Machines Used in Renewable Biomass Energy

If you want to start your business of biomass energy generation, you have to make a complete list of the machines that you will use to sustain the process from start to finish. Biomass energy generation is a great way to conserve the resources that are being spent through other non-renewable processes. It is time that people look for other ways to generate heat and power without sacrificing resources that future generations can also depend on. Here are the machines that you need to have to generate energy from biomass.

What are the Machines Used For Biomass Energy Generation?

Biomass Collecting Storage

The first item that you need to have for your biomass energy generation is the storage and maintenance of your biomass. The biomass that you can use can be corn, stalks, leaves, husks, and rice straws. If you work near livestock and animal industries, you may opt for solid wastes for your biomass feed. You may also harness the energy from landfill gas, which is most probably, methane. If you have a resource of alcohol fuel, you can also get the energy stored in these chemicals and convert it to usable energy. The type of machine that you will use to process and store your biomass depends on the type of biomass that you have collected.

Wood Pellet Machine

If you are going to handle biomass that is generally solid, you would have to buy a wood pellet mill for your business. Companies convert biomass from its raw form into pellets for two main reasons- they are easier to put into storage and transfer from one area of the industrial plant to another, and it takes less effort to burn pellets compared to other forms of biomass. 

There are generally two types of pellet mills. You have the flat die pellet mill and the ring die pellet machine. The flat die pellet mill compresses the biomass so that it formed a more compact pellet and is saved for feeding. The ring die pellet machine is vertically positioned and the material enters the die through the center. You can also consider industrial machining services to get milling done.

Burning Machine

The next step after pelletizing is burning. You can harness the energy of biomass through burning. The heat generated can be used for big areas where heat is needed. Another way to utilize the heat is by transferring the generated heat into a generator. The heat can make a turbine turn which then creates a magnetic field that produces electricity for the power plant supply. 

Stoker-fed units and bed boilers are the most common burners in a biomass energy generation facility. The concern with burners is converting the majority of the energy into usable heat. The manufacturer should minimize the wasted energy during the burning process. 

Gas or Liquid Converter Machine

Some companies convert solid biomass matter into gas or liquid form using gasification and pyrolysis. You have to utilize machines in order to do it. This involves extreme temperatures so that the gas or liquid is maximized in the process. 


Saving the environment through biomass energy generation and overall renewable energy sourcing is one of the best innovations in the twentieth century. People started looking for ways to save the resources of the earth and find other methods of generating power for people to use. Power plants generate power and men have looked for machines and mechanisms to develop heat and energy. A wood pellet mill has been part of the process of producing pellet materials for biomass energy generation. There are other machines used for the procedure. As the technique becomes more detailed and elaborate, you will need to develop and purchase more machines for the generation of biomass energy.