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Logitech M100 vs M90: Which To Buy?

This is the comparison of Logitech M100 and the Logitech M90 mouse. Here, you can find each and every details of these mice and find it which one will be better to buy.

logitech -m100 mouselogitech-m90
Logitech M100Logitech M90
The design and shape are so simple, so it will fit everyone.
The grip of the mouse is really good.
No false moves.
Simple to set up and use.
Comfortable ambidextrous design.
High-definition optical tracking.
It’s a wired mouse.
Little bit costly for a simple mouse.
Design is so similar to M100.


Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
Movement Detection TechnologyOpticalOptical
Movement Resolution1000 dpi1000 dpi
Buttons Qty33
OS RequiredApple MacOS X 10.4 or later, Linux Kernel 2.6.x or later, Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7Apple MacOS X 10.4 or later, Linux Kernel 2.6.x or later, Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7
Weight3.17 oz2.89 oz
FeaturesSimple to set up and use.

Full-size comfort, ambidextrous design.

High-definition optical tracking.
With plug-and-play simplicity and high-definition optical tracking, you get a great value and reliable, comfortable control of your computer.

Setup is fast and easy—just plug the cable into a USB port. There’s no software to install. And since it’s corded, you can just plug the cable into a USB port and use it right away.

Designed to keep either hand happy. So you’ll feel comfortable, even after hours of use.

You’ll enjoy responsive, smooth cursor control, precise tracking and easy text selection thanks to high-definition optical tracking (1000 dpi).

This mouse comes with the quality and design we’ve built into more than a billion mice, more than any other manufacturer.

Detail Review


Logitech M100

The design and shape of the mouse represent the Logitech G Pro mouse and definitely show you that this is a really simple mouse. As this is very simple, it costs around $25. 

Logitech M90

This is a budget wired mouse that can be used for any computer works and casual gaming. The design and comfort are also good for everyone. As this mouse is quite big, this will be more comfortable for the people who have bigger hands.

Logitech -M100 (1)


Logitech M100

I like the shape of this mouse because it kind of reminds G Pro. So, this mouse is basically for claw and finger trip users and you can also try to use it with palm grip but then your finger just offset the mouse, some people like that. The device is very comfortable to use and also fits very nice in your hand.

The ergonomics isn’t super for long gaming or productivity hours but the charm of this Mouse that you can quickly and easily grip it and browse the things you want on the Internet. It’s just very easily grippable. The mouse is all made out of plastic but I kinda like that because if the mouse uses cheap rubber, after some time you’ll start to feel tear and to become sticky, while this made of plastic, so it will look the same as you bought it. The weight of this mouse is perfect for FPS games because the mouse is very light around 90 grams.

Logitech M90

It has a long cable of 90 centimeters. It can be used comfortably with laptops and desktops. Logitech M90 Mouse gives you just the basics for comfortable and reliable control of your computer. It has a contoured same design for all-day comfort in either hand.

It gives full-sized comfort with an ambidextrous design and is designed to keep either hand. So, you feel comfortable even after hours of use. It’s quite big and it’s not portable. This is meant for users who work with big hands. If you’re having a big hand, it would be very comfortable but because of having a medium to small hand, it probably won’t be that comfortable.

The material is of plastic and of a very good quality plastic, a sturdy and solid. It can be used with both hands, it doesn’t matter secured left-handed or right handed. It comes with a three year warranty from Logitech which is also a good thing.

logitech m90 mouse (1)


Logitech M100

The switches used in this mouse are not as good as Omron but they will do the job. The good thing about these switches is, they are quite silent. The biggest drawback is that they aren’t super durable and sounds quite cheap. many people complained that after using this for some years, it started to fail to cause double clicking issues. Another thing which I don’t like about the switches is that the third mouse button is very bad quality and basically impossible to use it in-game.

There are three buttons on the mouse, the regular left and right click and the scroll wheel. Each and every button works well but it may cause any problem after using it some of the years as most people complained about it. There are no extra buttons on the mouse as this is a simple mouse, so it can be used for any simple gaming purposes. Also, it’s very easy to use. There is no need to do any settings or any downloads of software. 

Logitech M90

It has a three-button solution and built-in scroll wheel for enhanced control and productivity and it has a very long cable. The wire is long enough for every desktop. The buttons are very nice, the clicks are very prominent. The sensor also has a red light which indicates that it’s running. The mouse has a matte finish and the wheel is like a normal wheel, it’s not a freely wheeling. It comes with four pads on the downside and it makes it very smooth when moving.

On the backside, you can see the optical sensor, the high-definition optical tracking of 1000 dpi in a responsive and smooth cursor control for precise and easy text selection. The mouse can be used very easily with or without a mousepad. It is very nice and does most computer works very smoothly and efficiently, you won’t find any problems but if you’re looking for gaming, this is not for you.

By plugging the cable into the computer’s USB port, you can use it easily. Logitech M90 mouse is simple to set up and there is no software to install and since it is corded, you can just plug the cable into the USB port and use it right away. It supports Windows 7 and above, and Mac OS 10.X or above.

It doesn’t need any installation, when you plug into a computer for the first time, a pop-up will open in the task card showing that it’s installing a software and it will transfer it automatically without any interference, then you are ready go.

logtech - m100 (1)


The Logitech M100 is just an all-around super regular mouse. The Logitech M90 is a great device for the price. Must go for it if you want an affordable mouse for desktop or for most casual gaming or for using computer tasks. In my opinion, the M90 will be better to buy as it doesnt have any big differences comparatively and the price of the M90 is also less than the M100.

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