Logitech M100 vs B100 Mouse: Which One is Better Simple Wired Mouse?

Logitech-M100 vs B100 mouse

This is the comparison of the Logitech M100 and Logitech B100 mouse. Both this mouse is wired and both are simple office useable mice. This comparison review makes it easy to get a decision of which one is better to buy.

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Logitech M100Logitech B100
Works smoothly without any lag.
The design and shape of the mouse are simple and perfect.
It can be used for any purpose.
The comfort of the mouse is really good.
Little bit Pricey.
Even it costs high, it is a corded mouse.
Low DPI.


Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
Movement Detection TechnologyOpticalOptical
Movement Resolution1000 dpi800 dpi
Buttons Qty33
OS RequiredApple MacOS X 10.4 or later, Linux Kernel 2.6.x or later, Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7Apple MacOS X 10.3.9 or later, Google Chrome OS, Linux 2.4 or later, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista / XP
Weight3.17 oz2.12 oz
FeaturesSimple to set up and use.

Full-size comfort, ambidextrous design.

High-definition optical tracking.
Comfort in hand.

Smooth operator.

Ready in no time.

Comfortable, ambidextrous design.

800 dpi optical precision.

Zero setup.

Detail Review


Logitech M100

This is a very simple corded mouse for office use, but you can even use it for some low type gaming. The design, features, and everything are simple and the price is also cheap. 

Logitech B100

Instead of using a trackpad without liking it on a laptop, this mouse will be the best solution for it. This mouse is a daily useable mouse with some basic features, so this will be definitely comfortable for you. This will be good for office use, for gaming, or for anything you want to.

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Logitech M100

This mouse is quite large which allows hands to comfortably hold it. This mouse is a full-size comfort and an ambidextrous design. It is designed to keep your hands happy and to make you feel comfortable after using the mouse as long as you want even if it’s ten minutes or five hours, it’s no problem at all.

Logitech B100

It’s extremely lightweight, in case your hands that get tired while playing video games, or web browsing, or whatever. The wire is just short of 6 feet, which should be fine in most cases. This mouse is available in black color and is a low profile Mouse.

The Logitech mouse doesn’t feel heavy, it’s pretty lightweight. This mouse is comfortable for both left-handed and right. The build quality and overall design are actually pretty good considering its price. The mouse is completely made up of plastic but the quality of plastic is very good.

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Logitech M100

This is a three-button mouse with a left-click, right-click, and a notched scroll wheel. This mouse does not require any special software. It has a smooth cursor and can be used with any hand like an ambidextrous mouse. It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Windows, Mac OS 10, Chrome OS, and Linux.

There are three buttons on the mouse with a fixed cord. On the bottom, you see the laser which is how your cursor moves on your screen. This mouse scrolls nice and smooth. The cursor moves smoothly and the buttons on this mouse are very responsive.

When you play in your USB connector or adapter into your laptop or a computer it will play, the mouse will work. This mouse is probably one of the best of their class and probably the best decision for a very low budget.

Logitech B100

It’s an ambidextrous mouse, has an optical sensor, and is wired with USB. It also includes the wonderful plug and play or “zero setup” capability. It’s a low profile mouse with a flat black exterior and three buttons: left, right, and scroll. The sensor runs at 800dpi. Based on my testing, it does have a little bit of angle snapping, but as far as I can tell, no built-in acceleration Which isn’t bad for a mouse that costs less than $15.

This mouse is practically purpose-built for people stuck using a trackpad on a laptop; no matter how featureless and bland a mouse is, it’s still infinitely better than trying to use a trackpad. This may also perform well in gaming, it all depends on you that how you play a game with this mouse. 

There is no need to set up this mouse or download any additional software, just plug this mouse into your computer and your mouse will work. I tested this mouse heavily, gaming, web browsing, video editing, everything is done with this mouse. This mouse works perfectly fine. It has a USB type-A port which is present in most computers. This mouse does not work on a glass surface, so you need a proper mouse pad for this mouse. This mouse works with Windows 7, 8, and Vista. It also works with Linux and Mac OS.

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The Logitech B100 is as no-nonsense as you can get, no LEDs, no frivolous buttons, and it’ll perform perfectly for 99% of people. If you’re stuck using a trackpad, this mouse can take the beating. The M100 is also looks same as the B100 but with a different design and features, and the price of it is also a little bit high. So, in my opinion, the B100 will be good to buy if you’re okay with the low DPI and the size of the mouse.