Michael Jackson: 8 Shocking Rumors About Him

He was the King of Pop, Rock and Soul for the millions of fans around the world. Each of his songs became a gigantic hit settling him firmly not only in the top charts but in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Though, all the success of Michael Jackson came with a price of the destructive wave of rumors in tabloids and pop culture. This is the list of most weird myths of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson bleached his skin

It’s probably the most famous rumor about MJ all around the world. It was believed that Michael was allegedly insecure of his looks, and started bleaching his skins in the end of 80’s. The society exploded with the news, thinking Jackson was embarrassed of who he was. In the broadcast of Michael Jackson Talks to Oprah Live, Michael responded “I am a black American. I am proud to be a black american, I am proud of my race, I am proud of who I am, I have a lot of pride and dignity.”

MJ explained that he had vitiligo and lupus, illness, that destroys the pigmentation. It was believed that Michael did use some lighter skin tone creams but just to even the skin tone because of the problems. Though, Pamela Lipkin a plastic surgeon, stated her skepticism about that in ABC News in 2003, “It’s the most unusual case of vitiligo I’ve ever seen. I think he’s bleached his skin possibly to blend in what might have been vitiligo.” In contrary Dermatologist Dr.Kassim said, “One of the most frequent reasons patients are prescribed skin bleaching medicines is to treat post inflammatory pigmentation that can happen to anyone.”

By the way, Jackson met his second wife, Debbie Rowe, who worked as a nurse in the dermatologist office. The autopsy report in 2009 confirmed MJ had vitiligo. Any way, true or not, as Michael said himself: “If I had a chance to talk to Michelangelo, I would want to know about what inspired him. The anatomy of his craftsmanship. Not about who he went out with last night or why he decided to sit out in the sun so long.”All that matters is the music, right?

High voice was hormone treated

When the man convicted of Michael Jackson’s death, was released from the jail, after serving the half of his term and wrote a way a book about MJ’s life. Dr. Murray who was Michael’s personal physician in three last years before the star’s ultimate death. The doctor claims, he’s sure was given hormones in the age of thirteen to stop his voice from breaking.

Michael Murray said, ” But what Micheal said left me the impression that he had been given injections, probably hormones, to delay puberty.” Michael Jackson is undoubtedly incomparable and unique in his style but he’s not the only adult male singers, who can hit the high note and amazing falsettos. Just listen to Smokey Robinson, Prince or Barry Gibb. It cannot be true that all of these talented man, were treated with hormones. The only thing that binds them and MJ – is talent!

Michael Jackson is the father of Bruno Mars

There were a lot of rumors about Michael not being a biological father of his kids. But this one is going beyond anybody’s imagination. In 2014, a claim that a DNA test confirmed Michael Jackson was the biological father of musician Bruno Mars popped in media.

Four years ago, the entertainment website Empire News, posted a story that Bruno’s publicist was fired after leaking information about secret so-called family bonds of Bruno and Jackson. The fake news quickly spread among the Internet users. But the thing is, the Empire News are not posting the factual material. On their own website they characterize them as following: “Empire News is a satirical and entertainment website. We only use invented names in all our stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized.” Thought, regarding how much is Bruno alike to Jackson in style and moves it’s no wonder a lot of people quickly pick up that “news”.

Michael Jackson and the oxygen chamber

The whole world seemed to be sure that Michael Jackson slept in a special hyperbolic, of simple oxygen, a chamber so he could live as long as 150 years. The photo of him lying in the chamber quickly got on all the tabloids pages. Regarding his plastic surgeries, people believed it was one more attempt to stay younger.

In the interview with Jackson, Oprah made a reference, joking that she couldn’t find the chamber all around his house, asking Jackson to explain the rumor about it. According to Jackson, the picture was taking after donated £900,000 to the Brotman Memorial Hospital in Cali, to buy the necessary equipment for the recovery of fire damaged tissue. Michael did that after being burnt while filming Pepsi advertisement. He said he just wanted to try out the new equipment and laid down. But the photo quickly spread around the world. The Pepsi add also caused some troubles for Jackson. It was rumored that Jackson wanted a white kid to play the younger version of himself. He was very outraged by the fact people believed this gossips.

