your gear and your style.
Multi-Source Audio Mixing.

The Arctis 7 uses the proven Arctis 2.4G wireless connection for lossless and ultra-low latency wireless audio with up to 12 meters (40.0 Feet) of interference-free range.

Widely recognized as the best mic in gaming, the retractable Discord-certified Arctis ClearCast microphone delivers studio-quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation.

Sound is your competitive advantage with the high quality S1 speaker drivers, engineered to produce ultra-low distortion audio so you hear every detail.

With 24 hours of battery life the Arctis 7 stands up to your longest gaming sessions without needing to stop and charge.

The next generation of DTS’ renowned surround sound, Headphone:X v2.0 immerses you in the action by delivering incredibly accurate positional cues without sounding like you’re in a tunnel. Lose yourself in the game as the audio comes to life all around you.

Mix your perfect balance of game and chat audio without leaving your game with the tactile on-headset ChatMix dial.

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Gaming headphones aren’t just a gimmick, they really do bring your gaming experience to another level and the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum are among the best on the market.

All things considered, the Logitech G933’s are an absolute steal. Everything from the exceptional microphone quality, to the brilliance of the surround sound and the customization of the lighting, this headset is perfect for any gamer in need of an upgrade

By VentureBeat
I don’t know if you can get a better all-around gaming headset. The G933 can handle gaming easily. Its built-in mic is really clear, so you’re going to have no problem communicating. But it can also break away from your computer to work well with consoles or a smartphone. I love rocking out in my car to My Morning Jacket while wearing G933. I can even take a call using the headset. It just easily handles any situation you throw at it, which I think makes it an incredible value for the price.

By PCworld 
The Logitech G933 would be a pretty good headset at its list price of $200. At its pretty-much-permanent sale price of $150 to $180, it’s probably the best price-to-performance ratio you can get for a wireless headset right now.

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Detail Review:


Logitech G933

This headset is a little bit like an advanced version of Logitech G633. There are lots of features in this headset and the sound is not that much good as expected for this price range. 

Steelseries Arctis 7

This headset is like a better package for this price range considering the sound quality, mic, the battery life, and also the design and comfort. There’s a lot of good things in sound quality.

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Logitech G933

You can get the white color snow version and also get the black version. The construction is mostly plastic with removable side panels. There is a glossy plastic, the adjustment part is metal and it extends out of the headband. Plastic all around then the same on the other side.

If you want to rust them on your shoulders, the cups rotate to for it and they tilt for extra comfort. Behind the other panel is a battery which I think can be replaced but it’s a bit of a hassle.

Steelseries Arctis 7

These are very sleek and they do not look too tight on the head as the majority of headsets, especially wireless ones that I’ve tested. The plastic on offer here is matte and the outsides of the ear cups are rubberized, so no fingerprints that I could find and there is zero RGB on this unit unlike the wired Arctis 5. I like the Arctis 5 and 3, the headband here is aluminum instead of plastic and it uses like this ski goggles inspired elastic band. The configuration is a little different on this headband as well versus some of the other models.

The build quality here appears to be rock solid, I can see where this elastic might make some people nervous but Steelseries offers replacements of these either in the stock design or in a different design if you want to customize your headset a bit.

The overall look is decidedly minimalist in comparison to the G933. The look and comfort are on point.


Logitech G933

The headband has some cushioning. It feels comfortable even when wearing one ear off and one on and it flexes fairly well. One thing I will say that cushioning is glued on and has some tabs on each side, I had to adjust mine that’s actually a slight build quality concern.

The ear cups feel fine even while wearing glasses and after hours of use and they measure about 7 centimeters by 4.5 and 2 centimeters deep.

Steelseries Arctis 7

The fit from these comes almost exclusively from this suspension headband design which means there is very minimal clamping force. It’s not really gonna get you on the side of cheeks. The downside is that there’s really no extension where the ear cuffs meet the headband, there’s only swivel to allow them to lie flat. Now, they lie flat great on the desk and they also lie flat hanging next to another pair of headphones Anker but where they don’t lie flat very well it’s when they’re around your neck resting on your collarbone, there’s not a lot of diameter inside this headband.

The obvious upshot is the lack of clamping force but these seem to really be designed for a small to medium-sized head, I had to do some very fine adjustment on the elastic strap to give me just enough gap between the crown of my head and the aluminum headband. So, the ear cups sit correctly on the sides of my ears, if that aluminum headband rests right on the crown of your head you will start to feel that and it can get uncomfortable very quickly.

