Logitech K780 vs Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000

Logitech K350 vs Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000: Which One Is Worth Buying?

This is the review of the comparison between two keyboards from two popular brands in the market. The comparison here is between the Logitech K350 and the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000. Both of these keyboards here are ergonomic keyboards but their features and performance differ. To know which one is worth buying for the price, go to the detailed review.

Logitech K350Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000
Logitech K350Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000
Plenty of hotkeys and programmable keys.
Curved keyboard design helps to keep wrists straight.
An impressive list of customizable features.
Ergonomic design leads to wrist comfort.
Dedicated back/forward keys for Web surfing.
Five programmable favorites keys.
Enhanced function keys for common shortcuts.
Contoured keyboard design won’t be for everyone.
Inconveniently placed media keys.
Loud, cheap-feeling keys.
Isn’t compatible with PS/2 adapters.
Takes up a lot of desktop space.
Little too expensive.


Product LineLogitech Wireless KeyboardMicrosoft Natural
ModelK350Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 for Business
CompatibilityPCAndroid, Mac, PC
Wireless ReceiverUSB wireless receiverUSB wireless receiver
Max Operating Distance
Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWireless
Product TypeKeyboardKeyboard
Interface2.4 GHz
Key/Button FunctionFn key lock, My Favorite, backward, calculator, e-mail, forward, internet browsing, multimedia, programmable, zoom
Keyboard Technology
Required Quantity2
Form FactorAA type
OS RequiredMicrosoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista / XPMicrosoft Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Android 3.2 (Honeycomb), Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), Windows 8.1 RT, Microsoft Windows RT 8, Android 5.0 (Lollipop), Apple MacOS X 10.7 – 10.10, Android 4.4.4 (KitKat), Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64 bits)
Width18.9 in19.8 in
Depth9.9 in10.3 in
Height2.9 in3.3 in
Weight3.05 lbs2.87 lbs
FeaturesWave design with Constant Curve layout: Curved layout guides hands into just the right position.

Ease and comfort: Cushioned palm rest makes work easier and fun more fun.

Longer battery time: This feature gives you up to three years of battery life. (Battery life based on a calculation of an estimated 2 million keystrokes per year in an office environment. User experience may vary.)

Logitech Unifying receiver: The tiny Unifying receiver stays in your notebook, so there’s no need to unplug it when you move around. And you can easily add compatible wireless mice and keyboards to the same wireless receiver.
Natural Ergonomic 4000 Latin America Spanish USB Keyboard; Black; Wired.

Zoom Slider; Customizable Hot Keys; Improved Number Pad with Equal sign, parentheses and backspace keys located just above it.

Ergonomic Design encourages natural wrist and arm alignment.

Detail Review:


Logitech K350

The Logitech K350 keyboard is a wireless keyboard and this keyboard is also known as the Comfort Wave K350. This keyboard is retailing for the least price of around thirty-seven dollars and the highest price of two-hundred and ninety dollars on Amazon currently.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000

The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 is an ergonomic keyboard, it is little different from the typical mechanical keyboards or normal numbering keyboards that you all have but it is from Microsoft. This keyboard is retailing for around a hundred and eighty dollars currently on Amazon.

Logitech K350


Logitech K350

As far as the design and the comfort of this keyboard, it has a wave design that you can see right there on the spacebar, and also, it says wave. Basically, it has a wave design, and the lengths of your fingers vary and the wave design of the keyboard supports the varied lengths of your fingers. I should say your fingers don’t grow and shrink but they vary from one another. So, the wave design supports your fingers’ varying lengths, so that allows it to be very comfortable on your fingers.

There is a cushion at the bottom and that cushion allows your hands’ palms to be very comfortable. So, basically between the wave design and the cushion at the bottom of the keyboard, it allows it to feel very comfortable when you are using it for typing and when you are just simply resting your hands on the keyboard. All of these buttons are nice and big so that they are easy to see and also easy to locate with your hand and your fingers. So, once you have memorized the location of the buttons, you don’t really have to look at them, you can keep looking at your screen and just move your hand up and you will know which button you are going to press.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000

One of the first things you will notice when you hold on to this keyboard is the build. It’s actually quite light, to be honest, and it’s completely made of plastic. What’s really good is that it has a lot of shortcut keys and macro keys on the top and also, the ergonomic. So, it’s going to help you with your wrist problems and I think this is the perfect keyboard for those people toad or spend their jobs around computers every single day.