The legendary trip of Jackson, Liz Taylor, and Marlon Brando

That rumor caused more harm to the Jackson family that one could think of at the starters. The date was September 10 of 2001, when they both were in NY celebrating Michael’s 30th anniversary at his concert. We all know what happened the next day – 9/11 locked down the whole city, the only way out of the city was to drive. The legend goes Jackson, Taylor and Brando took a car road trip from NY to California. And Marlon Brando was forcing the gang to stop at every Burger King and KFC they were driving by. But the story didn’t happen in real-life. Instead, Liz and Brando were staying in St Regis hotel, while Jackson stayed in New Jersey with a wealthy family he’d know for quite some time. But that legend became the core of the Urban Myths comedy-drama sixth episode.

Jackson’s daughter Paris was outraged by the episode trailer. The fans called it insensitive to cast a white guy Joseph Fiennes to portray Jackson. Paris tweeted it, calling it “shameful”. The Sky Arts reacted to the tweets and decided not to air the episode.

Michael Jackson phone number hidden on ‘Thriller’ album

No one knows where did the rumor started it’s way but this time not MJ became the victim. The rumor stated that the first seven digits of the album’s UPC were Michael Jackson’s phone number.

Apparently, all the phone-callers had to do, is to guess the area code. Some used the area code of Encino, where Jackson lived in California and some called the toll-free “800” code, reach to the poor lady Barbara Brown in Youngstown, Ohio. She reported receiving dozens of calls a day asking for Michael Jackson. She was not the only one living this nightmare in America. The Bellevue Hair Studio in Bellevue, Washington, reportedly fielded fifty phone calls per day, suffering from the rumor. How on Earth did people believe that Jackson, probably the most popular person in the world, would leave his number in the public disposal?

He is not biological father to his kids

That was probably the most painful rumor both for Jackson and his children. People questioned a lot, whether Jackson father to his kids because they looked  Cocasian to be Michael’s kids. It was rumored that Jackson asked for sperm donation from Arnold Klein for Prince, Mark Lester for Paris and Matt Fidess for Blanket because he was infertile. It sounds strange in the first place to ask people that you know to become biological parents to the kids, when some day they can claim for your children, right?

Prince was also spotted at the beach having the same vitiligo spots of his father. Any way, all that matters is being a good parent and no doubts Jackson was.

Michael Jackson was a child molester

Michael Jackson got involved into the sexual abuse allegations 1993. Because of that he was rumored to be a pedophile. He was a close friend to the Chandler family and often had their son Jordan, his big and his step sisters visit the Neverland ranch.

Jordan’s father started a lawsuit against Jackson and settled a year later, leaving Michael to pay in total 23 million dollars. It was not the only allegation Jackson received through his life. Jackson was once more accused of inappropriate behavior in 2003, facing the case of People vs Jackson onto his relationship with Gavin Arvizo. MJ was found not guilty two years later.

He often had sleepover in the ranch with the kids but the publicity didn’t seem to like it and found it creep, that 40-year old man is sleeping in the same room with kids. But Jackson found it beautiful being around kids, laughing and playing with them. Responding to provocative questions he sounds so naive. He did not have a normal childhood with friends and pizza at the backyard. It seems that he was just trying to take this time back for him.

In his interview with the journalist Martin Bashir, Jackson was almost cried when talking about kids being lonely and broken. I guess, he sometime saw himself in those poor kids, as he mentioned in his interview with Oprah, he was often bitten by his father. Jackson was terrified of him not only when he was a child but when he was an adult, too. Michael Jackson is rightfully called Most Successful Entertainer of All Time. Unfortunately, the stunning popularity has caused him much troubles and too precise attention. In his interviews he asked more than once, not to believe the rumors until you hear it from that very person’s own mouth.