Power Up from Anywhere with the S ZEVZO ET03 Car Jump Starter

If your car battery dies, you should make sure that you have jumper cables in your vehicle. However, your car battery may die in a remote area where there’s no one around to help. In this case, you need to have a portable jump starter to revive your battery. With this, you’ll have a peace of mind.

However, since there are several car jump starters available in the market, getting the best may be challenging. After doing thorough research, we found S ZEVZO ET03 Car Jump Starter to be one of the best car jump starters. Let’s have a detailed look at its functionality.

S ZEVZO ET03 Car Jump Starter Description

Having a reliable car jump starter isn’t just for convenience, but it’s also a necessity. The S ZEVZO ET03 Car Jump Starter is a powerful device, and with it, you can easily jump-start every 12V common vehicle, having up to 7.0L diesel and 8.0L gas engines in seconds. This starter’s peak current reaches up to 2500 amps. With just a single charge, you can jump-start 50 engines. In addition, this jump starter is suitable for use on lawnmowers, passenger cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, etc.

Apart from being a jump starter, you can also use this device as a 74Wh portable power bank. The device has two 5V/2A USB output ports, and these ports are 50% faster compared to a standard charger. Therefore, you’ll comfortably charge your tablets, smartphones, ear pods, and other USB electric devices. With this, all your gadgets will remain charged while on the go.

With S ZEVZO ET03, safety is paramount. The device comes with a bright 400-lumens LED flashlight to use when having an emergency in darkness. The flashlight features three variable light modes, which include stable, SOS, and strobe, giving you the appropriate lighting for your needs. In addition, this device has an LCD screen that shows your battery status, allowing you to know its charge level.

This device offers 24 months of standby time even when experiencing extreme temperatures ranging from -4°F to 140°F.

To protect the user, this ET03 comes with ten intelligent safety protections. These include protection against overcharge, reverse polarity, short circuits, sparking, and power surges. Just in case there is an error, this smart jumper will warn you through beep sounds and lights.

S ZEVZO ET03 Car Jump Starter Features

  • Backup Portable Power Bank

Apart from being a car starter, this device can also be used as a 74Wh portable power bank. With the help of two 5V/2A USB output ports, you can simultaneously charge two devices, including smartphones, tablets, etc. This portable power bank charges devices 50% faster compared to other standard chargers.

  • Powerful Car Jump Starter

This is a powerful car jump starter, and it can comfortably jump-start all 12V engines having up to 7.0L diesel and 8.0L gas within seconds. The peak current of this jump starter can reach up to 2500 amps to offer an efficient and reliable performance. With just a single charge, this device can support up to 50 jumps. You can comfortably use it on different vehicles, including motorcycles, lawnmowers, passenger cars, boats, or even trucks.

  • Intelligent Safety Features

S ZEVZO ET03 Car Starter comes with intelligent safety protection features. These include overcharge protection, reverse polarity, short circuits, power surging, sparking prevention, etc. This ensures that you’ll have a safe plus hassle-free usage. The device is capable of detecting errors and sending warnings via beep sounds and intuitive lights, making it safe.

  • LED Emergency Light

This device features a very strong 400-lumen LED flashlight for illumination in the dark or when having an emergency situation. This flashlight has three modes, which include stable, SOS, and strobe light. In addition, this device features an LCD screen that shows the remaining battery status. Furthermore, this device can also offer reliable performance even in extreme temperatures within -4 to 140. When on standby, this car jump starter can stay for up to 24 months on standby.

  • Warranty

This starter comes with a warranty of 2 years. Therefore, if you have any issues or questions concerning the device, just contact their customer support team.


  • Able to offer up to 50 jumps with a single charge
  • It is waterproof and dustproof
  • Has two USB charging ports (used as a portable power bank)
  • It’s lightweight (1.4 pounds)
  • Suitable for all 12V vehicles with a maximum of 8.0L gas and 7.0L diesel
  • Its peak current reaches up to 2500 amps
  • Features bright LED emergency lights with three modes
  • Able to work even in extreme temperatures (-4 to 140)
  • Features intelligent safety protection
  • Made with thicker copper material
  • It’s simple to use
  • Features an informative status light
  • Longer serving life (24 months on standby)
  • Features an improved QDSP technology
  • Available in a compact size and comes with a carry case


  • Slow to charge

What’s in the box

  • 1 Smart Jump Cables
  • 1 SZEVZO ET03 Jump Starter
  • 1 USB Type-C Charging cord
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Storage Case


A device is a lifesaver when your car’s battery dies in a place where there is no one to offer some help. S ZEVZO ET03 Car Starter is available in a compact size and comes with a carry case. Furthermore, with this device, you can jump-start every 12V vehicle that has an engine of up to 7.0L diesel and 8.0L gas. The peak current reaches 2500 amps, and with a single charge, this starter can support up to 50 jump starts. Apart from being a starter, you can also use this device as a portable power bank. You can also use it as an emergency LED flashlight with three modes (stable, SOS, and strobe).

This jump starter features intelligent safety protection, making it safe for use. Users are protected against reverse polarity, overcharge, power surging, power sparking, short circuits, etc. When there is an error, the car jumper will light up and produce a beep sound. This device has a wide working temperature that ranges from -4 to 140, and with a full charge, this device can remain on standby for up to 24 months.