On the top of the keyboard is where there are your macro keys and one of the first things you see is a home button obviously that is to go to your desktop. The other one is search, obviously, you can search for anything you want on the Internet. The third one is mail, so it can go directly to your um emails. Then you have another five macro buttons. There is a mute key there, volume down, volume up, play, pause, and calculator especially for those people that have their work centered around math which is a really nice tool. At the bottom of the keyboard, you have got two keys that will be useful for you, if you are really interested in an article or some kind of page, you can just press that and I’ll save it to bookmarks.

At the back of the keyboard, you can actually see that resembles a regular keyboard in many ways. First of all, there are kickstands and one of the faults about these kickstands to almost every other keyboard is that they do not have rubber feet which are really annoying. They do have it if you take the kicked it down but don’t they put it into consideration if someone wants to use the kickstand and maybe it’ll slip to. Anyways, there are good feet in the front, so it’s really actually stable to be honest as long as you put your way into the front and stable. the kickstand actually allows you to completely lift up your wrist section, so for some reason, it’s supposed to be comfortable.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000


Logitech K350

The battery life and the accuracy of the keyboard are two things that people are concerned about when they are purchasing a wireless keyboard. They are afraid that they will have to be constantly changing batteries and that the keyboard will be constantly missing strokes. I have to say that the battery life is absolutely incredible and the accuracy is phenomenal. I have used this keyboard for a while and the battery life is amazing and the accuracy is unbelievable.

As far as the advanced control features of the keyboard, there are some controls up there, you have other controls on the left side of the keyboard and you have some other controls on the top right corner. These controls are very useful because I find that I use some of them very frequently. I don’t really use those on the left side but I do use those controls up there quite frequently especially, the multimedia controls over there.

Then you get the unifying receiver and this is what the keyboard uses to wirelessly connect to your computer. The unifying receiver allows you to connect multiple devices using only the single receiver, which is a very convenient feature. Overall, this is a comfortable keyboard with advanced controls and fantastic battery life and I have used it for a while and I really like it.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000

Actually, you can use this keyboard for Mac but it’s mostly made for Windows, so all the macro keys pertain to Windows only. While using this keyboard, one of the first things you can figure out is the wrist rest, it’s so nice, it’s completely different from those plastic ones you get with those mechanical keyboards. It’s made of leather and especially, at this price point it’s so good, you can barely find on any keyboards this cheap. The other thing you really notice about this keyboard is the size and macro keys are that it’s kind of really shaped and that is what our ergonomic keyboard is. It’s tilted so that you don’t have to bend your wrist a lot when you type so it makes it really easy. It might look weird at first sight but over time you may be used to it.

Actually, the macro keys are placed simply a lay-in which if you want to press multiple buttons on the keyboard instead you can only press one you only have to press one button. How this really works is if I want to press ASDF for some reason but you’re just really easy to type each individual key out, you can actually program one to type ASDF out for you, so with your one button click you can type four letters of your choice. Then if you want to shut down the computer, you’ll just press one macro button instead of pressing the windows icon plus right-arrow key icon plus Enter which is a shortcut, as most of you know it shut down the computer. This way you can program it, so every time I press no one macro key, it’s gonna press the windows icon, right arrow key, and then enter to shut down the computer. So, there are five more options for you to choose from.

The actual wire is not the typical expensive wire, considering that this keyboard was pretty cheap it’s pretty justifiable. This wire is made of plastic and not braided, so it’s like a cheap wire. As far as the USB, it doesn’t look that good, it’s not gold-plated, and it’s USB 2.0, so the data speeds between the keyboard and the computer are not fast. Another thing that is really nice about this keyboard is the overall feeling is just so well. When you just get it maybe kind of be unfamiliar but all the keys and everything will get familiar for time. 

Logitech K350


In my opinion, the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 is worth buying than the Logitech K350 because the shape, the curve, everything is so nice about it and it also helps you a lot with your typing position but the keys are a little clicky and the space bar is a little hard to press, it may the case with my keyboard only. So, this keyboard is very nice for those of you who never used any ergonomic keyboards, and I definitely recommend this.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000

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