Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Furniture Refinishing

When it comes to restoring the appearance and reclaiming the value of old and worn-down pieces of furniture, furniture refinishing is the best way to go. However, furniture refinishing is a process that goes well beyond giving an old piece of furniture a new coat of paint; it requires a level of technique and experience that only the right furniture restoration company can give you. Below are some of the reasons why hiring a professional to refinish your furniture is a better idea as opposed to doing the refinishing yourself.

Use of Proper Techniques and Tools

Hiring a professional outfit like Schryver Restoration to refinish your furniture ensures that only the best tools and equipment are used for the refinishing process. The professionals will also know the right type of technique to use in getting the best quality finish.  

They Have Experience Working With Delicate Items

Most of the types of furniture that owners love to refinish are antique pieces. These pieces are usually very delicate, expensive and hold a lot of value, which means that they need very careful handling (the wrong tug or pull may cause some of these pieces to lose value). Hiring a professional to refinish these types of furniture is the best way to guarantee that their value stays intact. The professionals would understand the best way to restore each component of the piece without damaging the antique- from the wood and original upholstery to the metal handles and pulls (if any).

Knowledge of Different Eras

Some furniture pieces (armchairs, cabinets, couches and vanity tables) could have been passed down for generations and are now decades old. The designs and craftsmanship of most of these types of furniture are usually significant of the era in which they were first crafted, and this can be lost to newer generations. Thankfully, hiring a professional that specialises in refinishing furniture ensures that your vintage item is inspected with a keen eye. By identifying what era the craftsmanship on your furniture is from, the professionals can then proceed to refinish the piece in a way that doesn’t damage but preserve its special touches.

They Offer Warranty

Depending on the quality and type of finish you get, furniture refinishing should last anywhere between a few months to several years. Most reliable furniture refinishing companies offer warranties for the quality of their work, so you can rest easy knowing that you can always call them to redo the job should faults develop later.

Time and Money Saving

Furniture refinishing is a craft. It is not a process that can be rushed. The various steps involved in the process require precision and accuracy to achieve the best outcome. Attempting to refinish your furniture without the proper knowledge and skills will lead to mistakes that will not only cost money but take time to fix.

Hiring a professional will always be the best option because they will apply years of experience and devote all the necessary resources to ensure that the project is done without any mistakes that will cost time and money.


Furniture refinishing is the best way to breathe new life into your old furniture. However, because the refinishing process is one that is complicated and requires a certain level of expertise, you’ll want to hire professionals that have the necessary skills and a vast level of experience in the industry. These professionals are the ones that will be able to refinish your furniture to give the desired outcome and finish.