If you do have a larger head, the headband being aluminum may be a benefit here because you can kind of flex on this guy a little bit to give it kind of a custom bend to help those ear cups get where they’re trying to go. But in practice, I’ve found that the padding they used on the ear cups has a tendency to settle in after about three to five minutes of use and they fit right into place. After a while, you basically forget you’re wearing them.

The memory foam here is a little squishy or less dense than what you would see on some other headsets. The fabric on the outside, they call an air weave technology, it’s basically like a sport mesh that’s very breathable. I’ve worn these things for hours and hours and I can tell you I don’t get any heat buildup or anything like that and they are big enough to sit all the way around the outside of the ear.

The only thing you may want to be aware of is that if you’re sensitive to things touching the sides of your ears, you’ll definitely feel the inside of the ear cuffs touching your ears. The lack of height adjustment where the ear cup meets the headband means that if these were any smaller at all, these would be a no-go for me.

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Logitech G933

Inside the box, you will get the headset and RCA cable along with the 3.5-millimeter jack which has volume control for mic and headphones, play-pause button, and mic on and off and the volume well too. They also include an adapter for stereo. Interestingly, you can actually have two sound sources playing at once like your phone by Jack and PC by Wireless and the last cable is for charging, it’s a 3 meter smooth braided USB cable which also allows the headset to be used while charging.

On the base of the headset, you have the two connections. The volume wheel is smooth then you have the extra customizable buttons but you can’t change the mute microphone at the base. On top is the on and off switch which I find better than the usual holding for three seconds idea. The extra buttons take some time to get used to, they’re angled but after a while, I was pressing the right one each time. So, give it some practice.

You can also set profiles as well as customize the buttons on the back, this is one of the more defining features and I love having these. Generally, I set them to next track, previous track, and play pause is so good around with wireless headphones, listening to music, and being able to change the track but you can set them to a wide range of commands which are very common for Logitech software. In the lighting, you have the usual color cycle, breathing, or solid color. You can also set the volume levels including sidetone which will allow you to hear the mic through the headphones.

Steelseries Arctis 7

In the box, there’s not a lot going on here. You get the receiver, a manual, a proprietary mini to 3.5 four-pole right angle ox plug, and a different mini USB to USB for charging. These are all rubberized cables, nothing braided.

There’s also not a lot going on in terms of onboard control. On the left ear cup, you have a volume dial and a mic mute button. On the right, you get a chat mixed dial and the on/off switch which doubles as a battery indicator light. You’ve also got a couple of ports and the retractable mic.

The range on these is really good as well. I was able to navigate to like every corner of my apartment behind walls, doors, multiple rooms, HVAC equipment with no degradation in audio at all, just full clear audio on the entire. There are no cutouts. Make sure even if your wireless receiver is plugged in, you need to power on the headset and pair it before you start your game. For whatever reason, trying to do this after the game had already started resulted in no audio for me and I had to restart the game.

The SteelSeries software design is also very minimal which I liked in practice. I had no issues with it at all. All the information is on one page, no navigating, all the controls are in your fingertips and everything is very intuitive.


Logitech G933

The microphone is hidden away and Auto mutes and it can be extended and reposition and I actually quite like this design.

Overall the sound quality of the mic is not too bad but I think it almost sounds like I’m a bit sick with a blocked nose, it’s not very natural. There is also a lot of background noise which is unfortunate as a Razer Mano’war has much better filters. I mean this works but I do encourage Logitech to make it more competitive with the Mano’war headset microphones are important. There ‘s a huge difference between the Logitech G933 and the Mano’war. This headset’s mic picks up audio at the very least amount, so that’s a very good performance. I would say that bleed isn’t an issue on these.

Steelseries Arctis 7

On a phone call, the person on the other end thought the Arctis 7 mic sounded like I was actually on the phone whereas like the HyperX Revolver definitely gave the impression, I was on a Bluetooth headset of some sort. Noise-cancelling was on point as well with the caller being unable to detect a rather noisy exhaust fan positioned about three to four feet away.

