15 Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room at Christmas

Have you already prepared your home for one of the best times of the year? If you are still finalizing details or you are not very convinced about what to put and what to avoid so as not to overload your home or you do not know very well which elements are the ones that work best according to your base decoration style, here we propose a list of examples on how to invade your living room with the purest Christmas without losing its basic essence. Go for it! Read More

20 Christmas Decoration Ideas by Recycling or Reusing Waste

On these dates when so many Christmas decorations are consumed, it does not hurt that we reuse some of our daily waste. Here we leave you 22 original ideas to decorate your house and Christmas tree for these holidays. With little money, work and skill, you can make all these Christmas decorations by recycling or reusing different fairly common materials. Read More

20 Children’s Decoration Ideas for Christmas

In many articles, we have already talked about Christmas, decorations, Christmas trees, etc. but we have not yet dedicated any articles to decorating for children for these holidays. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about this topic and we will offer you different ideas for Christmas crafts for children. These crafts can then be used to decorate your interior. Read More

15 Diy Nativity Ideas to Make With the Little Ones on Christmas

One of the things that the little ones are most excited about at this time of year is decorating the house for Christmas. If you can’t think of where to start, we propose a nice project that you can do yourself with elements that you have at home and a good dose of imagination. It is a very nice craft to share with your children that both you and they will fully enjoy. To inspire you, we leave you ten DIY Nativity scenes to make with the little ones. Read More