They also score big points for the inclusion of sidetone. Normally in a closed-back headset, if you can’t hear your own voice in the headset, it has a tendency to make little claustrophobic. So, sidetone allows you to hear yourself and it adds a little balance to the room a little equilibrium, I really appreciate the inclusion. Overall, the mic is solid. It’s more than suitable for taking phone calls and it’s definitely suitable for playing in-game but as far as being the best mic in gaming, then this will be just marketing.

I also love the way that the mic retracts into the ear cup. It is worth noting that the only way to mute this mic is to actually use the mic mute button on the back of the headset by simply pushing it into the ear cup, it’s not gonna trigger the mute there and while it is handy, you will need two hands to push that mic back in because with the minimal clamping force of this headset.

Logitech-G933- 4 (1)


Logitech G933

In the software, I found that the battery estimate is fairly accurate. So, at 100%, it’s a 12-hour charge but that’s with the lights off, if you turn on the color cycle it drops to 7 hours.

Steelseries Arctis 7

The battery life on this headset is just awesome. They advertise a 24 hour usage time, not standby and in practice, that’s surprisingly accurate. They also have a tendency to charge really fast, so I love the battery life. The downside with this is that you have to use a secondary charging cable which takes up an additional USB port on the back, this is similar to the way the corsair Void wireless handles things.


Logitech G933

The actual sound quality seems to have a good range. The base can be quite strong with a kick you can almost feel. They give a really good entertainment response in that regard, I do like the bass in them but they’re not my favorite listen. For me, they seem to favor the upper mid and lower high tones which can sound a bit sharp. Logitech has most of the higher tune when you listen to anything. I could probably adjust that with the equalizer, you can change yours to suit you.

The driver is 40 millimeters, 20 to 20K response, impedance is 39 ohms, and the microphone isn’t good enough. Also, I’ve tested the delay unscientifically and I couldn’t find any wireless technology is quite good these days. You should be able to hear the footsteps just fine. The max volume doesn’t seem as high as the other headsets but it’s still quite loud, when wearing them there isn’t much bleed.

In the software, there’s an advanced equalizer although I try to leave them flat. I think you might want to adjust the mid-tones and the highs just a little and you can set how long until they power off then you have the surround options. Personally, I think the Dolby sounds best and for gaming, I found that were comfortable, accurate, and good to use. I don’t think, there’s a big advantage for 7.1 surround mode but it may help a little, I like to have it on anyway. It did work fine with the phone though.

Steelseries Arctis 7

This headset uses the same 40-millimeter drivers the Steelseries used in their much higher headset like Syberia 800. They’re rated from 20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz and the impedance is 36 ohms, now if those specs sound a little familiar to you it’s because they’re close to the G933 from Logitech but honestly, that’s where the similarities end.

This is the best compliment I can pay a pair of headphones. They just sound terrific right out of the box and these left me going for the EQ to dial in the bass almost immediately and that’s the big sacrifice here. This is a clean unit, it’s relatively lag-free, it’s pre accurate sound but what it lacks the sacrifice you’re gonna make is the deep low bass tones. The EQ emphasis here seems to be on the mid to low tones which is great because it really still makes gunfire crack in titles like Ghost Recon Wildlands, The Division Grand Theft Auto 5, the gunfire is still really punchy and cut through the mix. This fails even despite heavy EQ is like just can’t accurately reproduce those nice round low bass tones.

These are really prevalent in headsets like any offerings from HyperX or even the G933. This was really obvious when I plugged these with the aux cord and listened to music, it was less obvious when I listen to movies. You might not like that sound signature and might really appreciate a more flat reference sound and if so, this isn’t going to be an issue for you at all.

The simulated 7.1 offer here is DTS headphone X and I got the better sound quality and better directional positioning with this set to off. A note on volume here, I ran these at almost or at full blast the entire time I was playing games with these, I didn’t get any fatigue associated with this and in all fairness, ears in the nightclub industry have left my hearing compromised. I don’t know if this will be an issue for you, I wouldn’t have really wanted to listen to them any louder but it makes me a little nervous that there’s no additional overhead there.

arctis 7 2 (1)


Both these headsets are pretty good for gaming. The Logitech G933 has lots of features but the sound is not that much as expected for the price range. The Steelseries Arctis 7 doesn’t have that many features as the G933 have but the sound quality and the mic quality is competitive with the comparatively low price. Also, the Arctis 7 can be used as headphones but the G933 cannot. I think they can improve the overall sound quality and the microphone in G933, and other than that, I really like using the headset.